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  1. Looks fantastic. Many thanks to all involved with a cracking release. Jay
  2. Incredible release Clo and looks amazing. A slot ive looked forward to seeing back in action. Thanks to one and all involved with the release of a cracking slot. Jay
  3. Looks fantastic Vectra Many thanks to all involved with a dynamite release. Jay
  4. Looks amazing Dave Real look forward to the layout release. Was a fav of mine in the arcades. The slot also had a unique music/sound package. Jay
  5. Looks fabulous And a new slot to play-which I never played in the wild. So real look forward to playing the slot. Many thanks to all involved with a cracking release. Jay
  6. Hi Cliff Great to know and thanks for the info ,but as I said after resetting both slots I have had no problems. Loaded the slots multiple times now and all play fine with no errors. Which for me is a first as I usually encounter multiple problems lol Jay
  7. Hi Dave I have loaded up the slots now 3 times (after the reset)and still no errors in gameplay. Played last night for near on and hour with no issues. It's strange as I did the get the initial E404 error on both slots but after the resets of both slots ive had no problems. Anyone else get the errors after reset? Jay
  8. Cracking release Dave Was such a bad slot in the arcades. So ready for some sweet revenge. Jay
  9. By clearing the rams on both slots ive found they work fine with no errors or faults. They are both incredible! The only difference ive noticed with the £4.80 slot is when it adds up the wins. This is a different sound to what I remember. But this does not affect the gameplay. Jay
  10. Fantastic Dave Have so looked forward to these. Had the great pleasure of playing one of these a few years back in Pompey. Was set 20p/£6 and gave a cracking game. Never thought I would get to play it again back then, so to see it recreated and am able to play it again and again!-Is a dream come true. Thanks to everyone involved in the releases. Jay
  11. Cracking release Dave And gives a great game too. Many thanks Jay
  12. Hi Vectra Changed the meters but still no joy! Also noticing a glitch in the game when the lands on the 5th ?mark and you get a zoom! It sometimes freezes as shown in my screen shot below.
  13. Fab release Vectra Another new clubber. Thanks to all involved with a superb release. Jay
  14. Smashing Tommy Always a fav of mine in the arcades too and only recall it on the stake/ prize setting it's set to. Many thanks to all involved with a cracking release. Jay
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