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  1. YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Yes I know you knew what it was I was suggesting that the YT crowd were mistaking it for the Electrocoin version, afterall how many emptiers would a machine actually have, and completely different ones at that?
  2. Use the one you already have, the post is just a happy RAM and gam file
  3. YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Perhaps there is some confusion here. The machine although shown in an Electrocoin cabinet, is not the proconn version it's a Scorpion2. You can see the cabinet isn't right as in attract mode it shows the Cancel button should be on the left.
  4. Public enemy number one feature

    Meter 1 is the refill meter btw I added that for completeness
  5. Public enemy number one feature

    If you open the diag box and check Menu and Datapak, you can see what triacs are used for payout ( in this case £2.60 ) You can see it's using Triac 3 for the £1's and Triac 4 for the 20ps
  6. Public enemy number one feature

    This is what I have:
  7. Public enemy number one feature

    Seems that my assumption that all S2s with the DM display use the same busy switch line was incorrect So I have reinstated the DM Busy switch in config. Got there in the end, thanks for pointing it out
  8. Public enemy number one feature

    Yes but that is a completely different thing to what was happening in that old thread you posted. So I can only assume you mean it only offering 3 values? But then you say it doesn't display the values correctly ? It does in that video Reg posted confused.com
  9. Public enemy number one feature

    Yes the DM busy line wasn't connected to the switch matrix, it was first fixed by having 64 in the DMBusy switch in config but now it's done internally
  10. Public enemy number one feature

    As I said, it works fine for me, perhaps someone else can test it aswell? This was fixed a long time ago
  11. Public enemy number one feature

    At least three, the carriage stops, the doors open, gives you 2-3 seconds to hit collect, then doors close and it advances to the next carriage etc
  12. Public enemy number one feature

    Works fine for me, I presume you mean the S2 version ?
  13. Public enemy number one feature

    What's wrong with it, seems to work fine on mine?
  14. Meter settings

    Regarding MPU5 games, there was a bug in earlier versions of MFME where the meters didn't count up, so people tended to set the SEC box to yes ( which didn't fix the issue ) so for early games make sure the SEC box is set to No, the meter settings for In is Meter 1 x 1 and Out is Meter 2 x 1. If the game has a SEC meter, then it will error if you do the above.
  15. Bank Roller Club DX

    Well spotted even includes the alarm going off