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  1. Excellent layout. Looks great. I selected the £5 JP 20p Play and it's very entertaining. Thanks for this one.
  2. Just enjoyed a good half hour on the 20p Play £200 JP and I'm enjoying the happy ram. Reading your notes Mort, I think I'm gonna have a bash on the 10p £100 JP if this is happy too. I'm not a clubber fan but over the years, I've started to have a dabble on these games. Especially seeing as some clubbers have a £100 jackpot and that is the norm these days with pub machines. I seem to think that this game held a lot of memories for so many scene members too so I have to see what the fuss is about. Thanks for a great layout chaps.
  3. I've never been a fan of clubbers but this isn't bad. I HAD to have a go seeing as this particular game is held so fondly by so many on the scene. It seemed very happy from the start. £20 in, and a £190 jackpot from going around the super board which was quite fun. It did go dead after that but I have only played £50 through it. Anyway, cheers for this. A rather fun game to play that I reckon I'll go back to.
  4. Nice and clear. Well done!! Hard to believe once upon a time laptops were considered good if they ran a 'Classic' layout. Then you had decent kit if you could run a layout higher than 1024. Who's gonna be the first to create an 8K layout
  5. Cheers Very nice layout.
  6. Great layout. Looks very neat. Cheers
  7. Cheers. A very nice looking layout.
  8. Mighty fine classic this one. Not a bad game but throws those X-X-X features in to scupper the force. Many thanksfor this release.
  9. Fantastic layout Dave. Quite a good game too. Thanks for this...
  10. A good effort from limited resources. Well done. My only criticism, and constructive criticism at that, because youve done fantastic with this one, and I'm not exactly creating stuff right now, if I'm experienced and qualified enough to make such an observation, so just ignore if i'm not, is that the machine looks like it's falling forward. When I started out making layouts, I'd get tips from other guys who had mastered Photoshop/Paintshop. The advice would be so valuable in the next layout I'd make. Resource wise, you can only do so much with resources if the images are not so clear. Some of the layouts I made years ago, the images were poor but I'd try and get as much as I could out of them... Gaining resources... I'd be sat on the beach at Scarborough, with my zoom camera, trying not to look like some sort of sex pest HA HA, and take photos of machines in the arcades some 30 or 40 metres away across the road. Obviously the photos were all over the place. photos of machines on angles, not straight on. But shoving them into Photoshop, angled images could be straightened. I actually downloded the dark version. Thats my personal preference as I can see the lamping better. Anyway, enough of me going on lol.. Thanks for this. A pretty good layout of a nice old school game. I look forward to your next layout
  11. Nice layout. Thanks
  12. I found a couple of 'SYS1' PLAY IT AGAIN set at 10p with a £3 Blue 7's £3 Red 7's that paid £6 if they were boxed in Bridlington. Had a simple 7 seg LED display rather than the Sp.ACE display. It did pay well on the lines. I think these games still gave the premium wins that the old 20p versions gave. As for the old Sp.Ace display... Theres ticket machines in the clubs in the North England around Grimsby and Hull that seem to use the old Sp.Ace dot matrix display. But they seem to be circular LED's rather than the square ones we have in the Emulator. Class layout. Many thanks for this.
  13. Done a class job on this one. Looks awesome!! Cheers
  14. Was there an exploit on this game that gave a guaranteed repeat on the top feature? I'm sure the legacy scener and old chap Mr 'Degsy Degsworth' wrote a piece about how to take advantage of the 'Pie Factory' some years ago.... NIce colourful layout. Many thanks for this
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