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  1. Version 1.0


    Crazy Cobra By Pootis Spencer ****************************** Here is Crazy Cobra from Red Gaming. Not the best artwork to work with so its not my usual quality for a DX. I know this is one that many have been waiting for. Enjoy. Crazy Cobra by Red Gaming Tech: MPU 5 Jackpot: £25 Pence Per Play: 25p Percentage: 88% Test Mode (BACTA v1.0) ********************** Tick S Door then click Test Shortcut Keys ************* CANCEL - ` HOLD 1 - 1 HOLD 2 - 2 HOLD 3 - 3 COLLECT - C GAMBLE FEATURE - G START - SPACE AUTO NUDGE - A TRANSFER - T TAKE FEATURE - F RESPIN - R COIN IN £1 - 0 or NUM 0 Thanks goes to the following: ***************************** @infection - Supplying the images used for the layout @vectra666 & @dad - For help with the LED lamps as this was new territory for me. None of this would be possible without MFME from @Wizard. May he continue to rest in peace... All the best and enjoy the layout!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Captain Cash By Pootis Spencer ****************************** This is a first for me creating a layout from scratch without any help from a classic layout. I went solo on this one! Captain Cash by QPS Tech: Scorpion 4 Jackpot: £15 Pence Per Play: 25p Percentage: 88% Test Mode ********* Tick S Door then click Test Shortcut Keys ************* CANCEL - ` HOLD 1 - 1 HOLD 2 - 2 HOLD 3 - 3 COLLECT - C EXCHANGE - E START - SPACE TAKE NUDGES - N TAKE KNOCKOUTS - K TAKE FEATURE - F TAKE CASH - T COIN IN £1 - 0 or NUM 0 COIN IN 50p - 9 or NUM 9 So why a double release? ************************ There are 2 folders in the zip file. Early Version ROM and Later Version ROM. There were numerous rom versions available for this machine and I was curious as to the differences between them all. Some of the later versions played differently when you were on the board, so I have given the option of both here because we all like choice don't we! The Early Version ROM does not allow you to choose Hi/Lo after each number spin on the board. It also doesn't allow you to continue after choosing the nudges you have so far. It just automatically nudges in the nearest win for you. The Later Version ROM allows you choose Hi/Lo after most number spins allowing you to add extra into the pots. You can either choose Hi or Lo or carry on around the board. It also allows you to take for e.g the nudges or knockouts you have so far and use them then carry on around the board as usual. There may be other differences as well which I have not listed, but those are the main ones that stand out that makes the gameplay a little different. Thanks goes to the following: ***************************** @Player - For the supply of the hi res artwork @vectra666 - Help with blended lamps and testing None of this would be possible without MFME from @Wizard. May he continue to rest in peace... All the best and enjoy the layout!
  3. When creating a classic layout how do find out which ROM set you use when there are multiple sets to choose from? Is there a way to tell? Does it make a difference to the lamp numbers as well?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Another release from me this time a Scorpion 4 machine called Toploader. I did plan to release the £8 version with this however the decals I have used from the images @Player provided are incorrect. I must be missing something here even though the stake was set for £8...maybe a dip switch? If anyone can help I will update the file. Thanks goes to :- @Johnnyafc for the original classic @Clo06 and @vectra666 for beta testing @Player for the original artwork upload
  5. Yea the ram file was slightly happy when I uploaded it
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Way back in March of 2021 @Clo06 released a classic of this QPS machine which is play on War of the Worlds (similar music to the movie score). Fast forward to now and I fancied trying my hand at another DX, after Red Square, using the hi res artwork that @Player uploaded to the artwork thread. After spending three full days on it this is what I came up with. I used a couple of new techniques in photoshop for the lamps and overall machine lighting. I also learnt a couple of new things with the MFME tools thanks to @vectra666. This is new territory for me as this one has a disc reel which I had a silly mistake on with the lamps, however thanks to @Clo06 it was sorted in minutes. I try not to use a classic as a start unless I am struggling to get the rom started. I want to try and start from scratch myself just so I can learn how to do it all. I love creating the artwork side of doing a DX but I also love to learn how to get the roms running and all the settings. NOTE: There is artwork to change this to the £6 and £4 version which was suggested I do, however I have a short attention span so decided to leave this open for anyone who wants to add it later themselves. Anyway I hope you enjoy the layout. *********************************************************** Thanks goes out to the following for their resources and input:- @Clo06 for the classic to which I used as a reference to get the rom running and also for help with the disc reel @Player for the hi res artwork upload @infection for the list of machines which still needed a DX doing and also for beta testing Big BIG THANKS goes out to this guy..... @vectra666 for help with finishing off and tidying up, suggesting a few changes and also for supplying some replacement images to use in other machines. Thanks also to everyone listed above and a couple others for BETA testing.
