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  1. Everybody always talked about South Mimms (I think).
  2. I am also really sorry to have seen this, but can only agree how much it sucks that personal lives and hobbies can end up intruding on professional lives. A few years ago, I had to stop myself logging onto Facebook or using Whatsapp, and even taking my fitbit off, because these things were giving away how late I stayed up at night, and colleagues and managers were commenting on it regularly. Never mind the fact at the time I was struggling to sleep for whatever reasons, the stress and paranoia I was having, thinking about having to take off my watch and not read messages or react to notifications after 10pm at night just so I could go into work the next day without the comments. So sorry it came to this, @Chopaholic, really enjoyed all your content.
  3. Not visited since August... I've DM'd to see if I can bring him to the party.
  4. I'm sorting our attic out, and found something that may be of interest. Years ago, there was an old (and I mean OLD) fruit machine at the local tip being thrown away, they wouldn't let me take it, offer or not, but I did manage to obtain a piece of paper from it, a big A1 or A0 sheet, which is the schematic... and I just found it again. And it's STILL legible. So I got in touch with @Chopaholic first as I remembered watching his video about electro-mechanicals being added to MFME and sent him a quick video looking around it, and his advice was to get it on here and anyone who may be able to make use of it can let me know, and I'll send them closeup pics, and/or the schematic itself in the post. It's one more machine, it'd be interesting to see how it plays. Quick photo below:
  5. Ah, right, what I meant was where you EARN the invincibility through the 4 question marks, Spiker The Biker and Son of Dracula will do the game over sequence and then "resurrect", even saying "INVINCIBLE" on the Alpha, and continue the game, the only way out of the feature is to collect a prize. This is part of the point of the video, what people call "Invincible" modes, i.e a standard flash or red board, are NOT invincible and never have been, and having spoken to someone in the industry... they were NEVER guaranteed Jackpots or "Invincible" modes. However, Gold Strike will allow you to collect "Invincibility" through 4 question marks, as there's no "Game Over" squares the question marks are the only spaces that can kill you. If you land on one, it can possibly give you a True Skill mystery... and if you choose Game Over, it DOESN'T resurrect, despite the unlocked "Invincibility". I can't find any other example of this so far...
  6. Thanks for that Dougsta, I can totally understand Big Game, it was a similar kind of game. I'll take a look at Volcano. So that will just suddenly become invincible without some kind of trail / question mark collecting, i.e. no rhyme or reason to it?
  7. Just to give you a clue where this video is going.... there's no such thing as an "invincible" or "Guaranteed Jackpot" board, at least according to the manufacturers...
  8. Once you have the 4 question marks, hi-lo to go does still do the resurrection thing. It definitely doesn't kill you off.
  9. Sorry, I posted this as a reply to an old topic, and it probably should have been a new post. I'm just working on a YouTube video about this subject at the moment, and I wondered if perhaps the hive mind here would be able to help at all? Just looking for answers to the following questions if any of you know... The earliest machine with an "IM board" is thought to be Maygay's "It's a Knockout" (remembering this discussing from the good old days of Fruit Forums), do you know of anything earlier than that? Most "IM boards" will still allow you to kill yourself with skill stops to Game Over squares or collect smaller prizes rather than the jackpot, but are there any that will absolutely not let you take anything other than the JP or top feature? Apart from Ooh Ahh Dracula and Boulderdash, can you think of any others that will turn the Flashing mode OFF when you do something like use the Bonus during the feature? It seems strange that all the clones of The Simpsons (Homers Meltdown for example) will happily kill you off on an "IM board" on the mystery (usually hi-lo to go)... any others that do this? One example would be Empire's Bank Raid, which will do the same, yet made by a different company on a different tech! Apart from Clownin' Around and Ooh Aah Dracula Club, are there any machines that will just randomly turn "invincible" MID-FEATURE? On machines where you have the ability to gain "invincibility" (such as Spiker The Biker with 4 question marks), apart from Gold Strike are there any others where you can still "Game Over"? (Yes, I couldn't believe it either, but where Spiker and Son of Dracula will simply "resurrect" when "invincible", Gold Strike will allow you to kill yourself if you get a question mark with "true skill" and stop it on Game Over, even with the 4 question mark "invincibility"!) Hope some may know some of these answers....
  10. I'd like to echo Big J's words there, it's so lovely to know we've brought some joy to what must have been the toughest of days for Chris's family, that we've opened the door a little into our little corner of the internet and they can see what he did for us, and what he and his talents meant to us. I'll be totally honest, since reading the news on Sunday to this point, I have been sad and felt a tremendous sense of loss regarding Chris's passing, but I hadn't cried. Seeing the message from Chris's niece changed that. I don't mind admitting it. I feel better for letting it out.
  11. Chris, No amount of Thanks will ever be enough. You wrote an amazing piece of software that brought you, me, and everyone else to one place. It helped people battling addiction. It gave us happy feelings of nostalgia, and it gave us a never-ending stream of conversation that hasn't stopped for 20 years solid. It forged friendships between people who were unlikely to ever cross paths without you. No doubt about it, for us here you changed the World. Not many people can say they've done that. Sleep well, till we meet again. Ian
  12. If anyone wants, I'm using this as a profile picture on Facebook and here. Feel free to use too.
  13. Like Chopaholic, I felt the need to somehow say Thank You to Chris. This has really made me feel gutted that I fell away from the scene for so long. And as I write this now, I have to think there's one thing I haven't mentioned and I so wish I had now... not only am I grateful for his emulators and the enjoyment they brought to me, but for bringing this whole gang of us together in the first place. I've made some REAL friends as a result of FME, many of us would likely have NEVER crossed paths without the scene. And that's all thanks to Chris too.
  14. So sad to hear this news. RIP Chris, thank you for all the nostalgia and memories.
  15. My apologies, do you have a link at all? I did a search and found nothing on here.
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