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    Good effort here - I cant for the life of me get a win on the top reels - %is down at 1.29 and still always loses - perhaps it was a greedy puggy lol
    When loading the top box, as you say its full size. Others are a sensible size. How do you resize? All menu bars are hidden and arrows dont appear at the edges to allow resize. Someone else mentioned Shift+click to move, which works fine as a complete unit. Many thanks
  1. I have donated fella - hope its been received ok?
  2. Hey folks - looks like you can ignore this - they finally completed - just seemed to take about 5-10 mins after it reached 100%
  3. Hi Folks - have managed to get my rep up to download - chose a few items - when trying to download (using chrome) they seem to be stuck and i have unconfirmed.crdownload files. Looking online they appear to be temp files. Anyway, have also donated to the page just now in the hope this may resolve issues, but ive hit my 5 for the day so far, with no full files received. May not get the answer here as it may an issue at my end, but i thought id ask incase anyone had faced the same issues?
  4. Ya beauty - thanks for this!!!
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