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  1. evo1

    Arcade Punks

    If i remember rightly...don't you have to write a script/points on notepad to give instructions for hyperspin to follow? Forgive me for asking this as my hyperspin drive hasnt been connect for ages. This was going back some years and other frontends e.g launchbox etc was only just coming onboard. So there was only really Hyperspin to go to. I do feel that with there only been that add on pack of 160 fruits this is the tip of the iceberg with the amount of fruits we have emulated and to get all fruit machines with video's and icon for the wheel will be a long process and sometime before this is done for hyperspin, is there not easier frontends??? that have come on? I ask this because how things have moved on over the past couple of years with emulation and frontends.
  2. Tommy c is working on a DX of this
  3. Very nice thank you
  4. Please post pictures of you build mate, it doesn't matter what it looks like! It give members new idea's.
  5. Thanks Geddy for all you hard work here in bringing/converting layouts.....upto date. Its such dedication of the likes of yourself and others again that continue to move the scene forward, especially in these tough times. STAY SAFE.
  6. Wish this was free for PS4 still costing £13-18 after all these years
  7. evo1

    The PolyMega

    PolyMega Sega Genesis/MegaDrive/32x Addon Cartridge Module
  8. Thank also for a bit of lo-tech fun.
  9. Thanks Vec's giving this a go.
  10. Thanks for this old skool badboy
  11. evo1

    Fun Nudgin Criminals

    Thank you for you time knocking these layouts up.
  12. And some sizeable memories in there to. Wow some of them covers took me right back and didnt know there was so many games for the spectrum! Brilliant Thanks Reg
  13. Sorry dont do Faceache FaceF++K and am gald TBH.
  14. evo1

    Infinity Wdx

    That makes two of us and the mad thing is trying to work out were and what i was doing when these machines came out.....its like i was removed from earth or something for a period of time.
  15. Pm @Reg he's admin and site owner and am sure this can be resolved quickly
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