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  1. 2yrs, wow where did that go. RIP Chris thanks for the past couple fo decades.
  2. I never do 'one at once' I get bored easy and between work and family time is limited to bitesize sessions. My wip folder has over 100 projects in it many abandoned over the years due to versions released by other designers. Others haven't been touched in a long time. In reality I only have upto a dozen in active development, LTGTR being one of these, flyer has been scanned and in the process of cleaning up and removing lines, I cannot give any time lines here.
  3. Well done again! Think I need to rename this thread to the 'fruitsnappa' quiz.
  4. If you wanna see some more...
  5. At @johnparker007 & @spa So I was looking through the google sheet WIP and saw this mentioned a few times. Can I clarify that 100% @razors_back is not me and has never been me, I heard this before over a decade ago and have no idea where it came from.
  6. Round 28 .... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 6 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 12 eagle64 - 1
  7. My layouts can are graphically intensive, so needs a bit more resources I'd assume. Nothing that I can control apart from making smaller layouts.
  8. Just scanned both flyers in a 600dpi with some enhancements on, attached for you. Cop the Lot.zip
  9. Well done, insane sluething skills!
  10. Round 27 .... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 6 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 11 eagle64 - 1 fc.wav
  11. Nope, I don't have it, just the basic scan that's out there already.
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