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  1. i did just that got a really decent deal on hotdealsuk.com .The details of it are in the jp development thread. Just to add with the work done on mame those machines can be played through mame on retroarch on android devices and linux handhelds as well.I have them running on my rg351p using the amberelec operating system and the latest mame core.
  2. tbh i have no interest in updating to win 11 at the moment.It works for mfme and thats the main thing for me. They do seem to become available periodically so worth checking the link every so often .Will add that its quite heavy and also seemingly impossible to find the official keyboard for it though a blue tooth one would work .
  3. Well the tablet arrived it is B quality some scratches on the back and around the sockets but screen is clear and it has so far played everything from mfme that i have thrown at it which is the point i now have a portable mfme solution without shelling out a fortune for a handheld win pc..Haven't found a way to switch between f3 screens without a keyboard seemlessly so playing full screen with the meters on top.Overall i think its a bargain.
  4. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/refurbished-lenovo-tablet-10-use-code-25-off-3960644 I may have bought the last one went off sale quite soon after.For that price and 30 days return can't really go wrong
  5. Found something really cheap on hduk so will try that for now.
  6. Its quite a new build on the android version I have all the game and watches playing on it but I agree its the last option.The alternative is a Windows handheld and then I can play any version of mame and mfme but they are quite pricey at the moment and steam deck is a bit of a faff to get windows on it -not that I have one but pound for pound is the best value.
  7. Thanks.What i wanted to see worked namely playing them on my android phone through retroarch on the mame core. Is anyone working on a cfg file for fruit machines or is this way too niche.
  8. Is there a list anywhere of roms that currently work/playable in mame? Thanks in advance
  9. Window handheld are coming they just aren't very cheap at the moment.
  10. jabbathehut


    Congrats on 500 subs.Well done .Here's to the next 500. I hope at some point you start posting in this section again.
  11. I am using an xbox controller but will try the steps above and let you know
  12. It was pretty much every game I tried frogger space invaders 2 gorf,galaga
  13. All working now. Really good fun.One small thing though if you put more than one coin in seems to default to 2 player game. I realize this is probably a long way away but live top scores would be a really good feature.
  14. all i can say is wow. I am using a xbox joypad and it seems to work although one button brings up the config menu. The section of frogger are rotated the wrong way but the other games that i played were fine. Will give it a proper look at soon. Thanks for doing this.Love the domed effect
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