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  1. Thank you love this machine great game play and graphics
  2. Thany you love this machine
  3. First go wow I'm well impressed keep it up you will go far thank you
  4. I was wondering if the key layout is roughly the same for most machines or if there was a list of basic key layout as I am going to knock a row of buttons so I can just plug it into my PC when playing MFME it would be better than having keyboard on knees also I have a full set of buttons off my BWB hyper viper I stripped down and a few X arcade buttons so have plenty to play with thank you to anyone reading and offering advice (of the none abusive type lol)
  5. Thank you this is great many happy memories playing this dancing away after a few garys(happy pills) in my local before going clubbing always seems to give you plenty of play for your ££
  6. Thank you great machine many memories of this one BUT do you know the Skill Gamble and the Press shuffle lights are the wrong way round
  7. All I can say is WOW envious is not even starting to say how I feel you lucky F*&R nice collection cheers for sharing(showing off lmao joking)
  8. Build your own based on pc I'm 90% finished on mine just some cosmetics to do because I'm never happy lol .Makes it more personal and cheap if you look around for the parts
  9. What a collection super line up would go with those nicley nbever seen that black hole one though
  10. Yeah Deal or no Deal with Monopoly Road to Riches Great combo
  11. WOW great job total hooked top visuals and adictive gameplay thank you very much
  12. great game play and amazing looks thank you very much
  13. Another I have never seen in the flesh but great little game thank you very much
    Never seen this one in real life but it plays great plenty of play for your £ thank you very much
    Had time to play this now I've never played the real thing but this is a top quality Emu than you would recommend downloading this to all members
  14. looks great as always thank you very much
    great lookinfg machine and play great as well enjoyed playing it thank you (and I'm not really a clubby type person)
    Quality upload great work thank you very much
  15. wow looks amazing great mackine to play as well thank you
    WOW WOW WOW TY spent hours on this already
  16. 1969kappa

    Hot Stuff Wdx

    Thank you very much this is one of the very few I know I'm up on had it in chippy near me and I couldnt lose lol not often that happens
  17. 1969kappa


    looks fine to me I've played real life fruit machines that look a lot worse
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