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  1. 'The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very brightly.'
  2. Pook

    The Saddest Day

    Absolutely gutted doesn't even begin to sum it up at the moment. Thank you for giving me the tools to fuel my hobby over the past 2 decades & for being responsible for giving birth to a community filled with friends that I call my virtual home. MFME is a legacy that any man would be proud to have. RIP Chris.
  3. I loved that game, although the sound of the cursor moving was awful, almost identical to the accelerate sound in Wheelie. Also this was the first game I went back and tried after I grabbed a second hand currah microspeech, back in the day that blew my mind on games like this and Twin Kingdom Valley. Check this guy, 121 clearance!!
  4. Due to certain slow downs, I have created an alternate non-blended lamps version. Nowhere near as pretty but there are no longer any issues during jackpot sequence. Available in the first post.
  5. @Wizard recently introduced this as a new design feature in MFME. Right click on a button and choose 'double up', this will spit the lamp into two, the left being unpressed and the right pressed. Just extract and edit the bmp to the desired animated effect. Countdown is the only release of my last 5 that I haven't utilised this. And I only had scans of the £6 decals, as @Chopaholic says it's the best incarnation anyway.
  6. When I converted my back catalogue here a couple of years ago I did do this one and updated it the latest version of MFME with all the regular enhancements, but somehow it slipped through the net and was never released. Thanks to @jackymiester for pointing out this oversight allowing me to bring this one to you today, albeit a tad late. Updates for MFME v6.1 include... Opaque reels In/Out sound effects New alpha Updated sideart ****************************************** Bank Roller DX ****************************************** Released - 18
  7. I knew a girl once who was quite adept at it.
  8. Yeah that's one I never bothered to re-release as it's a bit old and crappy quality.
  9. Wow, you're right. I did update this one to .fml with all the usual enhancements in 2018 when I was converting by back catalogue but seems I forgot to actually re-release it, the one in legacy section should run ok but won't be as snazzy. I'll try to find some time to package and get it out soon.
  10. In edit mode scroll back on mouse wheel. If your mouse doesn't have a wheel then page up/down on keyboard has the same effect. If your keyboard doesn't have page up/down buttons then blow gently on the keyboard the direction you wish to zoom.
  11. Go to design--> Edit mode--> Right click on number reel---> properties---> change offset from 4 to -4 see it that fixes it.
  12. After a quick look, that bottom lamp of first number is set to 7 but should be 92 by the looks of the sequence, try it and let me know if it works.
  13. Didn't try them, they were just what I had list as BWBs
  14. Here's some BWB sets... Viva Las Vegas (Bwb) [Rom].zip Andy Capp (Bwb) [Rom].zip
  15. Bugger knows, an expensive one
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