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  1. It's a great DX this but is it really 20p a play with that award card? If memory serves it was 10p? Nonetheless I loved this era of Barcrest fruit machine and Viz was great fun to play on any stake Cheers Dave
  2. The JPM Fairground Coconut Shy trick was like this. The guy testing it had to get all 6 different wins in normal play for his test script and it was taking him ages to get a jackpot. So he got the software engineer to put a button code in so he could get one more easily and make sure it paid out correctly (it was when they did the £8 token software and £10 all cash). The piece of code got left in and the rest is history
  3. In the game manager you can click the Tech tab to order the games according to the technology used, which in most cases will give you all the manufacturers in one group, apart from the rebuild companies which used multiple techs. Or, when you've got a game open you can go into the Design tab, select edit mode, and then when you go into the Config tab you'll be able to change the second caption box to whatever you like
  4. Yeah there was a 2p version in one of my local arcades, and by Christ it was boring to play! Thank God the 5p/10p ROMs turned up (The smileys are massive now)
  5. I remember Marie2003 or someone like that from years back. I know she did PCP Cash Smash and several others. I'll have a look on FE... Cheers for including me on the list
  6. Some of those games mentioned in the OP sound like they might be Dutch and unemulated, which might make finding them tricky...
  7. I remember Maygay's M1a Coronation Street being top of the charts in the back of Coinslot for weeks on end back in the day. I think @A:E did a fabulous DX of it many years ago which still looks amazing even today. That would be a good DX to showcase - 1996 I think it was. Well-known brand, lots of units sold, instantly recognisable. On that subject I recall Bell Fruit selling over 2000 units of their Eclipse Monopoly, as did Vivid with Pie Factory. They were all around the pubs. In terms of games that are memorable for innovation and popularity - orignal DOND, Roller Coaster, Psycho Cash Beast. So hard to pick only a few. You probably want to have a different manufacturer for each pic. Best of luck with the ad
  8. Fabulous stuff, and very much appreciated
  9. @Ginge - Welcome to the site By all means use my classic layout if you fancy doing a DX. There aren't many pics of Aladdins Cave beyond those that you posted, in fact there were practically none until 2 or 3 years ago when a machine miraculously turned up - I'd been waiting for years to see one again. I think it was Roger off the Mecca who ended up with it, but he sold it on a bit later and I don't know who bought it. That unit is very likely the only one left in existence. There's a guy called Steve Lancett on the Mecca who has a Masterspy and a Bars of Gold; he's a top bloke and would probably be able to sort you some decent pics of those two games if you asked him nicely. If memory serves I think someone (might even be Steve Lancett again) has a brand new kit for Masterspy still in the box (or at least they did a while back) and that might be a better option for decent quality images, especially reel bands than Aladdins Cave. Either way help yourself to any of my Aladdins Cave, Masterspy and Bars of Gold layouts if you fancy having a crack - there's plenty of chaps on here who will be happy to help you along the way
  10. I remember Crack the Egg and I think there's a pic somewhere but a layout was never done for it. There was Tuppenny Cracker and Smash and Grab though, which have been done. Might need an older version of MFME though
  11. 3 Frog Hops and still change out of £100
  12. That's some collection you've got there - some real gems in amongst that lot
  13. I remember these Spanish machines quite well. They had panascopic 'reels' which projected the image of a fruit into a panel, probably to get around some Spanish law of the time about having reel-based gaming machines. I went to Tenerife on holiday as a kid back in '87 or '88 and they were in abundance in the resort bars and whatnot. There was one in the hotel I stayed at called Limon y Baby - 3 'reels' with a window above which every now and then would display a fruit which you could swap for one of the symbols in the reels - a novel way of getting around the nudge patent and similar to Project Coin's Sevens Above and the like. There were also two 'apple trails' which filled up over time to award the player 500 pesetas or something like that. My brother and I would wait for a trail to be near the top and then play them out. We were only 9 or 10 at the time! These games used to streak as well for 2-3000 pesetas, which was £15-£20 back then. You have to be seriously into fruits in an unhealthy way to remember details like that when you're that age but well, there you go eh? Might try and see if I can find any more info
  14. MPS2. It was pretty atrocious compared to the original MPU3 version. Used to go stone-dead for ages and then pay 2 or 3 jackpots fairly close to each other. The £2.40 jackpot value didn't help either. Great pics Amot - many thanks once more
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