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  1. DAD released a version of Easy Money for MFME
  2. ok, I'll look into it and fix in v19 hopefully.
  3. So it keeps the position but reverts the size?
  4. It should be a lot better but no guarantees, you can't squeeze a quart into a pint pot etc For something that is completely free, you should be happy with what you've already got.
  5. Probably because your machine is struggling with the blended lamps used on these layouts. Anything that slows down the emulation thread will cause sound issues with the non sampled sound games.
  6. Did my reply quell any anxieties you may have?
  7. Still working on it, it will be released when it's ready. Yes it will be v19.0
  8. Looks like you failed to read this part of the release thread: If this is the first time you have installed MFME then please make sure you have the June 2010 DirectX runtime installed, it can be found here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109
  9. Yup, does the same for me. I suspect this is a bug in their code as it's calling the reset itself.
  10. No, it's just an optical illusion
  11. Hi, We could do with a copy of the sound ROMs from Piccadilly Night please, we don't currently have a full set
  12. It's rare for relays to fail but these would probably work if they are the same size, the extra pins could be snipped off to match your PCB. https://cpc.farnell.com/finder/4061-7024/relay-pcb-16a-spco-24vdc/dp/SW02482?st=24v relays Check the datasheet for size and pin spacing.
  13. Can you post up a picture showing the pin arrangement, and also the size. Looks like they mount flat onto the PCB or are they already mounted?
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