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  1. very much so there was another game called doctors and nurses as well that was next to it
  2. thank you for this at last its just a real shame my dad isnt here now he died in september when i was alot younger he played this machine loads in the legionnaires club always remenber the sounds of this he loved it you have bring back memorys i had with him now
  3. I took the image from Google not on layout gallery I just remembered playing this a while ago
  4. Wondering if this is around to do just thought not seen a red for a while
  5. jono3000

    Barcrest - Weird Wolf

    Excellent missing piece thank u
  6. not seen this one in the wild i guess there all the same time good luck
  7. wasnt there a betcom new york new york
  8. not seen this in the wild looks like megazone
  9. Any chance you have the £100 jp like in the photo or can we change the settings are self to be on £100 jp thanks
  10. so if you took follow me it can give u jp
  11. Great excellent take follow me and get your phone out I don't know if there is roms for the £100 jp
  12. Cheers no worries I was just thinking something different with reflex money mad marstons was didn't as well is crazy crowns too new to be done yet thank you anways for the info
  13. Sorry please thank you
  14. Ment to say test machine phone changed the words. Can caveman cash be done it's like east wing and west wing but its done my reflex
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