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  1. As said via PM permission given to use my layouts in the arcade simulator. I look forward to being able to install and use the arcade simulator.
  2. Open the diag box and tick the misc/ When you input coins it will tell you the meters and when collecting it will tell you the triacs and meters
  3. Many thanks for sharing Reg. I recently installed this on my raspberry pi 4
  4. I'm sure someone was doing a classic of this but can't remember who. But this was a while back. Look forward to it.
  5. There is a dummies guide to creating layouts by Reg, this will cover all aspects to create a classic (or dx I think). hopefully someone will be able to link you to where this is on this site.
  6. I still play Grand theft auto and the London mission pack as well as Grand theft auto 2 on my raspberry pi. Thanks for sharing Reg.
  7. Super Mario all stars (includes lost levels) Super Mario world Super Mario kart Donkey Kong country Push over. Very occasionally I play super tennis.
  8. andy-1

    Back of the Net

    I've never played it real life, seems to play on on the settings used. Thank you.
  9. andy-1

    Back of the Net

    Version 1.0.0


    This is layout dedicated to Chris J Wren. May you rest in peace Chris and thanks for everything you have done for MFME, and the community by allowing us to have your amazing emulator and for the newer versions plus the updates. I think this was the last layout I ever asked Wizard for assistance with the Security error, this was fixed via a CHR but when MFME 20.1 was released Chris sixed the issue. Here is Back of the net by QPS, this is set on 25p play £25Jackpot 86%. Thanks go to: The rom provider Whoever uploaded the small flyer Wizard (R.I.P) for his amazing emulator and getting this running, Shortcuts are in the notes Please use MFME 20.1 Hope you enjoy
  10. Many thanks for your reply, I'll ask at the mecca and see what happens.
  11. Do you know who owns the extra gambler as I did a classic of it but would love to DX it.
  12. Thanks DAD I thought you had done it on your site. Apologies for the mis information.
  13. Dad did do it for MFME and should be available on his site, but there was a problem with the 7 segs. Dad did do a work around though.
  14. I had this running but it's on my pc which is currently disconnected. Can't remember why I never done it. I'll have a look for you as soon as I can and see if I can sort this for you.
  15. andy-1

    Clever Cogs

    Go for it. Look forward to seeing how it turns out.
  16. andy-1

    Clever Cogs

    Version 1.0.0


    Here we have a QPS machine by the name of Clever Cogs. This is set on £25 Jackpot, 25p Play and 86% This is possibly a failed test machine, there are no images of this so I have done it to what I thought it would possibly look like. Thanks go to: hitthesix for sorting the door switches Wizard (R.I.P) for his amazing emulator and for the many updates that have allowed us to preserve so many of these classic games. Shortcuts are in the notes. Please use MFME 20.1 Hope you enjoy.
  17. There was a club version of this, but unfortunately we don't have the roms.
  18. andy-1

    Orlando Magic

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is Orlando Magic by BWB. This is set on 20p play and has a £8 Token Jackpot. Thanks go to Orchid for his started layout and for making the reel backgrounds for me. Wizard (R.I.P) for his amazing emulator and for fixing the issue with the bank switch that has allowed this to be preserved. Infection for sourcing the images of the machine. Shortcuts are in the notes. Please use MFME 20.1 Hope you enjoy.
  19. Thanks for this very well written post Reg, I think Wizard would be pleased that everyone is still enjoying his fantastic emulator. R.I.P Chris you are missed by all.
  20. Many thanks for all you work on this. This looks amazing
  21. I have a raspberry PI 3 with a 64GB card and only play a handful of games
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a nice little lo tech called Extra Gambler which is set on £3 Jackpot and 2p play. From what I have read it was by AET and was also a Coinworld Rebuild. If somebody could please confirm the manufacturer it would be very much appreciated. From the image I have its a similar kind of machine to the Bear series. Thanks go to: Amot for the rom. Wizard (R.I.P) for his amazing emulator. Shortcuts are in the notes. Please use MFME 20.1 Hope you enjoy.
  23. andy-1

    No sound

    Probably need to update your drivers.
  24. PM is a private message,
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