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  1. Hmmm I can’t see it working even with the video file as I don’t see any way to link them. if the great man were still here he’d have it sorted for me within an hour. That’s what he was like!!
  2. I have Party Games running but don’t have the video file, therefore it errors on I initialisation. Plus I don’t think wizard incorporated the facility into MFME.
  3. Yep, you’ll have the same problem with that too. If you sign up to dadsfme you’ll get the whole package
  4. Well that's REALLY interesting as I had no idea my layouts were being added to the legacy section, but that's for another discussion. The reason its not working properly is because the legacy section doesn't give you the RAM file which is important for machines such as Blueprint/Betcom & Reflex. Without the RAM file the machine willl need setting up again and unless you know how to do this it simply won't work. Here's another zip file which includes what you need..... Shrewlock Holmes DX.zip
  5. I’ve had a wip in progress for years now but it sufferers from lockups when entering the top board. Can’t seem to find a cure, plus I can’t find any decent artwork either so unfortunately it’s on the permanent todo list
  6. Working fine for me now. thanks very much :)
  7. Actually most I tried. Space Invaders 1 & 2, Frogger, Galaxians etc Star Castle works fine though, which is the one I asked for so thanks very much for adding that
  8. Fantastic work there JP athough quite a few of the Arcade games for me are rotated 90 degrees clockwise. My lappy display res is 1920 x 1080 if that has anything to do with it??
  9. Just noticed too that those stones/bricks just above the buttons shouldn't be there as they're just part of the flyer background. If you look at the image I posted above they're absent, Also I've found the whole flyer. Not sure if its any higher res than the one @wearecityposted, but It might be useful.
  10. Best I can do I'm afraid - very grainy but you can just make the text out.
  11. Here's the full set of roms for both machines. Just add them to the appropriate folders and they should work fine. Happy Notes (Bellfruit) [Rom].zip Spiker The Biker (Barcrest) [Rom].zip
  12. Not that I know of as there are many ways to go about making reelbands. Maybe @kirsty would let us know what she's stuck on.
  13. I’ve tried a couple of empire roms but they error due to unsupported hopper.
  14. Think these are the ones. Club Vegas (Barcrest) [c] [Rom].zip
  15. Here's the full set of roms On The Buses (Maygay) [Rom].zip
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