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  1. Thanks for the release Andy
  2. Thanks for the release Andy
  3. There another minor error on all 4 of them (going ape and cash attack £35s and £70s) the 11 at the end of the nudge trail should be 99
  4. Was messing about with this cracking DX the other day trying to get it to nudge to the £40 gold sevens using the setups ... which it refuses to do even when its IM ready. After much messing it threw a 1212 critical error - contact barcrest. Knew this happened on some machine when they get massively over percentage (Al Murray, Oche Oche Oche etc) but not when they were under
  5. Thanks vecs, interesting looking machine
  6. LewisM14

    Rat Race

    Thanks Reg. Never seen one of these in real life. Looks like a £25 road hog
  7. LewisM14

    Cash Ahoy

    Cheers for the release Reg be interesting to do a bit of side by side comparison between this and the club version Thanks to James to for the happy ram
  8. Thanks for the release Reg. Strange that the £100 version is £1 per play and this is only 30p going to take along time to get it to the £250 ready stage. Did manage a quick £50 off the game from ~£10 in
  9. Thanks Tommy, Name of the machine didn't ring any bells but the great looking DX triggered a memory. Time to relive some misspent time (and money)
  10. Thanks Tommy, great looking DX as usual.
  11. Cheers Reg great looking classic as ever. Good to see you keeping up your streak I'm sure everyone appreciates the efforts. One thing, I think the red sevens are £10 rather than £15
  12. Thanks Vecs, played many a red back in the day but don't remember ever playing this one. Looking forward to giving it a god bash later
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