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  1. overlapping as well, think that's a first isn't it?
  2. Great looking layout. If anyone fancies doing a dx there are a few photos here Corn of the dead 2.zip
  3. did you know there is a setting in mfme to make the top right corner a hidden exit button? Think that will do the same as your X.rar file and is built in. decent looking front end, makes me want to try and get a scrap interplay cabinet just for mfme
  4. Gary


    If it’s a c65 I will give you £500 cash for it
  5. If anyone fancies taking this on then I will do better photos. Top glass has a fair bit of damage at the top though so not for a beginner. Got decals as well for all jackpots but no button legends or reels but can do close up of the win plan for them
  6. and what would they be worth now?
  7. Just a thought with the influx of new members whom this is being done for, would it be worth adding the roms to the layouts so they will work out of the box so to speak? At the moment if they download a layout they still have to find the right named roms to play the game. Us old hands would know what to do, but we would also know how to convert the old layout. Great work in converting them though, cant be a fun task
  8. Noticed that one a few social media groups and pages that people are doing a 50 credit challenge where they record their machines playing out 50 games and upload the videos. All the ones I have seen have been on real machines but thought we could do a mix of real machines and emulated. The only rules are 1) only 50 credits (no more, no less) 2) video must show all 50 games I have done a few on my t7 cabinet which I have uploaded to YouTube but links below Might do some community 50 credit challenges as well. Anyone else got any or fancy joining in?
  9. and is therefore 3 years old and not older than 3 years
  10. well actually I was wrong about the date on Olivers Twist, so no harm asking and if after looking into the release date I find its outside of the 3 year rule then up it comes
  11. Come back 1st Jan 2021 for 300 and unfortunately not for Willy Wonga
  12. It is a strange one that, as has been said shut down the emulator, reboot and it seems to clear it
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