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  1. Ploggy

    Few more dumped

    Huge thanks for the roms, mate. Very nice gesture.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Only getting to this fantastic release. Proper FME this. Bleepy, bloppy goodness all round. Will be great to see some of the other older techs' machines getting the DX treatment in the future also. Massive thanks for taking the time to get this classic machine done, mate. It is a beaut.
  3. Ploggy

    Crazy Crocs Wdx

    The exact position of the croc overlays on the base reels will be a right pain unless you can get the exact order from someone. Did you get the original pictures you used for the DX from the same person who made the videos on Youtube? If so, perhaps there's some way of getting in contact with him so he can help you out with the base reel croc positions. One other small thing I have now noticed and that is you've missed out a word on the 'Gamble' text, on the bottom glass. It should read 'Nudge Gamble'. The same as 'Nudge Now', which is above it.
  4. Ploggy

    Crazy Crocs Wdx

    Looking great, mate. The hi-lo reels are the numbers, 1-10, the pictures of all the crocs used plus one image of the hunter. You should be able to get the images of the crocs from the Crazy Crocs feature on the top glass. The Crystal Waters feature uses images of the coin amounts, by the way. So all the 20p's would be a blueish colour of a 20p coin, (a lighter colour of the background of the waterfall) and the £1 amounts would be the usual yellowish colour. Where each coin went in the waterfall exactly I couldn't tell you. Just wish there was a clip of the Crystal Waters feature in action. The feature wasn't used in the small clips of it on Youtube sadly.
  5. Ploggy

    Crazy Crocs

    Bagpuss took ownership of the machine but has since moved it on. He still pops in from time, to time. I've even got a small picture of Alex Maroney's (Degsy Degworth on here) winning auction on EBAY for the group buy. Yes, I kept it all this time.
  6. Ploggy

    Crazy Crocs

    It's fine, mate. She's all yours. Sometimes you can get a bit jaded spending a lot of time doing the DX, even if it's on a machine you have fond memories of. So it will be nice to just play the DX, fresh, from another designer. There are a couple of small videos of it running on Youtube as well I've noticed; so they should help you out a bit. Look forward to seeing what you come up with. Been killing it lately with all the layouts you've been doing.
  7. Ploggy

    Crazy Crocs

    If you already have the resources needed for the DX, mate, you can carry on. The only thing I have, Crazy Crocs related, is this flier. Was sent to me by Ross a while ago. Don't think it will be suitable for DX purposes. MDM - Crazy Crocs.zip
  8. Ploggy

    Crazy Crocs

    Glad you finally released this to the masses, mate. Great sounds and playability on this. What a fruit machine should be. If the proper resources can be obtained for a DX I would definitely consider doing it.
  9. Yeah. Still around, mate. Should be more active later in the year when I get some good PC time.
  10. Looks very swish indeed. You really are doing these old MPU2's justice. Excellent layout.
  11. Just run the setup file that comes with the DirectX package, mate. You need to extract the contents of 'directx_Jun2010_redist' into another folder and run the 'DXSETUP.exe'.
  12. Aren't the IGT S+, and IGT S2000 techs in MFME the ones that the US-based slots use? Videos of a couple of machines running on each tech.
  13. Many thanks for the continued updates to the most-used emulator, still, on my PC. Runs lovely on my rig. No slowdowns during jackpot sequences, plus zero artifacts when resizing a layout. Great update.
  14. Lovely looking classic again, mate. Love the style of your layouts. Very neat, and crisp. Massive thanks for doing them. I've fixed the issues with the Masterspy layout, plus I've fixed the original issues with the Aladdin's Cave layout you did as well. Both layouts attached in the zip file. Added the 2p coin-ins as well, just for that one extra credit you need sometimes. Will it hold? Nah. Masterspy and Aladdin's Cave.zip
  15. Well done on getting the roms, mate. Nice to get the set complete finally. Loved the AWP version of it, so it will be interesting to see how the club version fares.
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