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  1. absolutely over the moon with this vectra did reply on the post you sent me.just had my 1st jackpot on swapovers.having a competetion with alex howard who can profit the most all fun.i reckon about 800 profit.anyone else can empty these join in brings back amazing memories.have a mint weekend vec proper buzzing with this.have a top weekend all
  2. vectre i ive never been so happy to play a slot i could kiss ya.talk about speedy.you have a friend for life.defo on my crimbo card list.your a diamond never forget that.am off to give it a whirl have a top night and a mint weekend
  3. looks beautiful vectra.you no my thoughts on your talent.very much appreciated.wish i could be of more assistance.but i no you like perfection.will leave it to the master.have a great day.hope you get what you need jim
  4. yeah upon investigating the rich geezer is defo the best option.symbols are bent on the super six pear and other symbols.thats why your the emulator and i am the newbie.leave you too it vectre and as always thanks a bunch have a top nite
  5. have an ideo maybe opened super 6 club now will spin till i get the symbols up.tell me to be quiet if i am sounding clueless haha
  6. another thought wasent club supersix the same symbols as well on the 250 jacky version
  7. just realised that pic is a factory reset as well double grape on top supermeter.thats a very easy 800 quid profit on swapovers.well looking forward to this.cant hank you enough
  8. yeah totally agree evo.i see where your coming from.
  9. rich geezer is perfect actually i remember that slot 250 had it in 1 of my casinos years ago
  10. very gud idea.vectre wow only 4 days est thats fantastic.your a legend thankyou.heh was thinking then i maybe well off here but i have a clubclass 500 quid jackpot dad did a few year ago am sure the symbols are the same.will investigate now and get back to you if you like
  11. cracking read all.enjoyed it.ive just worked out after all these years.was playing over on mfme then would of bin a millionaire.bluestreak 2 p play remember it? had at least 8 in every arcade in the early 90s clones test pilot loads more..reset 6p in 3 plays 1st press windicator 2nd 4p windicator 3 press spin 1st reel plum with question mark on reel hit skill stop then get feature skill stop on skill note 2nd in from left on skill.a;lways give 50 pence no repeat plug it.comes back exactly same spins 3rd press plum repeat.took about 3 mins to do both so call it 88p profit.these machines like all rat races fruit king gold mine etc all held 5 pound in 10ps.so thats if my maths is correct lets round that £4.40 upto a 5er for simplicity.every 15 minutes thats 20 pound an hour over a 10 hour shift thats 200 a day 1400 a week 5600 a month £67200 profit a year.not bad for a 10 year old back in the day.who remembers the fortune trail 2 p play trick as well 10 pence in the 50 p slot gave you 25 plays.memories love em.had a lot of stuff over the years luckily.great days top times and too much fun had.dont play slots no more just poker but my brother still plays for a living to this day.not like years ago lots of players and mainly all pinchers on i pubs and prismatics.will never beat the old emptiers.stay safe all have fun over and out jim
  12. .you are a genius.your work is amazing.you ought to be super proud of yourself.yes i have all them think they were in eclipse style cabs..thanks very much vectre.they are all clones of each other this being the newest.65 special being the first.still emptyable in the wild.but super rare to find.i am not a slot player no more play poker.but love the nostalgia of all the oldies.thanks for all the work you put in.very much appreciated
  13. wow really.brilliant news that. never thought i would see the day. no you shunt have your favourites but mine are vectre pook and tommy c.my fav machine also.thanks a lot.have a top day
  14. What a beauty had a list of these in pubs from paymaster. back in the day. nice pinch outa these. thanks for bringing back memories tommy
  15. this looks amazing.great work thanks. like a little boy in a toffee shop on spends day.have a top day
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