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  1. this looks amazing.great work thanks. like a little boy in a toffee shop on spends day.have a top day
  2. firstly thanks for the acceptance. i am so giddy got tingles and goosebumps at the thought of what i am about to see.all you guys are geniuses in my eyes.to do what you all do must be so rewarding at knowing you have created machines from all eras .for me personally its the likes of rat race stopnskip fruit king 777 heaven cloud nine hit the six reno reels payrise ace cash attacks to name a few amazing slots from the 90s that has brought me here. mainly to have a good old catch up down memory lane about all the old slots and fun times shared by everyone.they sure did make them basic slots enjoyable. music wise also was amazing.have a few friends here who also love the work you all do.if i could crown you all kings i would.just been browsing some of the slots and wow i could just look at these flyers all day.i am in heaven.thanks again.really looking forward to getting involved.have a great day all
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