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  1. think the grapes and pears maybe the same on this one?????
  2. yea looks spot on, have you found the correct fruits yet, i was playing a bellfruit club game on here last night called club wild west and i thought the fruits on that looked near identical to grandslam which of course is near identical to hotsix, i leave it with you anyway wish i could be of more use!
  3. my whole weekends in your hands, if you cant find the relevant symbol just use a picture of your fruit bowl i will still be happy
  4. now thats what am talking about..
  5. you've never owned a casino
  6. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you X1,000,000 ........thats my whole weekend sorted lol
  7. I tell you what yes please, its my fave club machine, would you be prepared to do it??
  8. hope i posted this in the correct section but does anybody know if there are available roms for grandslam(scorpion 4) £250 hopper version or hotsix(scorpion 5) £150/250 versions, obviously both bellfruit club machines, many thanks!!
  9. yes i agree, its a great machine for players and punters alike
  10. I think only the £75 and £100 versions go right up to the maximum, £150/£200/£250 will always fine near the end like you say
  11. HA HA, just had it out of just 11 credits from my first £10 in, anybody had it any quicker yet???
  12. I forgot to say fair play for creating the full screen mode with the casino background it looks absolutely AWESOME!!
  13. wow, seriously, i've never seen that either!!
  14. you know i do remember hearing rumours back in the day that train robbery could do huge wins but of all the hundreds of times i played that machine in the wild ive never seen one personally, i mean the next feature after robbery is bank roll and never seen more than £50 from that either, the one below robbery called hold up can give £75 and i've actually had £75 a few times myself of crime wave. i'm referring to the 200/250 jkpot versions here btw
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