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  1. Great layout. Game is totally hard. Q - What Is Mother Theresa's sister's uncles aunty's driving licence number? I've no chance LOL
  2. At least this game didn't succumb to the big name changes in the 's and 90's and end up being called 'Darts Snickers'....
  3. I'd second the 1990-94 suggestion.... 777-HEAVEN would be recognisable for the standard member of public in both the amusement arcade (seaside or city) and in the pubs at that time. If you've never seen a 777 HEAVEN, then you're either very young, or Stevie Wonder. CrazyPAYS and Sevens&MELONS are up there too.... ACE's 'PLAY IT AGAIN' would be a back-up choice. 2000 to 2005 I think 'Psycho Cash Beast' was the game to play. I'm sure someone will slap me down if I'm wrong about the year... 2010 original 'Deal or no Deal' Edmonds has to appear. If you look on YouTUBE, theres a couple of decent episodes of 'Noels House Party' to watch. Useful if we are pushing for recognisable games..
  4. Great looking layout and very nice to play. Can't beat these simple JPM legacy games. Thanks for this.
  5. Now I'm gonna scratch those old memory cells.... In it's dying years of being an arcade, I'm pretty sure it had a very small WIMPY burger restaurant as you entered the place on the left. The coin pusher machines in there had vouchers you could win that got you a free burger. Sandwiched between that place and Pastimes was another arcade thats long gone. But it's last years of life were awesome.... Back in the mid 1980's, I'd catch the 171 bus from Orchard Park here in Hull (50p return for kids). This arcade was fantastic. It had wall to wall video games. The coin entry of each game had some sort of retro-fitted button. As you walked in the arcade, you gave the woman at the coin desk 50p. She gave you a raffle ticket, and you got an hour in the arcade. All the video arcade games, because of the retro-fitted buttons, were on freeplay. You pressed the button and a credit was added. For a lad of 16, thats almost a day out for £1. That was my paper round earnings... Not only was Doc Brown faffing about with a Dolrean car back in 1985, I was systematically aiming to get my name on all the HI-SCORE's of all those video games.
  6. Old school card games. Looks teriffic pal. Thanks for this one
  7. Thanks for this. A lovely looking classic. Very nasty game though. But then, I have been playing hell bent on reaching the top feature. Love REDS and it's great playing them on the emulator. Cheers spa
  8. CompostCORNER

    Smash The Cash

    Can't beat some of those RED games. Cheers for this classic.
  9. Excellent looking layout. Thanks for this.
  10. i remember many many lost nights when i made my DX of this. Pixel perfect placing of the tri-coloured lamps (tri-colour lamps were the latest advancement in the emulator back then), I know the work Pook has had to do to make this look great. Just played a few bob in this and just like i remember, lots of 10's and 3's.... I suspect this has been loaded up to the point of being more than a happy layout. Blowing me off the feature board with only low wins possible, then a Jackpot spinning straight in. 3 times over the £50 i shoved in. A couple of £30 totals from the SUPERBREAKOUT feature (2 x £15). Has anyone seen the lock-up where the game kills your EXTRA LIFE off, then kills your EXTRA BALL off then freezes for like 10 seconds on your next HI-LO? It's like the game is thinking how best to kick you off the feature. Cheers for this one Dave. Top notch visuals of a game I remember well. PS:- Did this ever come out on £25 Jackpot? I somehow seem to think my first ever £25 jackpot on ANY machine was on this.
  11. Wow! You're having a go on Black Hole yes? This was an awesome machine. Withernsea trailer park, I spent all my hols in the arcade there as they had 2. Then they were gone... But Coney Island at Hull Fair, there were like 4 all in a row. Only MFME can bring back this game that had so many good memories for me. Wheres 'Echo'. I'm sure this was one of his all time faves....
  12. How are these coming along Dave? These are pretty cool games that I'm really looking forward to and knowing they are getting the 'Pook' treatment, I'm rather excited... There were 2 side by side in an arcade in Withernsea, on the Holderness coast (I'm sure Dad will concur). That same arcade is pretty much a flea market now. Selling shite but if you look around the place, theres still signs not only left from the old arcade, but they are still lit and operational. A nice ambient distracton if you are out looking for some discounted Tenna Lady and out of date pork scratchings...
  13. There was one of these in SUNSPOT here in Hull. I was skint and for some unknown reason, I had a 5 peseta coin (Spanish currency before t'euro...) and got 2 games, and got the jackpot... A whole £1. But back then, that covered the price of a pint and a burger. Thanks for this one. Great layout
  14. CompostCORNER

    party animal

    Hope you wore a condom pal Poorer quality pics never used to be such a big problem. There used to be a few good artists on the scene that used to do redraws from scratch. DX'ers who could redraw were awesome. See if you can find Mike's redraw of 'SILVER SHADOW'. It was a lost machine brought back from the dead by someone good at redrawing. I think even Reg had some input on this. Even today, it's one of my top 10 games of all time on the emulator. A fine game brought back from the dead because of the skill of people.
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