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  1. Aha, something i wouldn't have considered, the masks i have been using are 32 bit.... maybe that is an answer...
  2. @Reg should be able to help when he is online....
  3. I noticed this kind of behaviour on some large DX layouts with masks and blended lamps I made. The strange thing is it only seems to slow down and judder whilst in attract on normal mode. That I mean as soon as mfme is put in Edit mode, attract doesn't show any judder or slow down? I have not tried removing the blended lamps or masks by just using a single lamp ... It kind of takes away the visual attractiveness of the layout if you do this which is a shame.
  4. Saves me having to faff taking photos of the machine then. Will leave it to you.
  5. It is a machine still at the back of my garage. For how much longer I cannot say but will try to get pictures.
  6. OK, no worries, thought all these clones were all the same.
  7. I think the trail only turns red when the number reel lands on a red number while on the feature board. It seems to do this.
  8. I also think The Codfather is a clone of this / these type of game.
  9. Red features are missing. If you land on a feature twice on the main trails, they turn red but aren't there. That is why there are 2 x lamps for each feature, 1 white, 1 red. I cannot remember but i also seem to think the Lotta Luck Title also turned red on invincible but not 100% sure.
  10. No, the pop ups cannot be disabled or removed.
  11. Mavroz

    Extreme - Superbugs

    Nearly there with the reels....
  12. Mavroz

    Extreme - Superbugs

    Found a few more roms and some old artwork when i was looking for something else. Reelbands, especially the feature band will hold this back a while though now. Just realised i have a few irons in the fire on the WIP page now.
  13. Thank you, another I remember well from a couple of decades ago.
  14. For everyone that can help me out I am eternally grateful and it is pleasing to get these games running. Some of my efforts are nowhere near the best but I think people enjoy playing them. @Regputs hours and hours in for me on the testing and technical side of things seemingly no matter how busy he is. Sorry but I don't do big thanks lists and pages of waffle on a release thread as it only ends up looking and reading like an Oscar acceptance speech thanking everyone from Microsoft for Notepad, Adobe for Photoshop, @infection for another picture etc etc. I am, as said previousl
  15. View File Maygay - Club Tutankhamun - 25p - £250 - Epoch Maygay - Club Tutankhamun - 25p - £250 - Epoch I wasn't going to release this initially as Club machines are not my thing and i also didn't think the Cashpot and Reserve pot increased at all but they did.... slowly, very slowly. HUGE thanks and appreciation go to @Reg for the usual playtesting and the time he put in to build the Cashpot and Reserve to maximum. Reel bands have been re-created and are not original. Enjoy, it was a pain and long winded to create.
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