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  1. See what you mean about the slowdown, thought it had crashed at one point
  2. Excellent redraw, looks great
  3. amazing that you consider this poor artwork. Looks great to me
  4. Gary

    Club Machines

    Are there actually any £100 Cat C (non club machines) currently emulated? Only ones I think that run are the Concept Electrocoin based ones and trust me, as the person that wrote them, you don't really want to be playing them unless you like your machines to be a bit boring (in my defence I was following the game spec from my boss, I wanted to do a lot more with them but was told they are granny machines so don't need anything
  5. think this is the machine. Looks like the top board spirals into itself to save space https://archive.coin-opcommunity.co.uk/buy-and-sell/5375-mazooma-cluedo-cat-c/
  6. Is that going on your new touchscreen cab? the aspect ratio is right Still, its better than this one
  7. Think this is the two Charley Says dvds
  8. Most machines in arcades have been converted to led strips. Much cheaper to replace and more reliable. Loads on ebay
  9. Interesting looking Reflex Scorp 5 adder machine https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Reflex-Gaming-Magnificent-7s-Video-Fruit-Machine-Cat-D-10p-play-5-Jackpot/163656769212?_trkparms=aid%3D888007%26algo%3DDISC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140328180637%26meid%3Dbf6cd7784fb048efbc311a9244e06e2e%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D223487701272%26itm%3D163656769212&_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982
  10. you could always rent one for the low cost of £1000 down and then £87 plus vat a week for 36 months Pay £13k charges and still not own the cabinet
  11. Probably find they are not sold to the operator but are rented, that way Blueprint can keep control over the usage of the cabinets. I know that some of the older cabs have ended up in Cashino arcades as a promotional machine
  12. The later games from Electrocoin using the old z80 board have a protection chip that is linked to the UART board and have a bespoke chip for each price of play/jackpot value. They are dual coloured with one colour being the jackpot and the smaller colour on the chip denotes price of play, for instance 25p play £25 jackpot machines have a white with a bit of green paint on the chip. I have seen around 12 different combinations of the colours. The phoenix software for later games has a less complex (but still unemulated) protection. The Concept phoenix games will run up to a point where they check for the SEC meter and then fail but they will run at half speed as the dev system that they used needed the processor replacing with one twice the speed just to get anything running.
  13. The reason I was asking about the club oxo roms is because I am working on a bar x type game with a top box feature and I wanted to find out if electrocoin used traditional bar x type sounds for the base game but jazzed it up sound wise for the top game. Sorry if I got anyones hope up that the would run on MFME. I know we have a system at work for phoenix that talks to a top box but not sure if it works the same as Electrocoins does but happy enough to pass it on to Chris if its any use to him. I don't think we used it for any games though, everything I did on phoenix was single player machines
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