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  1. its ok i have got it to work now great work @vectra666 nice machine look forward to playing it
  2. i get a £10 mech error while loading this and someone saying check it out check it out how do i stop this please and remove this error cheers rob
  3. how the hell do u get to the top game lol
  4. Cheers testing it out now
  5. What is wip and why dont they show up on game manager and i am unable to use bat files launch them as they dont show up in the game mangers list cheers rob
  6. Sore this while taking a tour in Dublin today had to take some pic and post lol
  7. Cheers @woodsyhave not downloaded it yet but will have a go tomorrow I am sure my mum would have been proud of this thank u (rip mum)
  8. @vectra666 just got home and load this up and noticed that compared to the current version (£70 ) that i have you have a shadow along the top of the feature and the current one does not. dont know if this can been changed. Great work tho and really want to use your layout if there is away to remove the shadow
  9. Can't wait to get home and try this out cheers @vectra666
  10. The error happens when using the shortcut and the touchscreen lol
  11. Yes to 20.1 will try what u said tomorrow as now in bed lol
  12. Can't put any money in it now just get the error above so unplayable at the moment
  13. Thanks but all dipswitch's are off and I reset game and it still happens thanks any will keep trying Te for bed kow tho lol
  14. Does anyone else have a error=11 00 on this machine can only put 1.00 in then u have to play that pound because if u try to put more u get the above error. Any help is appreciated cheers Rob
    great layout enjoy playing this cheers for sharing
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