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  1. wearecity

    Fruit emu

    I agree, he hasn't been well, so maybe he can't be arsed at the moment with it. As for the download sections, well I don't think that will ever change, unless MFME v19 and beyond is allowed to be hosted at fruit-emu. I know that is something that definitely irked him. It's quite possibly why he won't allow anyone else to make the changes either. EDIT...at the moment, it's working for me, albeit, slightly slower than normal.
  2. Nice layout. I see they even left their take on what a Monopoly soundtrack would sound like. So definitely it looks like they just lost the license to use the name. Pretty standard stuff as per the £25 and £35 versions, but I do like the gameplay on these.
  3. Reg released a classic of Snakez a few years back. Search the forum for Snakez and you'll find it. The other one no layout.
  4. Looks great, shift F3 mode is perfect for these sort of devices and others that can be used in portrait mode. Definitely a hidden gem, for those who don't read release notes.
  5. One of my regular playing companions from the late 80s until mid 90s was female. Her boyfriend wasn't impressed even though it was strictly all about the fruitys between us. I must say that unlike now where plenty of females are addicted to online gambling in particular, there wasn't many females to chat too in the London town arcades, unless they were staff. Unless I'm mistaken, I think we only have 1 female member who is a regular around FME.
  6. You did well to definitely keep yourself to yourself. Thankfully in all the years of playing in and around Central London, I only had the robbery in Lewisham I talked about in another thread and a couple of warnings about kicking, hitting machines.
  7. Playing machines on Brixton High Street and I thought I was brave playing in Lewisham.
  8. I do like a Christmas Day release. Myself I've three in WIP. Cash in the Pan is going to remain uncompleted unless I get a picture as I know my layout of the machine wrong, after getting the top feature. Also I need to see what several lamps have on them. Holy Smoke is progressing slowly as I can't get the middle board in particular as I'd like. I might just make it as close as I can as it's mute anyway and if sounds appear a DX could be done, with the artwork. Red Gaming's Double Bubble. If I could get a picture of it, I'm sure it'll be done. Like Top Dollar, It doesn't appear to follow any of the standard Red Gameplay, so whilst lamps are indentified, I'm stumped.
  9. Looking at the picture posted here, possibly one of our wonderful DX'rs, could manipulate and use that image for a DX or a redraw. Glad you enjoyed doing it. When in the mood, I really enjoy trying to create the glass decals as close as possible. It's quite addictive once you start, but can be mind numbing and take over your life for the week or two you are working on it.
  10. Very nice classic layout, of a machine I've heard requested many times, so I'm sure you've made some members day. I like the style of the layout, you've done a very good job of replicating the graphics. Hopefully like I did when discovering more about the tools, you'll be keen to use them in this way again and look at other bits and pieces you can do with them. It's actually quite amazing what you can do with them, if you think out of the box.
  11. There's so much in the tools, it would be impossible to know everything. But I do like to see hints and tips where things could be done better. I'd love someone to do a guide on how to create a disc reel, both in classic and DX style. I just can't get my head around it. We can just adapt to what we learn from creating and experimenting.
  12. It looks like several of these £100 Reflex and Betcoms were on Scorp 5 and Scorp 6. I wonder what benefits Scorp 6 brings to them, other than perhaps more security. Played this some more to force out the jackpot and mega streak. I like the way you have done the red reels on this one, not easy when the reels have a black background.
  13. Very strange. Long shot, but possibly Windows 10 pro could be the issue. Can any other users confirm they have it running on Windows 10 pro. Other than that, try it without windows defender and any virus programs active. Make sure your graphic and audio drivers are up to date and if you have more than 1 audio source, i.e HDMI via monitor/tv and separate speakers, try both sources.
  14. Great stuff. I wonder if the middle flashes and or goes red as well.
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