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  1. Not a problem will pm you after work for details.
  2. Not sure if this one is 40 odd years old or from 17502 years in the future
  3. Thank you all contributors to this thread some excellent old JPM's here.
  4. Many happy memories of my old man's speccy as a lad. Have sent him the link
  5. Welcome to the community your in good hands here things have really advanced on the MFME front.
  6. I wouldn't hold your breath mate thought it might be worth pumping up the cash pots to see if it loosens up a bit, higher than 11s wins down low but lower thans 11s certainly doesn't up the top end.
  7. Maygay Pink Panther Club full £250 cash-pot and £250 reserve. Thanks to: Pook for his DX Reg and contributors in this thread here Chopaholic for his auto play video and all his other AWP video's for re-lighting the fruity fire PinkPantherClubDX.rar
  8. Thank you for another quality DX. QPS must of sacked there audio department for this one sounds like Pacman, Cashlab ans another machine I cant not remember the name of all mashed into one
  9. Love the Pinky Panther Mr Pook. Thank you
  10. Thank you for the feedback, only had a quick play and it seemed to work okay will have a more in depth look later on.
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