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  1. Found the post where Ploggy mentions this over at The Mecca. https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/17887-gauging-opinion-on-a-new-mfme-release/&do=findComment&comment=282692
  2. wearecity


    So you like random numbers then lol
  3. I like FME firsts. Two in 2 days. Can Tommy make it a hattrick lol.
  4. View File Chock's Away A Maygay machine on £15 Jackpot 30p Play 82% This layout is mute. Didn't want to spend huge amounts of time on this one, because of the lack of sounds and high res images to work with. But it's functional and works, so if resources do turn up, a DX hopefully can be made quicker. It uses the reel symbols from Homers Meltdown, I did the boxes around some of the symbols and tried to make the white boxes a bit thicker so they can be seen better. KEYS: £1 = 0 Cancel = `, Holds 1 = 1, Hold 2/hi = 2, Hold 3/Lo = 3 Collect = C, Exchange = E, Start = Space, Bonus = B, Nudges = N, Cash = H, Features = F Thanks to Wizard for MFME, The rom provider, The Homers Meltdown reel provider, Innfection for images used. Submitter wearecity Submitted 17/09/19 Category Maygay  
  5. wearecity


    Mine came from my love for my footy team Manchester City. It's a name I used on the internet and for email before FME. When FME started we had just come out of our really dark days of the 3rd tier. Thought about changing it a few times through the years, to have a fresh start in FME, but never have and not likely to now either.
  6. This is an interesting release particular with regards, the dot matrix. Another first for FME. I seem to remember a while back (I think it was Ploggy), mentioning about some M1a/b machines having one. So there probably are some other ones as well. At least Francome is not as annoying as Frankie Dettori.
  7. John I'm glad you weren't into FME years ago, there was too much shit going on and I could see from your style of posts, you'd have been in the thick of it. I don't mean that nastily but you're better off not having made some of the posts, I know you would have and now having to think back on it, with probably some regret. It was easy to forget in the early days of the Internet and forums, that behind that username is a real person. Thankfully people are older and wiser now and FME is a much nicer place to be.
  8. Never seen this before myself. Not had a chance to download it, please tell me it doesn't feature Francome's voice though.
  9. That was entertaining to watch, particularly the £20 game. Glad I never got involved with these machines, back in the day, I wonder if they would even be allowed today.
  10. wearecity

    Mfme on a TV

    I'm not sure you're getting it lol Plug one end of a hdmi cable into hdmi output on laptop/pc. Plug other end of cable into TV hdmi input. Switch TV to whichever hdmi input you plugged the cable in. You should then see your desktop on the TV. If not, there maybe a message on your laptop/pc it should say something about displaying your desktop on the external display and whether you want it showing on both screens, one screen or as a dual split screen. You still use your laptop/pc mouse and keyboard to open mfme and play. The TV just acts as a monitor. If you don't have an hdmi port on your laptop/pc, you can still connect with an older style vga cable if your TV has an input for it (usually it says pc input or vga).
  11. After a slightly dodgy restart where perhaps there was some mistrust, we do seem to have settled down very nicely in FME land, with minimal bumps along the way. I've always said though even though I've had disagreements with many over the years, I'd still have sat down for a beer with anyone in FME land at anytime. I've spoken to many of you guys, longer than I have to 90% of people who I still have contact with IRL.
  12. There's likely be a button on the TV itself to turn it off and on, but possibly awkward to get too. I have my PC connected to an Android Sony TV. I have to put mine on and off standby by pushing the standby button on my TV remote. Not sure if it's possible for a TV to come out of standby if it senses a connection coming alive. Mine does default to the last connection though. As to the original question, if you've got the space and want as big as then I'd go for a 4k TV. Much cheaper for much bigger and the picture quality IMO is just as good. Sound might be a bit weak, but a lot of tv's now have offers of a free sound bar.
  13. wearecity


    No it was released for MFME ages ago, here it is, updated for v6.1 onwards. The Maverick.zip
  14. I remember some of the Bell Fruits on scorpion 1/2 techs, with similar top boards, would go up and down from £100 to £10 then back up and down several times, until it gave one way or the other. Not sure if many people actually set a target when they got on the top board, on these machines or just went all out. On the emulator with the Bell Fruits, I always push for the jackpot when I played them.
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