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  1. kirsty

    Machine Id

    thank you luv Kirsty
  2. Looking for a machine that quoted "the boys clever, the boys good" any ideas im sure one was made then a clone
  3. thank you I been a way at a wedding all weekend )not mine so will look at this ) onight( thank you
  4. is the 4th reel meant to be continuious rolling it never stops and read only ?
  5. then with the Ctrl key held down click on 95409273.lo. there were no 3s jfor lo ust the then with the Ctrl key held down click on 95409273.lo.
  6. been looking at sc4 ems look a bit easier to try cant get roms working what have i done wrong i made the lauyout as part of reg's guide sc4hitshe.7z
  7. Thanks for all replys im on duty now till Thursday so Happy New Year every one ill continue on my bug 6 days off!
  8. maybe if there is one person to look at my layout to see whats wrong tith the 0's and c's
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