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  1. Thanks Vecs. A Double Diamond Works Wonders !!!! For those too young to remember, here's a link to advert. Do they still make the stuff ??
  2. Thank you Vecs for 'Horn of Plenty'. Sounds like a title of a porn film !!!!
  3. Thanks very much for this release.
  4. WOW !!! what is this ?? never seen this one Tommy C. Definitely looking forward to playing this, should be fun. Take care and stay safe mate.
  5. Thank You, look forward to playing the Conga Wonga !!!!!
  6. Thanks Vecs for this fine release mate. Will look forward to playing this one.
  7. Thanks Vecs for this release mate, much appreciated.
  8. Call for the Arcade Manager Reg !!!!
  9. Thanks Tommy C for another fine release.
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