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  1. Thanks for this one. Quite enjoying this game. I messed up but actually I didn't mess up..... I had the special nudge feature with the RED bars flashing. Guaranteed jackpot.... and stupidly nudged the GREEN bars landing the £2 win. Next spin, BLACK bars for £1. Next spin GREEN bars for £2. Next spin BLUE bars for £5, then next spin RED bars for £15. So £25 from a sort of streak instead of a straight £15 on RED bars... Was messing up the right thing to do? I met this chap here in Hull about 10 to 15 years ago working in a factory unit re-glassing Party Time and casino type machines. The new glasses had operator specific branding on for like 'Nobles' and 'Teddies'. He had a room full of machines he had re-glassed with MAB branding on. He said MAB were once based in Hull. Not sure if he was just having a laugh but he hinted he was part of the team. When Greeze sent me his roms for his 'SUPATRACK' machine, it was this guy 'Tony', who ripped the roms onto a CD for me to share with the scene. Was MAB Hull based or was he talking shite...?
  2. Errm... its brutal on 25p £5 Jackpot. £35 in for the first jackpot........
  3. Thanks for this one Going for the 25p £5 version as I have a feeling that although I'll become very poor very quickly, I suspect theres some decent game play on that stake.
  4. Nickelodeon on 2p play? I'd love to see that one. I think I've done Nickelodeon at least 3 times. One of the first layouts I made. Hence the 3 versions.
  5. Cheers for this. Looking good. I recall my mum playing 'Silver Shadow' and 'Golden Steppa' back when I was a nipper. Yep, even old bastard Compost was a nipper once. It was fun to watch when the bonus 20p reel would spin. Then she'd move on to some god awful mechs that paid out in Green Shield stamps. And I'd get a clip around the ear for not only moaning about how boring the Green Shield machines were, but the fact I'd blown a 50p roll of 1p coins less than 5 minutes on those Brenco 'BANKER' machines.... There was an ACE game called 'Find the Lady' where the feature had 3 playing cards on the top glass would randomly flash. You could collect the 5p win but if you chose to gamble, If you selected the one that was lit last out of the 3 playing cards, you got a whopping 15p payout. Those were the days!!
  6. Cracking layout. Thanks for this one pal. Never played or even seen this on 10p Play £4 Jackpot.
  7. Similar memories for me. But in Blackpool, around the same time 1986. Was at the 'Lucky Star' arcade which was a stones throw from the South Pier and not far from the Pleasure Beach. Infact, Blackpool's 'Sandcastle' was brand spanking new and also close by. 'Simon Bates' was on the Radio 1 Roadshow during our week there. Also, there was a kiosk on the prom from The Sun newspaper giving away free copies of the paper. Linda Lusardi was in attendance signing papers and posing with dads that had brought cameras. Is a nice game this one and looks fantastic too. We do have a similar game called MoneyTRAPPER set on 10p £4 JP. Both play identical games. Thanks for this one Ginge
  8. Cracks you up? You should spend an hour down my house. My other half and step-son from Leeds, they take the piss out of me saying 'rode' which is ROAD, 'narn' which is NINE, and 'farve' which is FIVE. Yet the pair of em come out with 'won' which is ONE and 'moff ta shop' which is I'M NIPPING TO ASDA FOR RUM n COKE as if it's gods own language. There is definitely a communication barrier here. Pair of sarcastic shits...
  9. Thats awesome!! Laughing at the 61 seconds on the nudges.... So, I suspect these 'modified' roms aren't downloadable from anywhere but I'd like to have a look at how these affect gameplay. Plus play just for fun. Any chance of sharing? Here in Hull, we had an arcade called 'Sunspot' and according to the manager, this place was compensated for losses on fruit machines. It was actually a real arcade that had new machines for joe public to play. A sort of test place. I used to be able to empty ACE's Grand Prix here. Every Friday night, my funds for going around Hull on the lash were significently improved with a vist to Sunspot and playing Grand Prix. These things used to go for a full £50 streak. If i remember correctly, all cash too.so it was £50 cash, and a shed load of tokens that I won on the way during that streak. The old Bell Fruit 'NUDGE QUICK' mechs in there used to accept Spanish coins. My hols to Benidorm before the likes of Stick Vicky and Wookie Hollow kareoke nights, I'd collect the (i think 5 pesetas coin that worked like a UK 10p) to use in UK machines.... I did get my comeuppance when I won a £1 jackpot to find half the coins were spanish lol. I doubt I was the only one fiddling the machines back in the very early 80's with foreign coins. They also had a BFM LOOTSHOOT on 10p play that would give you 2 games for 1 UK 5 pence coin down the token slot as the token coin entry was bent to hell...
  10. Wow! This has come along leaps and bounds. Even works on my basic Lenovo Ideapad 330S lappy although slightly slows down when I select a game to play. (CASH MATRIX.... SKILL will once again be doable if that's added ha ha)... Love the way that when you leave a machine you were playing, the reel symbols stay faithful to the last spin played. How does anyone create such fantastic things in their spare time? Chris with the emulator, and John Parker with this. In my spare time, I just about get time to jet wash the the patio. And I even fucked that up, sending the soil from the gaps in the paving all over the french doors. The other half ain't best pleased.
  11. My kinda game. And looking absolutely divine.... Cheers for this one Dave. A great start to the weekend for me and I reckon a few hours of my life lost to this fab release.
  12. Yeah you're right. But..... Isn't there a fruit machine called 'Take Your Pick'
  13. Great release Dave. These look awesome. Thanks for these. 3 Years is far too long for a release like this.... Tony
  14. Good job that the TV peeps and Des O'Connor didn't kick off about ACE's 'Open The Box'. What would that have been changed to? 'The Box That Opens'.... 'Opening The Square Thingy'... Need to create a thread where we list fruit machine names that if there were legal challenges to the name, what would they be changed to. I reckon that would be fun.
  15. Great layout. Cheers for this one.
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