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  1. Cracking release. Great to see the slot with the £10 decal released. Many thanks to all involved with two cracking releases. Jay
  2. This is all truly incredible and mesmerising to see, walk around and play(well when I understand how to play a machine-lol) I am slowly going through the 100's of pages on the topic but sadly with supporting 3 family members with disabilities I'm not quite up to speed. I'm also not the brightest with any tech John but will get there in the end. I will send on a donation shortly as I will be sending on my annual donation to this incredible site. Many thanks to one and all who have contributed to the project and continue to give up many hours of their personal life to keep the site alive in so many ways. You are all stars with such incredible individual talents. Jay
  3. I used to be in touch with Ploggy regularly on Fruit emu but have not heard from him in a long time. Tommy C did say to me he had been on dif in the past but I have not sadly seen him. I too hope he and all past members (who have contributed so much to the continued development of fruit emulation) , are well. Jay
  4. Hi Tommy Hope your enjoying the site and it's many delights. The donation part is on the home page on the (r) hand side just under the highlighted info. Cheers Jay
  5. Absolute class in a glass mate. Fond memories in Coral Island when a fiver would last several hours.!! Cracking tunes too-what a slot. Many thanks Tommy. Jay
  6. What does that look like Vectra?? The slot was defo a Maygay type slot. Jay
  7. Fantastic game but no that aint the slot either! Jay
  8. Nope! Love the original pink panther-used to have this on St Annes pier but alas it's been scrapped now! Jay
  9. Real shame mate. Loved this era of slots from Maygay. There was a diamond themed slot and ive tried to get the name of it over the years ive been on the emulation sites and still can't find the name of it. Only played it at the Pleasure beach in Blackpool-it was a feature slot and the top feature had several diamonds with cash values in them.-It was a 20p/£6 or £8 jackpot. It was defo a Maygay slot and was so bloody addictive !!? Gave such a good game too. Wonder if anyone has a list of a Maygay catalogue . HTS gave me pages of games once in an effort to find another slot ,a 2p feature slot-another one I can't find!!! I'l revisit that pm and see if I can find the diamond slot. Jay
  10. Know we have a classic of the slot-is the flyer clear enough for a dx mate?? Jay
  11. gemini17

    Cup Final

    A fantastic slot with many iconic sounds to boot. But this was defo the start of the demise of slots.As it could take a load of cash without a hold,nudge or feature.! Something ive just experienced on the emulation,im just about to put in my 80th quid and not a sniff of life lol. Still a great game and remains addictive. Jay
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