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  1. 2yrs, wow where did that go. RIP Chris thanks for the past couple fo decades.
  2. I never do 'one at once' I get bored easy and between work and family time is limited to bitesize sessions. My wip folder has over 100 projects in it many abandoned over the years due to versions released by other designers. Others haven't been touched in a long time. In reality I only have upto a dozen in active development, LTGTR being one of these, flyer has been scanned and in the process of cleaning up and removing lines, I cannot give any time lines here.
  3. Well done again! Think I need to rename this thread to the 'fruitsnappa' quiz.
  4. If you wanna see some more...
  5. At @johnparker007 & @spa So I was looking through the google sheet WIP and saw this mentioned a few times. Can I clarify that 100% @razors_back is not me and has never been me, I heard this before over a decade ago and have no idea where it came from.
  6. Round 28 .... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 6 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 12 eagle64 - 1
  7. My layouts can are graphically intensive, so needs a bit more resources I'd assume. Nothing that I can control apart from making smaller layouts.
  8. Just scanned both flyers in a 600dpi with some enhancements on, attached for you. Cop the Lot.zip
  9. Well done, insane sluething skills!
  10. Round 27 .... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 6 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 11 eagle64 - 1 fc.wav
  11. Nope, I don't have it, just the basic scan that's out there already.
  12. Even @fruitsnappa powers will not solve this one.
  13. Round 26 .... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 6 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 10 eagle64 - 1
  14. How did you get that so quick?
  15. Round 25.... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 6 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 9 eagle64 - 1
  16. Round 24.... Chopaholic - 1 evo - 4 wearecity - 1 infection - 5 Tommy c - 1 char042102 - 1 fruitsnappa - 9 eagle64 - 1 kiss.wav
  17. I had a Pi4 with a 512gb card fully loaded with 10's of thousands, it looks awesome and great to have that amount. But I fell into the trap of having shitloads and playing nothing, I'd just flick through all the pretty menus. I now have a 16gb card in the Pi with just the collection I want and find that I actually play them now.
  18. I think we're up to at least fisher price by now!
  19. It's clear everyone want's to keep Chris's legacy intact and it's important for us to uphold what we know his wishes would be. But if we continue on our current trajectory then where are we going? Yes we'll all be here for years doing the odd new machine or updating when source material becomes available, we might even get a few hundred more members. On the other hand look at the potential this project can do bringing our hobby to a whole new audience. My other hobby other than FME is retro gaming and I'm sure the same can be said of a lot of people here, I've been heavily into MAME and other emulators for over two decades now ever since I discovered Nesticle. Instead of growing our numbers by a couple of hundred over the next 5yrs imagine a couple hundred thousand instead, although I'm not sure Reg would like policing that influx. I would personally 100% prefer MFME used as would most here, it's an amazing peice of software and ahead of MAME in terms of FME by a country mile, but I'm open to all suggestions. @johnparker007 forgive me for not fully understanding the technical side of your work but is there a way for FME designers to convert their work themselves? For me as a designer converting my own work into 3D running via MFME would be the utopic solution and I think a lot of designers would be onboard also. Then in the arcade there's a separate room with a sign like 'OVER 18's ONLY'. It directs you to DIF and won't let you enter that room to access the machines unless you have MFME installed. Imaging the same scenario with VP. I know those last two sentences are a bit of a pipe dream but there is potential here, I want to help, I want to see FME grow. I don't want FME to peter out, but on the other hand I don't want to feel that my work and FME in general is just being 'bolted on' to another project. Hope that makes sense.
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