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  1. Used to be like that around Hull in the early 90's. I remember playing Project and Sp.Ace machines and the local know all (knob head) always used to be hovering. Tony the Taxi i think his name was, he used to try and charge for information on how to play machines.... Some fell for his tricks...
  2. Looks entertaining. Maybe another failed machine from that era. Thank you for the picture, doubted there would be anything around.
  3. Ok while we are talking about it, have found another Extreme Rom set running on Epoch, never seen the machine at all.. Super Pool
  4. Great news, thanks for finding the issue.
  5. Mavroz

    a few more roms 2

    Yep, it does.
  6. It must be purely a software change in the roms then? Just cannot understand what the error is suggesting in invalid prom opt.
  7. Do you think it may coincide with a different boot chip possibly being required for Extreme Data roms?
  8. This one is 0.3 which is fine, it seems like the rom sets on Extreme with the "P" Suffix for some reason do not run....
  9. Was about to ask what the difference between the Sc1 and Epoch version is but it is noticeable from the flyers that there are some similarities but looks a very different machine although i have not booted the Epoch roms up yet.
  10. Those roms for me give the error, the DDRA0.3 dont.
  11. The ones with invalid prom opt that i have are DDRA0.5P
  12. One version of the Double Dragon rom I had does indeed bring up "invalid prom opt" error , the rom for Double Dragon that has been upped to this site does not have this error and runs just fine.
  13. Looking forward to this with the correct reel symbols etc.
  14. Or..... Is it a previously released layout that is being modified?
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