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  1. What a Kung Fu release Vecs. My num chucks are ready, my noodles are dangling and my Dim Sum is steaming. Look forward to playing this one. Thanks mate. Ricardo De Ponsa C/o. The Wong Fuk King Chinese Takeaway.
  2. Thanks Woodsy for a great release. Look forward to playing. Good constructive comments from Vecs there, nice one.
  3. Thank you Tommy C. Hope you and your family are well ? Look forward to playing this release. Regards Ricardo.
  4. Thanks again Vecs for this great release.
  5. Ooooooooooooooooh !!! That damn advert !!! Hey Vecs, this release is looking good, can't wait to have a go. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Pootis, never seen this one out in the wild.
  7. Thanks Woodsy for this release.
  8. Thanks Vecs. What's the difference between an egg and the Banker ?? You can beat an egg !! That reminds me of another joke ........
  9. Nice one Vecs, thanks very much mate.
  10. Thank you for this release and thank you to the original creator.
  11. Great stuff Woodsy, look forward to playing this release and many more. Thank you for all your hard work.
  12. Yes very true, glad to know you are Old Skool. Nice one. Take Care.
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