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  1. Not a problem will pm you after work for details.
  2. Rpidemon

    Round the Bend

    Thank you Andy
  3. Great work as always Mr C
  4. Not sure if this one is 40 odd years old or from 17502 years in the future 😂
  5. Rpidemon

    JPEMU Conversions

    Thank you all contributors to this thread some excellent old JPM's here.
  6. Rpidemon

    A4 DIF Advert - Crash 2019

    Many happy memories of my old man's speccy as a lad. Have sent him the link 😎
  7. Rpidemon

    After a few years away....

    Welcome to the community your in good hands here things have really advanced on the MFME front.
  8. Rpidemon

    Maygay Pink Panther Club

    I wouldn't hold your breath mate 😋thought it might be worth pumping up the cash pots to see if it loosens up a bit, higher than 11s wins down low but lower thans 11s certainly doesn't up the top end.
  9. Maygay Pink Panther Club full £250 cash-pot and £250 reserve. Thanks to: Pook for his DX Reg and contributors in this thread here Chopaholic for his auto play video and all his other AWP video's for re-lighting the fruity fire 💥 PinkPantherClubDX.rar
  10. Rpidemon

    Cash 'N' Burn DX - QPS - Scorpion 4

    Thank you for another stella DX.
  11. Rpidemon

    FLASHBACK - Early skill empty ROMs

    Muchas gracias Chopaholic
  12. Rpidemon

    Powerball DX - QPS - Scorpion 4

    Thank you for another quality DX. QPS must of sacked there audio department for this one sounds like Pacman, Cashlab ans another machine I cant not remember the name of all mashed into one 🤯
  13. Rpidemon

    Pink Panther Club DX - Maygay - M1A/B

    Love the Pinky Panther Mr Pook. Thank you
  14. Rpidemon

    JPM Club Red Alert

    Thank you for the feedback, only had a quick play and it seemed to work okay will have a more in depth look later on.