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  1. Thank you, love these older Impact releases
  2. Many thanks, so good to see these improved like this
  3. I have an issue with Star Wars Club DX (DADsFME released 28-Dec-17) throwing errors in MFME 6.1 (including latest build). Displayed errors were: ALARM 16-CF NOTE MECH STRIM BAD PATTERN However Changing DataPack to Loopback in the Config Screen and clearing ram appears to fix it. But trial and error approach at my end only. I note Wizard's comments in this thread above, saying Loopback is only for MPU5 test roms, so I probably don't have this right yet? Initially tried only changing Hopper settings but to no avail.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Reg , much appreciated
  5. Hi everyone This zero poster is forced to reform himself I'm particularly interested in trying to get my existing games working in 6.1, quite a few need tweaking to work and I simply don't know enough yet to do it all by myself. Then of course there are the amazing new (or equally, amazing OLD) machines working in MFME. I'd would really like to to learn how to do some conversions of old JPM machines, using fmeconv v3.0, although realistically it sounds like thats going to be more a long term goal.
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