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  1. Not going to spoil it, but v v v v v nice.
  2. View File Wet N Wild - New Edition A new version of Wet N Wild, based on this picture of the machine. Submitter wearecity Submitted 20/03/19 Category Mazooma  
  3. I think they may be confusing here with fruit-emu.
  4. One day hopefully Pook, one day
  5. Not quite sure this is in the right section of the forum. You may have seen it by now but the layout has been updated at fruit-emu. Fingers crossed the sound turns up at some point.
  6. I like the theme tune to Interceptor. Good idea for a program, I like the cat and mouse idea. Hart to Hart, so cheesy but definitely a favourite of mine. Got the first couple of series on DVD. Watched others on YouTube but they keep getting taken down. Stephanie Powers, I reckon is as sweet in real life as her character.
  7. Think the download section has confused me lol, so here's the picture of the machine used to create the layout and the layout screenshot itself. Also Crackman font required is in the zip file.
  8. View File Pacmania Classic Pacmania, a Scorpion 4 tech machine by Mazooma. Keys - ` = Cancel, 1-3 Holds 1 to 3, S=Stop/Collect, E=Exchange for Feature, Space = Start/Gamble. C = Take Cash, F=Take Feature, P=Take Prize, 0= Insert £1. Thanks to Wizard for the emulator. Thanks to whoever provided the roms. Thanks to the author of the Crackman font used. Thanks to Vecs for the overlaid Pacman symbol reels. Thanks to Mazooma for the machine and leaving FME alone. Submitter wearecity Submitted 25/02/19 Category Mazooma
  9. One I never played in the arcade, but played the 8 bit and 16 bit versions a hell of a lot. Wizard is about to die... Surely is one of the most well known sounds from video games of the 80s.
  10. Thanks Reg for your comments It's appreciate that you understand the effort that has gone into it. Yes the tools are really powerful when you play around them and v19 has improvements as well and I will release a v19 version, with minor improvements once it's released. I definitely tried to capture as much detail as possible of the real machine, just a shame I don't have a full image of the glass and the tiny picture available of the machine I have, doesn't represent the final machines look. Not sure if this is the style I'll be doing all the time. My only other definite for release WIP is Pacmania and that is already in this style, as it was due to be released before Top Gears, but I'm still working on the cards and I already had the cards I previously made for my original Top Gears classic. As for time, well because I had the cards made already and the original classic layout, it's taken probably about 10-12 hours. A lot of time, is spent running your eye over the glass numerous times as your eyes tend to catch the main detail and the little details are spotted sometimes after the 3rd or 4th scan over. Then I find myself repositioning things, several times. Once you get used to the tools I reckon you could probably shave quite a bit of time off. Eventually you have to say to yourself, that's enough, you can't do anymore.
  11. View File Top Gears - Press F3 Edition Here's a much updated Top Gears Classic Layout. An update to the previous version because I've learned quite a bit more about the creation tools. Called F3 edition, because you'll probably need to play in Full Screen Borderless mode to see some of the text as it's rather tall. Re-created from the attached picture, I've tried to be as accurate as the tools and my design skills allow. Scorpion 4 machine by Mazooma set on 30p play £15 Jackpot. Shortcuts. £1 - 0 , Cancel - `, Holds 1-3, Collect - C, Run For Your Money - R, Exchange - E, Start - space, Hi - H, Lo - L, Take Feature -F, Take Cash - T, Take Prize - P Thanks to Wizard for MFME. Thanks to the clipart artist/s, for the cars on the card flip reel. Thanks to Vectra for putting the overlays on the reel symbols. Thanks to whoever uploaded the roms. Thanks to whoever sold the glass on ebay to get some idea of the layout. Submitter wearecity Submitted 21/02/19 Category Mazooma  
  12. Thanks to all involved. A rare clubber I quite like playing for real.
  13. Another interesting video and another trick/emptier I didn't know about (not that I knew any ever lol). I was screaming at the screen, when you had those nudges and you already had the feature symbol on the 3rd reel, but nudged it away and you got all confused lmao.
  14. Regarding Teletext TV, we used to rent a tv from Radio Rentals back in the 70's and 80's, possibly even into the early 90's, because we couldn't afford to buy a TV outright and any repair bills. One advantage, except free repairs, they always had new technology to try and never cost anything more than 50p a week or so more. So like we had a video recorder very early on, we had a teletext tv in the very late 70's or early 80's. Me and my brother even pre teenage years, thought it was well cool and even used to watch for the updates to FSTE index lol. Later it was for the football, waiting for the half times to come through etc, or the update page notification coming up when a goal went in. I had a TV card for the PC up until the early 2000's as well for the telextet, being able to have multiple pages of latest footy scores open at the same time, was the best way to keep up, as I didn't have Sky and Soccer Saturday to watch. Used it until the BBC etc...started to have vidiprinters on the web.
  15. Thanks for the shout out. As this DX is back in the frame, I need to say at this point, I woefully underestimated the work that Richy put into completing the DX. I never felt right about putting my name to the DX because I didn't do it completely by myself, which is why I didn't put it on the DX caption or notes. Then after release, Richy contacted me via PM. End of it all, I felt bad and apologised and straighten things out with Richy in PM's as I didn't mean to offend. I am pleased to say, I did do the classic myself and was very happy with it.
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