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  1. Wizard

    Bar Sevens DX

    Great news. I knew the first set was bad. Unless you have a prgrammer that can sense bad pin connections, you really are pissing in the wind.
  2. Wizard

    Bar Sevens DX

    The best bet is to make a new set of ROMs from the dumps and see if they run.
  3. Wizard

    Bar Sevens DX

    Still looks like a bad dump to me unfortunately.
  4. Wizard

    Collected some Amber stuff

    As I mentioned above, this is not a new file, it's 16 years old! I've never used it before but I doubt it's suitable for your purposes tbh.
  5. Wizard

    Bar Sevens DX

    Needs another config option, will be sorted in the next release.
  6. Wizard

    Collected some Amber stuff

    No, Not that one.
  7. Wizard

    Barquest £10 Swp - Dx

    Remember they weren't there for you to make money on lol
  8. Wizard

    Wigwam DX - PCP - MPU3

    Apologies, I misunderstood. I am very grateful for all the updates you have done.
  9. Wizard

    Wigwam DX - PCP - MPU3

    Huge? The only things that needed tweaking were the occasional reels offsets. All the other changes were due to enhancements, you didn't have to update all your layouts apart from saving them to .fml format. I can stop adding enhancements easily enough if it's too much grief but I always try to keep it backwards compatible unless I have no other option unlike Amber
  10. Wizard

    Top Gears

    That would be the red letters on a red background
  11. Wizard

    Barcrest Rob Da Bank Dx

    The reel band offsets should be -2 when the jumpers are set this way.
  12. Wizard

    Barcrest Rob Da Bank Dx

    That would be terrible shame, I hope you reconsider, though I understand where you are coming from 😞
  13. Wizard

    WIP - Stir Crazy

    The Card unit has 72 positions and is set to 432 half steps in properties If this uses a similar style of cards as Wet'n'Wild here is a list:
  14. The reason I asked is that I remember changing the mapping of the lamps on Proconn to match the hardware. I can't remember exactly when I did this but it would explain the lamps being out of place if the layout was a very early one. Also I don't remember the coin inputs ever being at position 64 and above, they should be at 48-55
  15. Wizard

    Bust Out

    Were the Treasure Hunt ROMs ever uploaded?