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  1. RIP lad, so what does that mean for MFME now? is that going to be made by a different person? (EDIT) nevermind i take that back, don't want to get into any more details. you will be missed, sleep easy mate.
  2. there were 2 i think (bruce george and dupulu i think). there were 2 layouts but one was missing on fruit emu but is on the legacy layouts (bruce)
  3. i can give the meters for you, as in what numbers to edit in config (meter 1 to 1 and meter 2 to 1)
  4. jackymiester

    Infinity Wdx

    i have found this, got this from google. it is small, but what am i suppose to do about that?
  5. i knew this would come out soon, nice job vectra!
  6. what tech is this?
  7. jackymiester

    Infinity Wdx

    i forgot how cool this one looked (yet i have never seen it). i hope to play this when it comes out. nice work!
  8. still waiting to get a jackpot from trailblazer club (£1000 barcrest) i always go past 30 when on the coloured balls. i always feel like i am close, not a chance for that bitch to give me ote.
  9. pook, you can thank me anytime bro
  10. jackymiester


    who made this? i cannot see the logo.
  11. club fast fruits (the number is out of place) (like 8 and 9 are both in the window kinda. out of alignment i think) that i think was a clone of crazy fruits?
  12. i also have run for your money from fruit emu aswell (a good machine imo btw) one of the lights on the right for snazzyness is greenscreened (kinda)
  13. i tried looking here and it's not here. but i am glad to know it still exists.
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