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  1. Absolutely no chance of that happening. So many copyright infringements and company IP, not to mention trying to cash in on what is essentially a free to use software in mfme. Mfme info outlines terms of use. Mame could be a possibility (if all machine rights have been acquired) as it’s open source but it would have to be a derivative build and require a considerable amount of work put in to get it fruit machine ready for the end user. It would be pretty awesome though J
  2. Donations/contributions only pay towards the project costs, he’s not benefiting financially from his work. J
  3. I feel a true 80’s arcade coming to Arcade Sim… Excellent work as usual bud J
  4. Yes, rubber keyed was my mates, was always on it, it wasn’t quite the same on my Spectrum 48k plus. Isn’t it odd that I’d rarely use a joystick on Spectrum, yet it was pretty much all I used on the C64, could you even use keyboard on C64? I guess it helped with built in joystick port. J
  5. I’m not currently home for a few days. But that original release DX was definitely £6 jackpot. I’m pretty sure it will be available FE to download so you can check it. J
  6. I’m sure the original DX by Pandy was set to £6. Have you checked that version or did you already get lamps from that version? J
  7. Now that is a layout!! Also a great era of machines too. Thank you J
  8. Not sure if you’ve tried this, I was getting a blank screen on AS, earlier in this thread JP posted a regedit fix that worked for me. It was some file(s) in a folder named gyrox, not sure on the details but maybe search this thread for gyrox keyword, might work for you? J
  9. @Chopaholic Hey Al, how about a totally new channel at some point in the future, just focussing on mfme new released layouts and arcade sim, like a bi-weekly or monthly video roundup? Keep it more about emulation without going into anything too personal. It's something I would definitely watch, I still browse 'The Hovel' from time to time, that was just great content too J
  10. @Chopaholic Thanks for the reply bud, I totally understand your reasons. I’d like to just say thanks for all the time and effort you put into the videos. The low ebb ones touched me personally as they pretty much mirrored my own life at that time. Anyway as long as you are all good mate, that’s all that really matters. J
  11. This machine did get a software revision didn’t it? J
  12. Wow, I'm so sad to see your channel go!! What happened mate? Absolutely gutted for you, was one of my go to channels for sure. Hope you are ok mate, take care dude J
  13. I don’t think classics running in the original cabs or even a cab will blend into an arcade environment personally. Should definitely have its own space away from the eye candy J
  14. How about a bunch of assets, like the mechanics room with loads of arcade spares, then some desktop pcs running mfme classics, bit of a behind the scenes view, homepage to those early years when DX’s weren’t a thing ;). Obviously way down on the list, I class this kind of thing like hidden secrets, Easter eggs etc. J
  15. John did mention these are ‘proof of concept’ settings and they can be switched off by the user anyway. He also mentions a slider option when he gets to that stage. J
  16. Is there a £25 empty chip available? J
  17. @vectra666I said my last 'arty' DX. Sure I'll probably get involved with other DX's but I'm not creating them like I have in the past. I imagine DX's convert to JP's AS with crisp on and off lamps, no thrills basically as AS has all the effects that I try to replicate in mfme to some degree. J
  18. I really enjoyed working on Lucky Lady, I loved those 2p BWB machines from the late 80’s Yeah this Classic 777 Heavens has been a labour of love for sure, I’ve tinkered with it for nearly two years on and off. There are still a few issues on the belly glass lamps. I know the guy who owns the actual machine and he has given all lamps positions as written on the inside of his machine, unfortunately a couple of the lamps just don’t light which means it’s either incorrect info written on his machine or an mfme issue. I’ve contacted the guy to get him to check his machine again just in case. If not it might be a case of fudging some of those lamps unfortunately. Don’t want to do that if I can help it. J
  19. Those effects really bring the machines to life, I love the depth of field blurring. Wow the next update will be an early Xmas present for sure. Stonking work!! J
  20. Oh my god, that it outstanding, amazing work JP. Loving the experimental settings you got in there J
  21. I've also noticed if my backround image is saved out as 32bit then my 32bit lamps won't work in blended mode, anyone else noticed this? J
  22. OK, so I've pretty much done all I can with this layout, it's very experimental lamping wise, for some reason when I save out my lamps from photoshop with alpha masks the outer parts of the lamps are darker on top of the background image for some reason, not sure if it's the blending mode in mfme that's not reading the alpha channel perfectly, anyway, I've managed to counter it by increasing the contrast of the background image, it's still there but it's best I can do. This will definitely be released around Christmas time, I have plently of spare time from mid month and I am happy with the process I'm now using so can finally complete it, sorry for anyone waiting, it's been a while, I fell out of love with it for a time but have a renewed enthusiasm. This will be the final arty layout I create so I want it to be the best I've created for mfme. J
  23. When it’s ready? JP did already mention before Christmas though in this thread, so fingers crossed J
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