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  1. Well after waiting over 3 months for my consol off Ebay, I ended up with a refund. The seller sent my consol to the wrong country, and kept promising to resend it, but never did. Now after 8 days, I ended up getting my consol off shopee for 60 quid inc shipping! (256g+ 2 Wireless controllers, TV remote and a free usb hub) If anyone is interested in the contents of the SD card, here it is: There are 3 partitions. First partition is not a recognised file format, so is probabley the OS.
  2. Thanks for this one Vecs:)
  3. Thanks for the update:) It's always nice to see layouts getting bigger and clearer.
  4. Thanks for this:) It looks great!
  5. Thanks for this one Ginge:) Not one I remember playing, but definately from an era of decent gameplay! Damn! That brings back some memories! I used to live 16 miles from Newquay (St.Austel). I remember the roadshows back in 80,81. I used to work on the markets in Nequay during the summer holidays, and you could hear the crowds on the beach.
  6. Thanks for this Pook:) This was a fair game back in the day. I think I had the red vesion of this at one point.
  7. Tokens = Tiac - > Hopper 2 *1 10p = Tiac - > Hopper 1 *1 Sometimes you have to unplug the Pacdive and reboot MFME to clear a payout problem, if you mess up with the wrong triac settings.
  8. Thanks for this:) Another classic 2per!
  9. Hi Dave. There are a few diagrams in the cabinet forum, but each build differs depending on what type of coin mech and hopper is being used. What have you bought so far? Have you made a design? You could start a thread in the Cabinet Building when you stat building, and we can help you as you go along:)
  10. Thanks Clo for putting this together, and Amot for the resources:) Not one I have ever seen before, so I look forward to seeing how this plays.
  11. Thanks Pook:) This looks 2ptastic!
  12. Thanks for this one Pook:) Looks fandabbydozy!
  13. I am very pleased to see these, despite any issues they may have. Thanks for letting them loose Pook:)
  14. Thanks for this one Vecs:) These 400 squidders don't seem to play a bad game.
  15. Thanks for this one Tommy:) A bit more my era, but not one I remember playing, so this is something to look forward to:)
  16. Thanks Vecs:) This looks bazzing! lthough I am not big fan of clubbers, I will definately give this a good pressing!
  17. Thanks Pook:) This is really nice to see, and you can see all the hours of work put in to it!
  18. Ah Cool! An old and rare Maygay:) Thanks Clo:)
  19. Sound Roms came with the layout. No idea about pictures though.
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