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  1. Happy New Year everyone. Not been around much, not a 5 day hangover, but I find January and February horrible bleak months, so it takes me a while to get back into the swing of things.
  2. The overall highlight is easily the release of MFME V5. Favourite layout, too many to say. A personal highlight from my FME timeline, was finishing my first layout after being around for 16 years or so, thanks to Reg putting up his guide.
  3. The C64 was by far the best for 8 bit music. Some stunning tunes. Love listening to slay radio. The Spectrum was OK, but not a patch on the C64. I do remember though discovering on the Spectrum, you could play the tunes through the tape deck you loaded the games through. That took it up a notch, although the adults in the house, weren't so impressed with Jet Set Willy or Manic Miner repeating for the hundredth time at high volume.
  4. Not wishing to bring all this up again, but fruit-emu is doing some weird shit right now. Trying to access the site and I keep getting a download file only.
  5. The answer is no it can't be slowed down or sped up.
  6. We've seen some real cracking layouts today. I do like a lot MPS2 machines, IMO, better than a lot of the stuff that was around at the same time.
  7. Have a happy christmas everyone. Been a quiet one for me, still feeling a bit crap and sadly not booze related.
  8. Thanks for the resize, hopefully sound roms will appear one day. As I said on the original release, played this on a £5 jackpot before, which was still enjoyable. A machine that can pay big on the lower feature for a quick profit.
  9. Thanks very much for this, heard it mentioned quite a few times since FME became a thing. Finally we get to enjoy (well hopefully) it.
  10. Another great looking layout. Merry Christmas to you.
  11. Great stuff, not had a proper go yet, but looks excellent.
  12. I've given up trying to lose significant weight, I now try to maintain my weight, although I'm probably a stone over what I ideally would like. As I've got older, I think, there's a balance between enjoying life and eating, drinking what you want and keeping it under control to still hopefully live a long life, rather than having lifestyle caused health issues. For New Year resolution, probably take a tighter grip on my finances, so I can kick on towards my retirement in 6 or 7 years. Again getting the balance right between having as much fun now, but still being able to really enjoy retirement without worrying about money.
  13. Merry Christmas and thanks to you for your continued work on MFME.
  14. Just dropping in here to say Happy Christmas to you and your family Degsy.
  15. Sounds, like your family have had it worse than me. I think, I'm finally through it, just a bit of throat clearing needed now and then, but it's dragged on and on. Just hope to be alright for when I'm off over Christmas and New Year.
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