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  1. Cracking release thanks Spa. And a cracking video from Degsy a man with skills comparable to my own lol ... One thing on the layout Spa the gems are from the £35 version not the £70 so I think there should be some £10s/£20s on there
  2. Thanks for the layout again Tommy. Gave it a play through took £40 to get £60 ... Using the fruit steps is key and making sure you can get to the £15 from them (use the dragable reels) to check and then should gamble out to the top. Watch out for the feature panel on the right hand side that can offer the Rampage feature which is the top.
  3. With all these releases you are spoiling us Thanks for all the time and effort you put in to these
  4. Looking forward to this one ... Was a break from the reds with the super/mega game
  5. Seconding what Reg said looks amazing. Thanks for all your hard work
  6. Thanks Tommy, looks really good and must of taken a lot of work if the source material was poor. On the machine, this was always a tricky one in the wild and certainly more tricky than the usual red fare ... loves a safe cash
  7. LewisM14

    Jack Potty

    Thanks Reg, lovely crisp classic as always
  8. Thanks Tommy, looks really nice considering how busy the machine is.
  9. Thanks for the release Andy
  10. Thanks for the release Andy
  11. There another minor error on all 4 of them (going ape and cash attack £35s and £70s) the 11 at the end of the nudge trail should be 99
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