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  1. slow start on this atm ... still loads to do
  2. Found this for the WIP PDX - 3 Bags Full might come handy - Theres over 128 different styles https://cooltext.com/
  3. this done by youtube videos bloody hell .... cracking work done there mate
  4. Liverpool2008

    Fruit Swop

    this done by youtube videos bloody hell .... cracking work done there mate
  5. Thats spot on mate just what i needed better than the one i had anf Thanks Tommy C
  6. Thats a Lot Of Pizza Pieces you putting together Wearecity lol
  7. some of the graphics been used on the layout not sure where i can get nice backgrounds from ... i need some help please
  8. any ideas where i can get Buttons and logos from please Cab is almost finished now and reels almost complete
  9. I will be working on a PDX over the next few days maybe longer i have a JPM Cab and im happy with it with side art aswell .... Looking good just got to do Features and Reels ... going to be tough as its my 1st ever PDX .... any updates let you know
  10. at the end of the day i dont want to be a layout designer ..... just re create machines i have done in the past and maybe just one day i will be a layout designer
  11. Thats the plans mate make it more realistic
  12. Im happy to do a PDX of the machine as i have a full licence version of Photoshop seems we have something i can work on be much better than my version i created years ago ... but we all have to start somewhere
  13. Oh wow never knew it was released ... Cheers Reg for that ... shows you we all help each other when needed .... you know is there a DX or a decent flyer around ?
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