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  1. Hopefully the ROM works better than the old one I used to play- see the payout on the one below! It certainly looks very good though.
  2. Great Layout, the BGM on the feature is the same "middle eight" as Big Bucks (if you leave the music on Bigbucks play for a bit.
  3. Welcome back Degsy, good to hear your dulcit tones again, they have been missed.
  4. I'd like the channel back, just upload the videos that don't give your private life away. Then new videos can be on emulation, leaving out the personal stuff (which was an enjoyable aspect of your channel) so you can have a Channel which doesn't impact on your professional life.
  5. Going to miss your channel, one of my favourites and you got me into emulation. Still think when you retire you should definitely go into radio. Totally understand your reasons, unfortunately the way the Internet is these days you can be cancelled for anything. I can't post much stuff in my own name on Facebook as I work in civil service and anything you post can come back to haunt you.
  6. Nice layout this, got a double top and a jp from Loco, as taught by James Hardy on his channel!
  7. Still relatively new to the emulation scene but Wizard was always a name that came up in Degsy's YouTube videos prior to me actually downloading MFME for the first time. A sad day indeed, RIP
  8. Considering the licensing for this must have cost a bomb you'd think Mazooma would have done more with it. I was expecting to hear some voice samples from the dingles etc, and maybe the theme tune etc. They could have called this All creatures great and small and probably paid less but the machine would have fitted the title just as well, compared to say the old Maygay Eastenders and Corries!
  9. Hopefully Degsy can do a video on this to explain what its all about, as I haven't a scooby
  10. Good game, I was surprised to see an invincibility mode on a club though, never knew they ever had IM on clubbers
  11. Might as well reply as per previous post... I bought a cheap HP 15-DA0503SA which was HDD 4gb Ram, 1.1 ghz Celeron processor. Originally only bought it for Pokerstars so didn't require much power, then I tried emulation. Surprisingly worked well for most games. However for browsing etc it was rubbish. So upgraded to SDD and 8gb RAM and now is better, although still doesn't like graphics much. Works OK for emulation though
  12. Great machine JP repeat within a tenner!
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