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  1. Am at work at the moment but I have some horizontal number bands at home I can get scanned tomorrow if nobody else can help before then. Any preference on number of stops?
  2. When I was visiting family last weekend I saw a Sanyo MPC-100 MSX computer in a market for £50. Never had an MSX before so eventually bought it. Was going through the paperwork inside the box tonight and found this which is a receipt for a wordprocessor cartridge that was included with the computer. Now the coincidence is the Leeds address from the retailer is less than 200 meters from my current home address. The thing is I bought the computer in Brighton, 250 miles away Anyway, don’t suppose anyone has any MSX 1 cartridges they don’t want do they?
  3. The history is this is a parody of Gradius and originated on the MSX computer. Basically Konami took virtually every game asset and character from their other games and dumped them into Gradius
  4. never knew that, cheers
  5. How about the next update being 19.81? Could that work? What were the changes for update 7? cant see them now its on update 8
  6. V20 is first release next year I guess thanks for the update Chris
  7. Interesting game, thanks do you have the playing card font that is missing?
  8. This was the result of the last Line Up release Geddy played
  9. How about a poocab eyebleeder with psychedelic wallpaper version
  10. Cant play this one, I only have old 10p coins
  11. What kind of sicko has their kids tied when there is a fire
  12. Barcrest T7 Barcrest T8 Astra Mk4 Blueprint Aurora premium carbon That covers all the decent video based games And then one of these To convert into a sit down MFME cabinet and then I wont need any other machines EDIT: For my remaining 5 machines I will have the 5 most wanted roms MIA machines
  13. All the barcrest Genesis MPU4 machines and most of the early MPU5 used a parallel compact hopper so you should have no problems there
  14. I might be wrong but think the roms for these and the other two plasma games were nabbed on the very first “raid” on the barcrest bbs (it involved free weekend landline calls, dialling up their modem to connect to their computer and leeching the hell out of it all weekend and disconnecting before they got in Monday morning) great to see them finally emulated
  15. This idea would need an mfme change but I’m 95% certain that the hoppers, coinmech and note acceptor will be cctalk. Wonder if Chris could add an option for an external serial port to be set up as the cctalk bus? Then all cash handling would work with minimal wiring. It’s not a trivial job to program but when I have been stripping mpu5 t7 cabinets I have found a board that converts the standard rs232 signals to cctalk levels or I know you can get coin mech programmers that do a straight usb to cctalk. The theory for the payout is already in there for parallel devices but pretty much every cabinet out there that is prime for conversion is going to have cctalk somewhere and you will be looking at at least another 100-150 to convert it back to parallel just for the three parts needed
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