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  1. The roms will switch to £5/10p
  2. I think a link to your tutorial should be added to maybe entice people into having a go at layout design. The advert is aimed at people who’ve actually accomplished this so possibly something like - these people did it, can you??
  3. Next up is Star Paws DX, available now at the usual place https://dadsfme.com/index.php?topic=1536.0
  4. Third installment of releases for MFME20 - Cash Exploder DX, available at DADsFME https://dadsfme.com/index.php?topic=1529.0
  5. Not happy with the WIP I have so not sure yet.
  6. Following on from Red Dwarf, here's my second layout for MFME 20 - Looty Call DX, now available at DADsFME... https://dadsfme.com/index.php?topic=1521.0
  7. Just released Red Dwarf PDX for MFMEv20 at DADsFME https://dadsfme.com/index.php?topic=1515.0
  8. Replied at DADsFME https://dadsfme.com/index.php?topic=498.msg16941#msg16941
  9. Think that should be Daysleeper not Daydreamer
  10. Well that's a bit weird as its the same friggin' picture!! I redid the buttons but that's all.
  11. Well I'll chuck this into the mix if anyone wants to use it
  12. Was doing a DX of this but not happy with it so I've done nothing on it for some time now, plus in testing I came to realise I don't actually like the machine that much. I think its the samples which are a bit crappy!! Also I'm back at work now so I've not as much time for DXing as I'd like.
  13. dad

    Cool Games

    Thats never really gone down well with the community in the past, and there have been a few. Still, there's plenty to do for a good while yet.
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