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  1. Going Ape Pics taken a while back at work.
  2. Probs uses MUX LED's for the reel lamps.
  3. Big Breakfast Casino was only ever playable in Amber for which there is no converter, it has to be done manually. I've had a look and got it playable but there are a few issues still to overcome. Anyway its being looked at
  4. Nah I never got around to it.
  5. I have a couple of Reflex ones done with red & blue features but yes, they're too new for a release just yet.
  6. Shark Raving Mad springs to mind.
  7. You can see straight away that it isn't straight as indicated by the arrows. I think this is what Vectra meant. If you select the whole section from the base of the top glass and slightly skew it right from the top then it'll be bang on.
  8. Added a pic to explain what I meant lol The top left is now a mirror image of the right hand side - ISH.
  9. Just cut the right side out (top of the bubble section) & flip it horizontally. You might need to re-size a wee bit to make it fit exactly. If you want to use the image I posted feel free
  10. Coming along brilliantly, superb stuff!!
  11. I've always use 'View/Show/Grid' in Photshop to help line things up, especially when skewing images.
  12. Nice touch with the Gamcare sticker. Here's another one you could use
  13. In most cases the answer to both question is YES! Which machine are you referring to?
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