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  1. Sounds about right if the running percentage is 40% or lower. Give the jackpot to any player who can press a button but leave some afterplay for the skilled player incase they manage to beat the game as well
  2. Seriously? There are 2266 unique machines that have been emulated? Didn’t that there had been that many different machines. Wonder how long it will take to get to 2500. Don’t suppose there are historical figures on number of emulated machines? Be interesting to see it plotted on a graph
  3. And of course the new option to set a window for the layout view helps to remove any side art if the machine artwork is in the middle of the screen. A great addition for cabinet builds
  4. Mind you if you bought a house in 2007 for £60,000 and find yourself with negative equity 12 years later you must be desperate to do anything lol. Anyone for a road trip to Bootle?
  5. Hmm got his address on there. Time to sign them up for junk mail
  6. Sounds like an eBay seller desperate for all the new stuff to sell a limit of an average of one machine a day is more than enough and as has been said bung a fiver in the pot and get the lot
  7. But only if you have windows 10
  8. Haha nice, released on 2nd August 2001, the DX is just over 18 years old so it can play a £500 jackpot machine now
  9. I am pretty certain that's the Betcom version as I think there is a P6 version of the same game
  10. Only just seen this, if I am correct I believe this is the same protection that is used on the only Concept Games scorp 5 machine they produced as they got the protection chips from Blueprint (who in turn got them from another company). I believe they are looking for a 3-4 character code stored somewhere along with some other code stored in the PIC chip infact /* Wasp is a PIC12F675 which sits in the security socket on the program card. It communicates via the I2C bus. The functions provided by this file simply act as a layer to sit between the game application and the BIOS calls for I2C. */
  11. legacy layouts will not work on anything past v5.1 so you can continue to run them on your windows XP box
  12. Anyway shouldn't all M1A layouts go in the Maygay section?
  13. If anyone wants to and they feel that any of my old layouts are worth converting then I give permission for anything I have done in the past to be reuploaded here. Trouble is compared to the current stuff all my old stuff is total mind you would it even be possible for the very first dx to be converted to current v19? With all the graphical flaws and work rounds?
  14. hmmm, has anyone converted all the lamps to graphic lamps
  15. Hosting packages are like buying a Thai bride, if you pay decent money then you get something that is reliable and stable, if you go for a cheaper option you end up with
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