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  1. Thanks Chloe, I do love me some Global.
  2. DX is 16yrs old and you're the first to spot
  3. This ones done now. Will be a v20 release as it takes advantage of new features, notice the funky animated buttons. Don't judge my unlimited nudges skills, I was in a hurry
  4. Pook

    Count Down - BFM - SYS83

    After some amendments this one had to be locked to v20 so will have to wait until that's out at least. And then maybe even after we've all recovered from the biblical like @Tommy c flood
  5. They are playing up a bit, lamps on wheels acting odd and wheel alignment, starts off out of whack but once you get the feature if fixes itself and then behaves, it's all most odd.
  6. Just searched for glitter desktop wallpaper, tiled across image and then popped an opaque gradient layer on top. I was surprised how easy it was to be honest.
  7. Indeed, happy how the new glitter backgrounds turnt out.
  8. Glasses pretty much redrawn now...
  9. As usual you start to tidy, clean and replace damaged sections which makes other bits look out of place. Ended using the pictures as a base, tidying up the background and replacing everything in the foreground. This machine had mirrored sections which is proving difficult to re-create without looking too re-drawn, shall play about with it...
  10. Brilliant thanks @Leeham, I've had a completed DX of this for years and a half finished classic, until now
  11. Thanks mate, photoshop's smartblur tool is a godsend. This one almost done now, just need to remake a button as I did an exchange instead of a shuffle!
  12. Couple of days cleaning up and replacing bits....
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