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  1. Very nice story, love these insights to the man of mystery. Wonderful thanks for sharing.
  2. Degsy.....tears mate tears. Thank you!!! for that tribute to a great person. Chris pushed the boundaries every time a new update came along, theirs still lots to do with what Chris left us, plus all the remakes of back catalogue. Theirs still huge amount of work to be done. Desert island, the members, the scene, are not going anywhere.
  3. Just seen this post on tube 17mins ago and just looked at the screen....not knowing to watch or not? Degsy hats of to you mate, i bet it was hard to put together. xx
  4. evo1

    The Saddest Day

    I know its hard Gary..but i hope that us members with what Chris has left us, that we shine so bright and continue his work, so when Chris looks down upon us, He is so proud of what enjoyment he has left for others.
  5. evo1

    The Saddest Day

    I know it will, its.......... just been a tough day for all of us. Am just sat here wondering how life can be shit sometimes.
  6. evo1

    The Saddest Day

    sorry guys had to much sauce Wizard has given us the tools so let move this show on.
  7. Even though your out of sight, you will never be out of mind. I think you had an idea of how many people you did make happy with wine for wizard. We would all be happier if you was still here. I thank you from the bottom of heart for the smlies you put on my face over the years, my friend. R.I.P Chris AKA Wizard.
  8. evo1

    The Saddest Day

    Many Thanks @Fishsta in these sad times
  9. evo1

    The Saddest Day

    Well after 24hrs and still disbelieve that yet again one of the good guys in the world gets taken from us far to early, and now looking at the comments by all, its time to believe this is happening and not just a dream! Al-day at work kept looking at my phone hoping this topic/tread wasn't here. i tried to watch degsy's video last night but 1.25 in turned it off as degsy welled up, still not brought myself to watch. Funny how someone you never met have a big impact in life. Never did understand the updates we had over the years, all i know is MFME brought me smiles and happiness of my youth da
  10. evo1

    The Saddest Day

    Had to read Reg's statement at the beginning over a couple of times to get me head around this....with huge disbelieve! I still cant believe am writing this. The enjoyment Chris has brought me over the years with MFME...Jesus this is so fucking hard to write anything, totally shocked. R.I.P Chris and THANK YOU! you will be miss by many.
  11. Shame this wasn't taken at a different angle without the reflection.
  12. Thank you Dave as always like i said when testing, best machines early 80s to 90s. This is one example, great playable and simple. Shame that early Maygay's were very under rated. @Pook check your pm's
  13. Just a quick thanks here Reg, for again, going (ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!) and continuous support to push the scene forward.
  14. Love these sys85 machines, wont download ATM as am about a month or so behind the downloads, but thank you.
  15. Just PM @Johnnyafc and ask him sure he wouldn't mind and give credit to him when you release your layout.
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