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  1. Thanks @Clo06 thought the name rang a bell...
  2. Nice System 5 machine by JPM with lots of features to discover. Thanks to @Clo06 for her classic, @johnparker007 for reel allignment help, @evo1 for testing and @Wizard for MFME. As I promised previously, non sideart background included in the zip, check my Sonic release thread if you need instructions how to load this in. Sometimes bouns feature can be slowed using the cancel button ****************************************** Filthy Rich DX ****************************************** Released - May 2021 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - JPM Stake -
  3. I'm guessing that was a nudge to see where this one is, as timings go today is exactly 6 months since @Clo06 classic release. Got my second jab at midday so depending on how that goes I'll get this out in the next day or two.
  4. A? We are playing hangman right?
  5. I think we're up to at least fisher price by now!
  6. Dust off the old crown.
  7. It's clear everyone want's to keep Chris's legacy intact and it's important for us to uphold what we know his wishes would be. But if we continue on our current trajectory then where are we going? Yes we'll all be here for years doing the odd new machine or updating when source material becomes available, we might even get a few hundred more members. On the other hand look at the potential this project can do bringing our hobby to a whole new audience. My other hobby other than FME is retro gaming and I'm sure the same can be said of a lot of people here, I've been heavily into MAME and o
  8. Nicely themed JPM machine based on Sega's speedy blue mammal. This has been needing an update for a long time and I'm happy to bring you this one today. Thanks to @razors_back for his DX, @Ross for the Impact cab, @fruitsnappa for testing and @Wizard for MFME. This release features multiple fullscreen backdrops which can be accessed during play by pressing F3. I've also included a background for just the machine with no art. After feedback it's clear some don't like it and with more people building home FME cabs a plain portrait mode is more compatible. I'll include a plain port
  9. This one's finished now, still couldn't get the disc lamp internal and external bands lamps working correctly so as a work around I've used 2 disc reels one on top of the other to make it at least look to run properly, hopefully this shouldn't impact performance. Replaced the bank digis with individual lamping in the style of the real machine and put the Note Steppa lamps where I thought best. Just sent this one out for testing.
  10. The font is not required for the DX, if you closely next to reel one there's some residual text left over from the classic, not sure how I managed that. You can easily highlight and delete in edit mode to avoid future pop ups,
  11. No touched them in months, I'm not sure I'll ever get them running right and to be honest I've lost interest as they've been a pain in my side. Talking to Wizard last year he seemed to think some of the issues also existed on the original hardware too, but I still think some are emulator based.
  12. Good stuff @Multi Retro Man you're really developing your quality with every release
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