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  1. The video tech isn’t emulated as far as I can remember. J
  2. It’s probably best to go for something that’s been tried and tested. Maybe a laptop with a gtx or rtx gpu, I’m not sure whether the Intel gpu can cut it to be honest. J
  3. Yeah usually each revision on these Barcrests will have a different CHR. So a version v1.4will have a different CHR to a v2.0. Same with the BWB games on MPU4 I imagine. J
  4. I’ve used my works a3 scanner for my Miami Dice fruit machine glasses. I’ve still got the scans, they’re huge!! J
  5. Ah man, I got a htc vive elite cosmos v2 here you could have borrowed from young jaye. He never uses it. Though I could use it to help with any testing J
  6. Wait are you working on an automated layout creator in mame bud? This look well impressive. So these will be standard base layouts in mame at some point? All very impressive mate and great to see these running in mame. J
  7. It's best to have a screen in portrait mode and just edit the layout to suit you, most layouts tend to be released in a standard landscape orientation. J
  8. I had a decent broadband connection when I found fme. Think it was around 2001 that I had the SB4100 Surfboard with 20mb service from NTLWorld. That was an insane difference compared to dial-up that I had in 1999!! J
  9. Just to add, it has to be a layout made in mfme though. A JPeMU layout will only work with JPeMU. MFME covers pretty much all fruit techs from 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. J
  10. It will never work in mfme as the reel control chip isn't emulated. MAME should be able to crack it, but far into the future I imagine. J
  11. @SomeRandomGuy From a purely selfish here but I would love to see Pluto 6 emulated. I believe you could buy the development boards from Heber? Not sure how feasible the tech is to emulate though. I imagine the game roms are encrypted. J
  12. There may never be a public toolset to build layouts easily in mame. Is it still viable to create them via the .lay format? J
  13. It all depends, but I’d say those things are years away, as JP points out it’s dependent on those skilled coders who are also interested in fruit machines enough to get involved. FME is ultra niche unfortunately. J
  14. Definitely, MAME will be the future of fme as it's currently the only one being actively worked on. I can't imagine anyone else out there is working on a fruit machine emulator. J
  15. @Altharic None of those were open source either to be fair. It is a shame but we still have the amazing mfme that pretty emulates everything we could ever wish for. J
  16. @nails That won't really make any difference, nothing will really. There's always going people that simply don't mind paying for a full setup. I've paid for emu discs in the past. Mame, Visual Pinball, full rom discs, there's no real difference. That's why I don't mind my layouts being uploaded to archive.org. At least it's being offered for free. J
  17. If someone is making a profit from others hard work, that sucks. I really have no issues personally when things are offered for free. J
  18. @Sarkymark77 Time Crisis. ’She must be dead by now!’ J
  19. @Wildstyle It’s running via mame so I think you can just tab in and change the controls to the way you like them. J
  20. Probably about alth, makes sense with regards to testing. J
  21. Have you tried downloading it again? J
  22. Without knowing what you were doing when the error occurred it’s difficult to pinpoint as there are a few mfme errors that pop up from time to time for various reasons. J
  23. Trying to load a pre v20.1 layout, think it’s something along those lines maybe. J
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