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  1. Andrew

    That's all folks!

    Keep up the great great work Dave, the re releases are of A++ quality and have been outstanding to play on mate i look forward to the next chapter of the pook story mate!!! Many thanks once again.
  2. i remember playing one of these when i was a kid
  3. an all time great, thanks dave
  4. yikes, lots of these types about when i was a kid, Rat race/win a gain/gold mine/surprise etc etc yet another great layout pook
  5. congrats people, a work of art it is
  6. Banker was always the go to machine as a kid, great to have the clone of it thanks dave
  7. Another one from the golden era of fruity days, your work astounds me Dave thx very much.
  8. Never thought i would see this again, very fond memories of this machine thxs
  9. lol does it mean you are old if you can remember playing one of these as a nipper??? well may have been 5 or 6 thanks again dave.
  10. oh wow, this nearly bought a tear to my eye thanks very much dave
  11. Another classy barcrest from back in the day, great work and much appreciation for this one, thank you.
  12. Thanks Reg great work and appreciated as always.
  13. Ahhh great machine this thanks Andy
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