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  1. You need the gam file aswell to have accurate stats.
  2. Wizard

    Mpu6 sc6 pluto 6

    No it isn't S6 is encrypted and by that I just mean the ROM images.
  3. Laptops, Tablets or Monitors with multiple touch points do support pressing more than one button at the same time, looks like yours just emulates a mouse.
  4. Wizard


    One way to do it would be to add shortcuts that just activate the door switches in the Meter Panel
  5. Wizard


    Opening and closing the door won't clear the E403 & E404 Alarms afaik, nor will it prevent them.
  6. Wizard


    Why on earth would you want them?
  7. Thanks, yeah that was something I said I'd never do
  8. Thanks for those, but EuroStile LT Bold still reported as MIA
  9. Looks like a Brenco to me
  10. Can someone post the missing fonts please? Eurostile LT bold and Eurostile Black
  11. If you are doing Reel Crazy mk2 then the numbers you are using are wrong. They should be 192, 176 and 200, 184 These numbers correspond to lamp numbers, so look at the layout and see if these blocks of lamps change when you insert coins or press the start button
  12. Download v5.1 from here: http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/340-mfme/ The one on the mecca is supposed to be installed over a previous v5 install so doesn't contain all the files required.
  13. Yes it needs sorting as I mentioned, unfortunately this will mean redoing the triac settings for all SYS83 games, which is not really an issue as there is only a handful atm
  14. I'm not sure if this machine pays out £1 coins or the 50p slide pays 2 coins. Either way I need to change the way the triacs work as some of the slides use 2 triacs to activate them and that is set by links on the triac board itself. I don't suppose there is a manual for this anywhere?
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