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  1. When was that sidewinder dx released can't find it in the gallery.
  2. I would maybe steer away from licensed names like deal or no deal etc could bring some unwanted attention.
  3. yes a bar top machine would be very interesting.I would go with a touch screen as well if there is going to be limited space for buttons.
  4. Thanks for this quite enjoyable
  5. jabbathehut

    Cool Games

    It's just shows what a big industry fruit machines once was.The number of different machines is amazing
  6. jabbathehut

    Prize Tetris

    Thanks for the layout but far too much work to win 50p
  7. jabbathehut

    Cool Games

    Geddy would probably have an idea of how many roms that could be emulated that haven't been and how many roms are waiting for emulator updates my guess for the latter would be maybe 200 rom sets but that's just a guess.
  8. jabbathehut

    Cool Games

    You could also say there is a lack of enthusiasm for manufacturers to develop new tech with everything moving towards digital machines rather than reel based.The 6's if you like are probably the final frontier for mfme if and when the time comes and they are emulatateable or even deemed worth the effort.
  9. Amazing effort. Thanks
  10. The epic store also give you a free £10 voucher redeemable against any game over £13 and you get a new voucher after each purchase
  11. Downloading as we speak
  12. Thanks will download when i get home.
  13. jabbathehut

    Rocky Classic

    Thanks for this
  14. Is there a complete romset available of all those games
  15. Unless mpu 6 is obsoleted with newer technology and /or there in no chance of new machines being made with it there is no chance it will be released same as other new technologies whether its possible or not is a moot point until then.
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