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  1. now done about 10 machines the difference it make using button box and lights wish I'd done it years ago when I made my full MAME cabinet thanks anyway
  2. Thank You very much this is a guide that is double idiot proof thank you for such a long detailed guide worked a treat first time I know I will have to spend time setting different machines up .But now I have light I was stuck with either lights on or lights off now you solved it .Thanks to all who read post and a big shout to MPU_FIVE cheers 1969kappa
  3. Good day to all I'm currently just finishing of a controller (it was going to be a cabinet build but both TV's I had were shot )I will post pictures when it's finished only started it on Thursday got buttons in running on keyboard encoder installed Pac drive wired up testing them all work BUT how do I programme the lights to flash in time with the machine I'm playing don't mind learning but could do with an idiot's guide to programming them if possible any help would be appreciated but thanks to all who look
    Blown away played a quick £10 and I'm impressed don't know how long you have been at it but this is mint exactly how I remember it back in the day thank you
  4. Yeah changed the sound in config from stereo to right ch and it worked left didn't though strange nut thank you and great machine
    Downloaded and played a good few quid through this and it plays like a dream looks great. But I don't have any sound probably me but any tips for getting sound but still a great machine thank you
  5. Ok thank you to all that read this post and big thank you to all who replied at least I know now ahh well a lot of the machines are proper old but not to worry what happened to all the files on the site are they gone forever?
  6. Can anybody help me with an issue trying to get into my account on fruit emu and have forgotten my log in but can not get a response when trying to contact and the password reset does not send the link .I wouldn't mind I pay a couple of £ a months subs lol I know it's not this site but know people use both sites as I'm trying to replace fruit machines I lost when my Hdd went down no fun I can tell you so if anybody has any clout over there I would be most thank full if not nothing lost but typing time lol
  7. Thany you love this machine
  8. I was wondering if the key layout is roughly the same for most machines or if there was a list of basic key layout as I am going to knock a row of buttons so I can just plug it into my PC when playing MFME it would be better than having keyboard on knees also I have a full set of buttons off my BWB hyper viper I stripped down and a few X arcade buttons so have plenty to play with thank you to anyone reading and offering advice (of the none abusive type lol)
  9. Build your own based on pc I'm 90% finished on mine just some cosmetics to do because I'm never happy lol .Makes it more personal and cheap if you look around for the parts
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