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  1. awesome not played this in yonks
  2. it would be cool to see the odd 10p or £1 on the carpet or "stuck" in the tray
  3. @johnparker007 it's really quite fantastic what you've achieved here. There is something so magical about playing a machine and having other machines running in attract mode around you, taking your "cash" and strolling the arcade to see what takes your eye! Some of the ideas you've shared would be great touches too. I've just enjoying the journey and seeing what you're able to achieve - such amazing results already. I watch on in awe. Thank you so very much for dedicating so much of your time to this project - so grateful. Cheers. Hoping to see some older machines in due course
  4. What a Gem ! Thank you you've done a great job I'd love to see a Mrk 1 Eachway Shuffle - I've seen the Mrk II but it's a very different machine to play.
    Just downloaded your system 80 machines, thanks so much, "machines" play great. Did you ever do an Eachway Shuffle ?

    Sidewinder (ACE)

    Thank you it's a brilliant clean sharp piece of art work


    @Reg I know you guys run this as a hobby and it's a passion but I wish businesses provided the same level of service, response and support (for paid services) that you provide. Never ceases to amaze me the help and support I get from you and this group. Thank you so much


    Argh, I was going to ask similar quesiton , but I was after MFMEv3.exe and that's not available from what I can find. There is a layout https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/index.php/files/file/614-snappy-viper-dx-layout/ I'm keen to try (I like the flat board on this layout) - but if I try to open in MFME5 upwards it says the res file isn't there (despite it being there). I figured I might try v3 on it?? Any suggestions to get the above layout to work? (I've added the roms and all the other snappy viper layout work okay).
  8. Can anyone help me gain access again to my account that was on the MPU Mecca at https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/? I know this is DessertIslandfruits.com but I'm working on the assumption that maybe someone knows who manages this possibly? If I attempt to access members areas I get and error 20 which is fair enough but it looks like the registration process is no longer active as that throws up an error when you attempt to enter new details.. The annoying things is I have an old account but it's locked and the password reset isn't working either it's got some great content on it and I want to access some old forum discussions
  9. Hey @Road Hog MadJust downloaded it, winzip unpacked it fine and runs fine but I'm having trouble setting it up. I just get a blank screen on the 3 buttons and I'm not sure what to type into the config screen. In the log file it reports : Unable to parse game info for 'D:\games I've got directories called BWB - The Spice Is Right 20p £10 85% I appreciate thats not the right game details but it's what I typed. any ideas?
  10. Thank you for sharing, I've got a touchscreen cab being built at moment so will play with this laterz.... thanks again @Road Hog Mad
  11. I've managed to f-up two Pacdrives now, it serves me right for jumping in and connecting up the wires incorrectly. I think I've got 5v back into one of the terminals and toasted the board as I can't get it to be recognised anymore. I just wanted to check there isn't a utility (other than Blinky) that will reflash the board is there? In the meantime I've bought my third
  12. Great idea done !
  13. Happy to beta test this for you if you decide to look at this.
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