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  1. Best way is to use the auto play feature in MFME then come back after a while
  2. Thanks @Geddy got it sorted. He's currently whinging that his treasure trail "is no way on 90%" - it's paid out like 55% from a ram clear. Clearly he doesn't know what he's doing. What a noob
  3. Not many about, maybe one or two approvals at best
  4. He's waiting for me to show him what to do lol
  5. Thanks for helping him mate. Ian is a bit clueless when it comes to the grand scheme of things computer wise. I've been helping him out with MFME. I dread to think what physical state his laptop is in due to lockdown, especially with all the old school machines I've shown him on here lol
  6. Fair points raised, I assumed it was due to only core files needing changed or similar
  7. Darts marathon rammo
  8. Guess you also tried Sfc /scannow As well? Big repairs via media creation tool can be a proper ball ache
  9. Click help at the top right, then click about, on the top right of the about box, there's a "check for updates" button. Click that and it'll download 19.8 for you
  10. Try repairing windows. Run this command in PowerShell as admin dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth Also as above, some manners would be nice
  11. Try disabling your anti virus and reinstalling MFME, then try Also sorry to state the obvious lol... you need to be online as well
  12. Make sure your pc has an intel i5 or better for optimal playing experience on the newer games
  13. I sometimes do, but playables seem far and few between, so usually have a few outings a year where some older stuff is with some mates
  14. No worries, did you get it sorted?
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