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  1. Mavroz

    Cool Games

    Yes, there are many machines still to emulate but as of "now", say, there will be very few in say, 10 years left to emulate. It is no longer an endless journey, sadly.
  2. Mavroz

    Cool Games

    How long will fruit emulation last? Reel based machines are no longer being produced, or not many. How long will it be before things start to slow down and grind to a halt on the new machine front? It may improve machine quality as there may be lots of re-draws of older machines that offer much more gameplay.
  3. Mavroz

    Cool Games

    Yep, there seems to be quite a few that clones with very slight subtle differences.
  4. Mavroz

    Cool Games

    Sure is, thanks Reg.
  5. Mavroz

    Cool Games

    Looking for a picture of The Crystal Maze by Cool Games, running on Scorp 5. Possible clone of Billy The Quid / Bucks Bunny. Thanks.
  6. Thank you, i am very appreciative for any feedback.
  7. Quite correct, see post above.
  8. Thanks for that, time to find a new playtester also.
  9. Always wondered that myself as if it was a software error, paying too much etc, they would just update it and distribute new roms.
  10. View File Barcrest - Twilight Zone Barcrest Twilight Zone - Mpu 5 Probably another failed test machine. Enjoy. Thanks to the Playtesters. Submitter Mavroz Submitted 16/05/20 Category Barcrest  
  11. Hey mate, thanks for that. I will have a look for a pic of Pharaoh's Gold to see if anything looks similar at all but this machine is running on Epoch, not Scorp 2. It has to be a production machine (not a set of failed test software this time) as I believe it was another Epoch Mpu I dumped the roms from myself. It seems to have a loop board and you collect a number of different symbols for different cash offers along with a feature pot. 4 reels with a number reel. Will have another play when time permits
  12. Anyone have any images of Maygay Club Tutankhamun at all please?
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