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  1. Didn't Only Fools and Horses have a 'license to trade' or something? It came after Cops & Robber's Informer, but wasn't that far behind. The 1st 'red board' i saw (i.e you know JP is guaranteed as soon as you start the feature) was it's a knockout, followed closely by all those similar era Maygays - Trivial Pursuit, Great Escape... Totally agree - seemed very weird. Maybe the code/concept was licensed out, or resold.
  2. Noted, since enabled 2 step verification. Thanks for your hard unpaid work on this.
  3. Had a request for some high-res scans of Sonic's £8 jackpot decals, which i did, so if anyone else also wants a copy then let me know how i can upload them here, or just PM me. 2x TIFF files, 52Mb each. One from above, the other from below. Not sure what the file size limit is, but i can't see TIFF in the list of supported file types on here. £8 is obviously the best jackpot on this one ;)
  4. From memory, this had the bands instead of reels?
  5. Skegness Funland had a Hot X Run and Little Devils side by side in the late 90's - they were the 1st Astra style cabinet games i can remember, before Astra really took off and became the default in most arcades. Looked very stylish and great audio.
  6. monkeyboypaul

    Match It?

    i mean there are so many easy ones out there to choose from, not that the ones in this thread were easy! I read myself back and it sounded pompous!
  7. monkeyboypaul

    Match It?

    no worries - i prefer this thread format! So many easy ones, i prefer the obscure stuff.
  8. How did you make those connections?? That's pretty obscure, so A+ for effort.
  9. I'm not familiar with many of the RED or QPS games - mostly stopped playing after £15jps... mostly...
  10. Oh yes, we had piles of them at work! Editing for the Telly really opened my eyes to music rights... And by 'opened my eyes' i'm referring to the Clockwork Orange method of having ones eyes held open by force.
  11. I'd love to hear any anecdotes from those dealing with licensing on this topic. Feels like a young programmer working at JPM back then just said "I like this track, let's use that." Mr JPM to Mark & Neil (who're probably their mates): "How about £100 for the rights to use 20seconds of your 'music' on this fruit machine?" (that's about 20 ecstasy pills in 90's rave culture money, or 10 each) Mark & Neil: "go on then, cheers Geeza" Until someone can prove me wrong - this is exactly what happened.
  12. Must be just me then! i was only 2 when this came out, so i could be forgiven for not making the connection sooner, but just realised it was used on BFM's Surprise Surprize for nudges:
  13. Just stumbled on this - such blast from the past! Thank you. If only someone had the space version of this machine hidden away - that had some incredible audio. Black Hole or something..?
  14. I reckon that was a bored developer who valued their employment higher than releasing this audio into the wild... ...the chicken.
  15. I can't take credit for this, but someone posted a link on Facebook to this music track which unbeknownst to me was the source track for JPM's BigBucks gamble ladder - my favourite machine. I had no idea it was a 'real track'. It triggered all sorts of nostalgic memories and made me think if there are any other hidden nuggets locked in Fruit Machine code that wasn't so obviously ripped legally licensed from commercial music. Big Bucks 'gamble ladder' (about 25seconds onwards): Loads of 90's Maygays used sampled music to great effect, and they were often pretty obvious - Main feature on Coronation Street: ...Plus M-People for nudges, Simply Red for Hi-Lo gamble (i think), Pump up the Volume for Paper Round, Happy Hour for Rovers Return... Does this interest anyone else?? I'd be interested in the samples that you found either catchy or just really hard to track down. I'm also curious what the sample licensing deals were like, if they existed. Anyone know? For a big licence like Coronation street i doubt ITV would've let it through without copious legal agreements in place (i know ITV were a pain for licensing the recent Thunderbirds Pinball to HomePin), same for EastEnders with the BBC, but for original themes like Big Bucks it may not have been so obvious...
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