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  1. Good spot, change Biffa to lamp 123 to fix, funny how swapping between the Barcrest & BWB roms can change the odd lamp here and there.
  2. It is 10p, was spotted after I'd taken that shot, the actual DX does say 10p
  3. I originally released a DX of this back in 2005, the quality was OK but it was in the wrong cabinet and I always thought I could do better so I didn't include it during my re-release campaign. This DX has completely remade from the ground up in the right cabinet this time and does the machine a lot more justice. Thanks to @Reg for his initial Barcrest classic, @Big J for testing and @Wizard for MFME. ****************************************** Viz DX ****************************************** Released - 10th July 2020 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - BWB Stake - 10p Jackpot - £6 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter £1 9 - Enter 20p ` - Cancel 1 - Hold/Nudge1 2 - Hold/Nudge2 3 - Hold/Nudge3 H - Hi L - Lo E/F - Exchange For Feature Space/G - Start/Gamble ****************************************** Thanks to... Reg - Classic Big J - Testing Wizard - MFME ****************************************** Viz DX.zip
  4. Whilst looking for a missing DX I stumbled upon a half finished £8 version of this machine which had been requested, finished it off and uploaded to the first post in this release thread.
  5. My first release in the v20 era is another cracking old MMM based tech machine from Maygay. I had some photos sent to me by Sulzerned from the Mecca, I decided to start a redraw to the point that the only original art on the DX is the yellow & white star pattern on the rear of the top glass, everything else is redrawn. Massive thanks to Sulzerned for the pics they were an invaluable resource to use as a template. Thanks also to @hitthesix for his classic that I used as a base and to @evo1 for testing. Finally thanks to @Wizard for his continue support and updates to MFME. v20 had a massive amount of updates, the major change that I could do with this layout in particular is animated buttons. ****************************************** Wild Hold DX ****************************************** Released - 8th July 2020 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - Maygay Stake - 10p Jackpot - £2 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter 50p 9 - Enter 20p 8 - Enter 20p Token 7 - Enter 10p `/C - Cancel/Collect N/U - Nudge Up 1 - Hold/Nudge 1 2 - Hold/Nudge 2 3 - Hold/Nudge 3 R - Respin Q - Wild Hold A - Wild Reel Z - Respin Space/G - Start/Gamble ****************************************** Thanks to.. hitthesix - Classic Sulzerned - Photos evo1 - Testing Wizard - MFME ****************************************** Wild Hold DX.zip
  6. 12yr old mistake, still confusing the shit out of people, winning!
  7. You know what, I'm not sure this ever existed!* I built the artwork using the £4.80 flyer then realised at the 11th hour after I'd prepped all the art that I was working with the £6 roms and had to go back and re-edit my art. I must've used the wrong picture in the release thread Just checked and I still have all the old prepped art for both versions, so if the £4.80 roms are available now or if they surface it can easily be updated to suit. * this was 12yrs ago so might be talking total tosh
  8. Nice to see people still enjoying this 13yrs after release
  9. Enhanced scan if it helps... GS.zip
  10. Don't forget R3volution & Gla5nost And this fella...
  11. Few more, some are obvious, others a bit obscure... RB Pembo Stiffy Spanner BennyBoy Strider Jamie Moe Hurtand165 Dreamer BarcrestChamp Steveir BarXQueen And @Reg why would you not be on the list, you've released more that most. If you're not on it or Digital Fruit at the very least then you can take me off please.
  12. Thanks Chloe, I do love me some Global.
  13. DX is 16yrs old and you're the first to spot
  14. This ones done now. Will be a v20 release as it takes advantage of new features, notice the funky animated buttons. Don't judge my unlimited nudges skills, I was in a hurry
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