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  1. Stacker I believe it is called if I remember. Also, is this made by Empire? It looks like an Empire machine to me.
  2. i just got the file from chopaholic and the 3rd feature entry gave me the jackpot! after so long i finally got it! THAT THING WAS A PAIN IN MY ARSE XD
  3. didn't work. meters is selected and still alarming.
  4. I input a coin and it gave me CR INMETER ALARM. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks!
  5. I don't know how long it has been since this has started to be worked on. how is the progress?
  6. i fixed it, and no it wasn't it was going into configuration and changing the SEC to no.
  7. it's giving me alarm 04. any fix?
  8. blended the lamps, did not work. it does need an update now that i think about it.
  9. Not all colours on the number lights work (The tall electricity thing with 10 numbers) i tried both layouts by ady, and nothing. is there a layout with all lights working?
  10. same thing happened to fortune numbers. it's sorted now, thanks.
  11. I input a coin in the machine and the alarm sets off. can someone help me fix it? Forgot to mention, it says "VTP METER ALARM"
  12. i tried looking in the legacy layouts and i can't find that exact layout. is it removed or something?
  13. games media i think. i thought it was global
  14. would love to see the result of it. it looks bloody fantastic that machine!
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