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  1. Can't wait to see or hear anymore news about this one. Its the one to watch in my eyes. How is progress going
  2. dodge8

    Aladdins Cave Dx

    Thank you looks great.
  3. dodge8

    BFM - Cash Blitz

    Looks a little gem this one. many thanks
  4. Many Thanks looks a fantastic what you done with this layout.
  5. Many Thanks what a release.
  6. This might of been the very first reel fruity i ever played as i can only remember it had round buttons and looked familiar style to this. On that note definitely this one is got to be the oldest emulated layouts i played so big thank you for making this possible.
  7. dodge8

    Jpm's Reel Crazy Mk2

    will have to give this one a try when it drops.
  8. Got to give this one a try. As always Many thanks to everyone who made this possible.
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