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  1. From a recent experiment, it looks like you can run up to 4 hoppers, so long as you are using a 2nd PacDrive (ID#2) and are only setting up older games that use the Triacs as hopper payouts. I cant confirm this 100% yet as my extra hoppers have mysteriously not arrived (been waiting a month so far), but when I tested using a lamp and pressing a [ key in place of a 3rd hopper, things seemed to work.
  2. Can someone post something - when they win a gamble. We had this in our local arcade, and now know why I rarely went on it LOL
  3. Thanks for the update John:) Here is the feed back: I revisited AS, and downloaded the latest file (ignored the unsafe MS bollox) and then promptly got "update failed".....However, upon running AS and hitting "Enter" Said machine initialized and ran. So a big leap forward:)
  4. Posted in the wrong thread. (I blame the parrot)
  5. Thanks for this one Vecs:)
  6. Thanks for this:) A good old 2per.
  7. Amusements

    Big Chief

    Thanks for this:)
  8. If I remember rightly.... Right click over the reel in edit mode [Create Overlay] Click reel Properties/Overlay and then click Transparency - set from cursor position and apply. Something like that anyway.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I checked my Reg, and it shows up on my "I" drive, so that is correct, it is also the last released version. Obviously it is not on the same drive as the sim, so that must be the problem.
  10. Hi John. I finally got this running (Avoiding the Microsoft warnings). It runs very smoothly on my system and looks amazing!!! I don't get any errors when trying to run a machine, but MFME does not start up after pressing enter, so I am wondering if MFME has to be in C drive to get found?
  11. Thanks for putting this together:) It feels a bit like a Big Ten upgrade, mixed with a Double Cash - without the 2x wins. I hope a picture of it turns up eventually to quench our curiosity.
  12. They already have bulbs in them. Check with the seller to see if they are LEDs.
  13. Ah. Nice to see something I never got to play, back when fruities were still fun. Thanks Clo:)
  14. Thanks for this Vecs:) I presume there must be some sort of food shortage in the UK? Ah well, I will just have to get used to having numbers on the reels instead!
  15. Win 10 is being annoying now! I have reported this as safe. Hopefully others are doing the same.
  16. Most of the buttons around these days use LED's and will run on 5v-12v. All the ones I have ordered came with a micro switch & bulb. Maybe post a link before you buy. For me Ebay is usually more expensive than aliexpress, shopee, lazada, made-in-china, so shop around. I used female spade connectors, and shrink tubing for all my buttons/LEDS. My wire was cheap twin core, but I labeled everything as I went, and made a diagram for future reference. Have a look for an arcade power supply, there are some with 5,12,24v combined. You should not need a 5v output as you can get that off your Pacdrive and Ipac. (One has a negative ground, and the other has a positive ground). Other ideas: A baking tray cut in half works well as a payout tray. A key switch to power the hopper on if it jams. Or to churn out coins at will. A 2 way switch to swop the opto outputs - if you are running 2 hoppers. Then you can switch between hopper 1 and 2 in MFME config. Esc key, F3 (full screen), F6 (random Game) buttons hidden out of site, come in handy. Anyway..Good luck:)
  17. You should be able to use your encoder in the mean time. If your encoder can create a key press, then all you have to do is make sure that the buttons you are using in MFME match. You can edit the key presses in MFME for each button.
  18. And "JPM" Crazy Casino
  19. They are there somewhere. Look under Impact and Scorpion 4 layouts.
  20. HitTheSix did a classic version of that a while ago. It maybe in the legacy section?
  21. Amusements

    AL - Fiesta

    Thanks for this:) This is one I remember well, and was a great 2p machine! I used to play this in an arcade on Oxford Manchester - When they didn't kick me out for being under 18.
  22. Thanks for this Clo:)
  23. I have never used the "Hopper Opto" settings in MFME, so I can not comment. Personally I always use output 15 for "Hopper 2, and output 16 for "Hopper 1", and fill in the [Multiplier] box. - MFME does the rest. When you collect a win, the hopper will spin until the correct number of brackets are generated via your opto>relay>joykey. Hopper 1 opto has to generate a "[" bracket and hopper 2 opto has to generate a "]" bracket to count the coins out. For older machines that used tube payouts. I use output 15 for "Triac -> Hopper 2, and output 16 for "Triac -> Hopper 1" and fill in the [Triac] and [Multiplier] box accordingly.
  24. Yes, you need a 5v relay to convert the 5v Pacdrive output, in to physical connection. In other words you break the circuit in your 12V hopper and use the relay output to reconnect it. You need to use an Ipac for the hopper opto and button inputs. This is what generates MFME keyboard presses.
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