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  1. Great, thanks. Cant remember this one, never seen an SRU with a £4JP on the wild.
  2. Brilliant thanks, great to see another SRU being emulated. Looks like a straight clone of Light a Nudge Deluxe.
  3. Many thanks, great to see MAB, used to prefer this to Concept, great when it did loads of winking in quick succession,
  4. Thanks very much, never actually saw a £4 JP version of this.
  5. Thanks for bringing another great machine back to life.
  6. TopShaun

    Big Chief

    Fantastic thank you
  7. Thank you, seen this on You tube vids but never seen one in the arcades.
  8. Thank you, never played this, great sounds. Brilliant layout
  9. Thank you interesting layout.
  10. Many thanks for this, never saw this in the arcades around me, but having watched Degys vid on You Tube, thought Id give it a bash.
  11. The JPM system 80 machines paid out in 20p tokens too, like Supa Steppa with a £2 JP
  12. Many thanks for this. I remember it well. Love the early 80's machines. Yes i noticed it pays out in 10p tokens,, had £2 hold twice lol
  13. Thank you, never saw this in the arcades near me. Great thing about FME is that i can play machines that i never knew existed and without losing a packet.
  14. Thank you, never played the £25 JP version much in the arcades, too temperamental lol, but loved the £10jp version best as didnt suck quite as much.
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