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  1. Glad to help, pm me if you are having problems with those RGB lamps
  2. Use lamps 528, 529, 530 & 543 for the note acceptor and it'll work. The Logo uses RGB leds to light it like on The WInsons so it's possible to do it. One other thing, the roulette balls around the lower disco button should be red according to Lamp Groups in test mode.
  3. That is the £60 JP version of Pyramid which we already have a DX for by ploggy
  4. Wizard

    Newbie needs help

    A game is not just a .gam and a .ram file, you also need a layout file ( .fml ) and the game binary files ( *.bin or *.p1 etc )
  5. Looks like another massive job undertaken, I admire your dedication as always.
  6. Great spot, thanks for the info
  7. The Cherry on Reel 3 next to the Double Bar should be a Lemon.according to Test Mode
  8. Looks great, thanks for getting that sorted. I have now added a tool to create and configure the disco leds which will be in the next update. It considerably speeds up the process.
  9. Yes, I think it's just going to be called Windows going forward
  10. Yes, the lamp appears to be missing altogether.
  11. Layouts will always look degraded when displayed on a lower resolution monitor otherwise there would be no point in 4K. I think the idea of doing a layout in 4K is for future proofing, so when everyone is running 4K they will still look sharp. Also bear in mind a larger layout has far more pixels to manipulate and might be slower running. I have one 4K monitor in my setup but actually run it at 2560x1440 otherwise the text is too small to read.
  12. Laptops, Tablets or Monitors with multiple touch points do support pressing more than one button at the same time, looks like yours just emulates a mouse.
  13. Thanks for those, but EuroStile LT Bold still reported as MIA
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