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  1. Wizard

    Special FX Maygay

    Yes I remember, didn't think we had the ROMs but we do ( apart from the sound ) so I fired it up in the screenplay layout and it has graphics issues but I could see something about stake key invalid on the screen. Not had a chance to look into it tbh, may be something simple as I can't see them changing hardware for this game? I guess because you start so many "wanted" threads you lose track
  2. Wizard

    Special FX Maygay

    Yes it's been mentioned before it's called Caesars Palace. We do have a set of ROMs but no sound ROMs and it has graphics issues atm
  3. Wizard

    Special FX Maygay

    Which Steve? If he still has it, can we get the sound ROM dumped?
  4. Wizard

    Special FX Maygay

    MFME already supports rotating of the maygay video screen in a layout. You can see screenshots in that Mecca thread above.
  5. Wizard

    Special FX Maygay

    Yes because the monitor is mounted vertically in that game. It has been looked at but there is no sound and no artwork.
  6. Wizard

    Special FX Maygay

    There is no layout for it afaik and how do you know there are ROMs if you dont have them?
  7. Wizard

    Special FX Maygay

    We are missing the sound ROMs
  8. I just know you were going to say that open a command prompt, cd to the folder and run this in a .bat file, stick the bat file in the folder. if it's just a missing jpg then don't include the 2nd for echo off for /r %%i in (*.gam) do ( if not exist %%~di%%~pi%%~ni.jpg echo missing jpg %%i ) for /r %%i in (*.jpg) do ( if not exist %%~di%%~pi%%~ni.gam echo missing gam %%i )
  9. Can't you just sort the folder by name, and then look down for a single file without a matching twin?
  10. Changing the bezel lamp to 56 is a better fix.
  11. Good grief, the ink is not even dry on this one yet, give the guy a break.
  12. Put the top box into Test then Switches, and operate the DIPs and it says what they are for. none appear to be useful though.
  13. Wizard

    tsar Wars Empire

    No idea, you can't view them without an account.
  14. Hmm just got a £22.50 on the top box and it displayed it correctly, so I might be wrong about the symbols being incorrect.
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