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    Great looking old clubber from Bellfruit today in the shape of Monte Carlo Club. Thanks go to @Stuart who supplied photos of the machine, @hitthesix & @Clo06 for classics, @fruitsnappa for testing & @Wizard for MFME. ****************************************** Monte Carlo Club DX ****************************************** Released - 2020 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - Bellfruit Stake - 10p Jackpot - £100 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter £1 9 - Enter 20p 8 - Enter 10p `/N - Cancel/Super Nudge U - Nudge Up 1 - Hold/Nudge 1 2 - Hold/Nudge 2 3 - Hold/Nudge 3 4 - Hold/Nudge 4 S/G - Stop/Gamble B - Collect Bank O - Set Odds T - Stake 10p P - Stake £1 Space - Start ****************************************** Thanks to... Stuart - Photos hitthesix & clo06 - Classics fruitsnappa - Testing Wizard - MFME ****************************************** Monte Carlo Club DX.zip
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    Hi Guys Well after another couple of days of going boggle eyed, I have something that resembles a bottom glass:)
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    Slowly piecing it together only the cash and feature sections to do via photoshop, reels also sorted thanks to tommy c
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    Nice to see old stuff coming out and this is no exception. Brilliant.
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    And this is all done from scratch, all hand written totally amazes me the skills yourself, pook and tommy have these days!! bringing emulation too a new level in realism.
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    I am very puzzled to why someone downloaded this and not a dicky of a thanks or a reaction. I am puzzled or is someone taking the piss? If I am wrong, please correct me!!! On another note, thanks for this mate and will grab it later for a massive thrashing
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    This has been kicking about my hard drive too long, been putting off doing anything to it due to various issues but spent a bit of time today getting them to a playable state. Set up the dual linked system in the emu, first time I tried that, works really well. Although playing two machines at the same time is stressful!
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    Couple of old Project Coin machines here, essentially the same machine but using slightly different roms with different sound packages and button layouts. Some confusing over what roms go with what sound and what each was called.
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    Early work started on Count Down, ripped out glasses from photo, tidied up and repaired all ready to be re-cabbed. Based on classic by @hitthesix & resources from @Amot
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    Hi Guys Here is something 80's for you to look forward to:) Top glass is finished, and I am about half way through drawing the bottom glass.
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    It really is at the beginning of this thread. Take your time and read from page 1, there you will find what you are looking for You might need to post some more as it could be hidden from new members with low post count. J
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    Thank you great stuff
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    You've got some damn good skills too pal. Just two nights ago your Searchlight got a massive thrashing Thanks to people like you and other creators I'll never be bored again and I will never forget that!!!
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    Yet another system we don't have many of...excellent machines and a excellent DX thank you
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    Excellent stuff! I am looking forward to giving this a blast ASAP. Thanks Pook:)
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    Thankyou pook for your continued excellence
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    I'm quicker these past three weeks being in isolation, although back to work from Monday so normal service will resume. The wheels behave odd, one machine they all light, the other only four main points do. They've never kept in sync and acted right to me hence why I've been dragging my heels with this one.
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    That's right Vecs, always thinking positive
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    There's a member who has this on the Mecca see if can dump the sound Roms
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    Nice one, just hope the world doesn’t come to an end before all these master pieces are released
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    This ones done too.
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    New reels & super fiddly transparent reel overlays showing bands on glass.
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    As some of my current WIPs are drawing to a close I guess it's time to talk about other stuff I've started. I have an awful attention span and get bored easily so need loads of projects going at once to keep flicking between them to maintain my interest. Apologies this doesn't result in a very reliable release frame from me, but they do emerge eventually. I've started tidying up some photos of VFS's More Money, after I remade some bits the rest looked crap so it kind of evolved into a whole redraw now. Thanks to @FruitSim who upped the resources to the Mecca 13yrs ago, based on the recent classic by @hitthesix Top glass is pretty much complete... Bottom glass has just the base started so far...
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    Cabbed and ready for lamping...
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    More Mayagy MMM goodness
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    Got this one lamped this evening why i had a bit of time.
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    I got the machine still pook if you want anything let me know cheers tony
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    Made a bit of progress in rebuilding the bottom glass on this one....
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