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  1. Did you know you can offset the position of the text in a button or lamp as follows:
  2. Create checkboxes 65, 68 & 71 and check them
  3. I see you still haven't unpacked the blended lamps!
  4. When it's not unpacked any change to one of the lamps means the whole lot have to be redrawn, once unpacked only that lamp is redrawn. Yes I have included an option in preferences to automatically unpack when a layout is loaded. Blended lamps use a lot more processing power as the image has to blended with the background when it's drawn, so the smaller the better.
  5. Also dont make the lamp overlaps larger than need be, and be sure to unpack them before release.
  6. Yes unfortunately it's no better in V19 so best stick with the single lamped version.
  7. Well the two sound sets are certainly different but only by a few bytes here and there. Wonder what the differences are?
  8. Wizard

    Reflex Roms?

    sc6 is defiinitely encrypted, I don't think mpu6 is though.
  9. Hello and Welcome
  10. Looks like it, no surprises there.
  11. I think group buys are probably the only way to obtain missing ROMs these days.
  12. Not much interest in MFME nowadays at the Mecca so it's moved here only 6.1 onwards though.
  13. http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1201-mfme-v61-release/
  14. DAD released a version of Easy Money for MFME
  15. ok, I'll look into it and fix in v19 hopefully.
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