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  1. Wizard

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    Well it says "Sphinx V1" on the display when it starts up.
  2. Wizard

    MFME Keyboard

    Yes they flash exactly the same as they do on the screen once configured. One thing the PAC Drive doesn't support though is dimming Watch one of the numerous videos thaty have been posted
  3. Wizard

    Hi All

    Welcome to the forum. For your info Lucky Lady and Alladins Cave have been done and are available
  4. Crazy World (Mazooma) - Missing Sound ROMs
  5. Wizard

    Screwing Around DX - Global - MPU4

    Works fine for me
  6. Wizard


    Make sure you have Shrink To Fit checked in File -> Preferences
  7. Wizard

    Surprise Surprize - Ready to streak

    Yes Barcode would be great also, Me and a couple of mates used to do these back in the day. These machines were very popular, and could be done every other day. I had a Barcode machine myself but the ROMs weren't the earlier ones unfortunately, it's now with Mr P
  8. Wizard

    Surprise Surprize - Ready to streak

    I'm still hoping an early version of Up, Up & Away or Cash Attack will turn up some day
  9. Wizard

    SC5 - SEC ERR 41

    Also the security info is only read when the game is loaded, so you'll have to save and reload the game.
  10. Yes it is, and it will be checking the ROMs before it checks the security chip.
  11. Wizard

    SC5 - SEC ERR 41

    The security info is stored in the layout, so you need to reset it in the character editor.
  12. Wizard

    MFME v6.1 Bugs Thread

    Copy Colours only copies the Off Font Colour, saying that I found a bug when applying the Off Colour to a Lamp Font colour which I'll fix. Currently there is no way to copy all Fonts and/or all Font Colours from/to another Lamp.
  13. Wizard

    Should it stay or should it go ?

    Likewise. You can close the original thread but the poll still serves a purpose.