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  1. When it’s ready? JP did already mention before Christmas though in this thread, so fingers crossed J
  2. One I tested is 5p £8 jackpot. We may not have £5 version, unless the dip switches control prizes stake. Don't enter any stake or price of play settings as the machine will alarm.
  3. These are the BWB roms we have access to. They are 5p 10p play, looks like original £6 jackpot or possibly £8. I haven't tested them but I'm pretty certain they will run just fine. J Monte Carlo (Bwb) .zip
  4. Fantastic mate, one of my first DX's, early 2000's Looks great in the sim, thanks J
  5. Search the rom sites. Or make a request for the rom on a separate thread maybe. Someone will have them at hand. I am away from my PC for a couple of days or I’d grab them for you, they should be available though. J
  6. You sure the BWB versions don’t run? I can’t see why not. Have you tried them? J
  7. Classics (simple) layouts aren’t available in AS, I can’t see the point in having them in AS personally. J
  8. Brilliant JP. A lot of excellent Barcrest machines in these cabs. Early to mid 1990’s. Epic work J
  9. JP might use something a little more sophisticated? But the free online ones are accessible to anyone J
  10. The original needs to be decent enough, it’s not magic, it won’t improve a low resolution grainy flyer. J
  11. Anyone can use ai upscaling. John linked a site, but if you search google you will find a load where you can upload an image and have it upscaled. I’ve used it on small images to enlarge them while retaining the detail. J
  12. Excellent, thanks for this WAC J
  13. serene02

    Torture TV

    Interesting, a Simpsons clone, never saw this in the wild, got to be a failed test machine? Also, without being a pain, I think the main feature square needs the positions transposing by one, I’m sure the ‘skill’ positions should be on each corner. Look forward to this J
  14. Whatever you are happy with, it looks just fine what you have done. Don’t worry too much about what other people think, this is your design, just try to make sure everything works as intended and you don’t release a broken layout or a layout with too many issues. J
  15. Don’t beat yourself up, you can create whatever you want. It just needs to be released in the correct area. I think all user made layouts that aren’t a true representation of the original machine should be in a misc category. J
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