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  1. slasher

    Bar Xtra

    This is actually my picture from an EAG show lol
  2. slasher

    Bar Xtra

    Yes mate, they did a reel king version of it I think. Both flopped
  3. Yes mate, 100% will be your laptop. That one belongs in a museum now
  4. You'd be surprised how many would go higher than a 6 in real life for that extra 20p!
  5. Played one of these in real life
  6. You've basically repeated what @wearecity has said.. I've told him to try logging in and go from there.
  7. Yeah, monitors don't exactly photograph very well, so have to use your imagination a bit.
  8. Looks decent. We seem to be having Happy Hour overdose here. Posh git with bog roll, and Trump to wipe your trump marks away!
  9. Is that the sound of the toilet I heard... that pint got flushed... thankfully it was only fosters
  10. Smashing stuff! Wasn't having a dig so glad it's not been taken that way!
  11. I know you said the £s were to add, what about the p at the side of the values? I'm guessing you include them when you said £s lol
  12. He's posted an apology on dad's as well
  13. Quite like the contrast to be honest. Better than rusty blue anyway!
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