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  1. This is the first Impact game I have come across that uses lamp dimming in it's gameplay, so another first in emulation terms.
  2. If you mean this post: https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/topic/56393-mfme-32/?p=324313 I wouldn't lose any sleep over it rofl
  3. That background colour you mention is the colour that is drawn when there is a positive width diff applied, it has nothing to do with Opaque reels. The Opaque colour is actually taken from the bottom right pixel of the Band Image. The overall darkness is taken from the Bottom Left pixel of the Mask Image. Oh and welcome back!
  4. Wizard

    Meter Visibility

    Oh well, in that case there isn't a way apart from getting a laptop with a bigger screen
  5. Wizard

    Meter Visibility

    Shrink to fit has been removed from v19, you could enter Edit mode briefly to see them.
  6. Wizard

    £100 Jackpots

    Probably because you spend all your time asking for new stuff
  7. To stop the coin alarms set the £1 as follows: If you just use a button number, there is no timing protection.
  8. Wizard

    MFME Emulator

    Some games dont have Token In meters because there was no way ( at the time ) to set up a token in button. MFME didn't support a dual button input where the coin passes through two switches. This is all fixed now afaik so there is nothing in the emu that needs updating. You could always post up a example game so we can take a look at what you mean.
  9. It sounds more like a heat related or memory issue with the gfx card.
  10. MFME now uses this library exclusively for graphic output whereas it used GDI in the previous releases. The only exception is when in Edit Mode where it still uses GDI.
  11. Won't be the same thing as v6.1 didn't use d2d1.dll, it's the DirectX 2D library
  12. Hmm, no idea what that could be. It's never happened on my system and doesn't appear to be happening on anyone elses either.
  13. That doesn't help at all. When does it do it? When it loads, when you start playing, when you change screen modes, when you enter the manager, when you resize the window etc etc You have got to be specific.
  14. Well it certainly can't be fixed without additional info
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