  7. Thanks @infection. I'm still a part of this community but I'm having to take a small step back for a bit. I will continue the WIP Dxs I am in the middle of once I have more time. I dont want to rush them out.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Yet another layout from me using the fantastic resources provided by @Player. This time its the Russian themed fruit machine by Mazooma called Red Square. We already have a £25 version classic of this from many moons ago from @captainhaddock so it was time to give it the DX treatment. This one is the £8 version as @Mavroz already started the £25 one which I hope he releases soon. PLEASE NOTE: The Note Acceptor only gives change and does not credit the machine. I left it in as I wanted it to be as complete as possible. NAME: Red Square MANUFACTURER: Mazooma SYSTEM: SCORPION 4 STAKE: 20p 84% £8 Jackpot Thanks to the following for help with the layout: @Wizard For the greatest emulator ever coded. May he rest in peace. @Player for the incredible hi res artwork uploads again. You rock my friend! @vectra666 For help again with lamp numbering and techniques. Also for suggesting some minor changes. Finally thanks to the following for Beta testing: @vectra666
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Another layout from me. This time its Monopoly Hot Property from Mazooma. We already have a DX of this but due to the recent hi res artwork being made available I decided to try another DX. Having great artwork does make it so much easier and quicker to create a layout. NAME: Monopoly Hot Property MANUFACTURER: Mazooma SYSTEM: SCORPION 5 STAKE: 50p 84% £35 Jackpot Thanks to the following for help with the layout: @Wizard For the greatest emulator ever coded. @Player for the incredible hi res artwork uploads @vectra666 For help with the note acceptor and other issues and also the £5 DX from where I grabbed the lamp numbers Finally thanks to the following for Beta testing: @vectra666
  10. Version 1.0.1


    Deal Or No Deal - Feeling Lucky My second layout is finally here. I did this one much quicker than the previous due to decent artwork supplied. I'm not a big fan of these DOND machines but I wanted to try and DX one as they are not that complicated. There is one error that doesn't affect gameplay and thats the transfer button says transfer £2 but it transfers £5. I could of changed the graphic but I want to move on to something else so left it for now. I may update the layout at a later time to fix this and any other errors that may crop up. For now. Enjoy the layout. Manufacturer - Bell Fruit Games System - Scorpion 5 Dual Stake - 10p/20p 5 Lines Jackpot - Dual £35/£70 Shortcuts: Insert £1 - 0 Start - ENTER Hold Reel 1 - 1 Hold Reel 2 - 2 Hold Reel 3 - 3 Cancel - ` Deal - D Play Deal Or No Deal - P No Deal - N Cash Or Bust - B Change Stake - S Change Win Lines - W Thanks goes to: @Reg for the Classic Layout @infection for the images
  11. Yea I used the gigpixel ai that @Laylow posted about above. I got really good results from it.
  12. @Laylow Wow that turned out better than mine did. Do you know what the limitations are on the trial?
  13. Not fruit machine related but I have a vpin that I would d love to have The Jetsons artwork on that this guy did http://www.jonchad.com/illustration.html# I used an online upscaler but it seemed to distort it too much so I'm going to try this and see how it works out.
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