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  1. 3 hours late , just finished the download , yeah baby !!!
  2. Mate , on the download baby !!!! , lmao , 2 hours for 1.9 gig , my mums internet is slamming . looks great mort , cheers for the guide , will give it a go in two hours , I aggree wearecity , bit of fresh emu action , awesome , more of this sir !!!!! , big up to the surrey massive , at me mums in Godalming
  3. Tar muchly , Looks gre8t dude ,
  4. Flimp

    Turrican 2 music

    That's pretty special
  5. Guess we will be seeing you on Judge Rinder , Local shop has a cash machine , real old , PM me
  6. Hi , Found some great mods for simpsons hit and run on ze pc . Its all wide screened up , and a chap called nightbane and the donut team , have made loadsa mods , and even used the game engine for full remaps , theres a spongebob revision that musta taken friggin ages . Lots of character add ons , one can be Thanos flying the millenium falcon . So if anyone gets bored and wants some fun on a old underpowered pc/laptop , this is a beauty . Was going to leave links but i figure you can find it ,
  7. Mate , Friggin love halflife good call , been on the , return to castle wolfenstein , trip . old school classics ,
  8. Flimp

    Atari St

    I only knew of one kid with an Atari ST at school , and he had a filofax that he carried around one didnt associate with the filofax kid
  9. Flimp

    Atari St

    Hi hi , I never had an atari st , amiga man me . Recently ive been boredly playing with some Atari Emulators , and i got to say its a pretty tasty machine . Found all the classic amiga games , and some atari classics . Turrican 2 looked great , played well too . Found some spectrum crossovers which were awsome . Northstar blew me away . Been using , steem ,hatari and SainT emulators . Great 16bit action ,
  10. Heres one for the ladies :), just to be fair , i tried to pick the hottest Dr Who , just an observation , but tom baker looks like my old english teacher , Mrs Fairfield . Might be more to this time travel ................. , i stand suitably chastised BJ , a lesson leaner me , never one to offend twice ,
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