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  1. Sure thing. I know if machines aren't legacy they have their own page I can comment directly on, but for legacy machines, they don't seem to have this, it's just a download link... happy to be directed if i am missing something @Geddy - not sure if this is the place to do it, but i have had a few of your legacy machines, so thanks very much for the effort you put in. I'm loving this site.
  2. Good man, just the sort of thing I was after, thanks
  3. Hi all, i remember going back about 15 years or so there was a small run of fruit machines that came out (not sure if all by the same company) that were focused on playing cards. They were fruit machines, not poker machines, but for example when you spun around the board you could collect cards and then collecting the four 2's, 3's , 4's etc would award different features, things like that I can't remember any of the names, i have tried a few searches for 'aces' 'poker' etc. but no luck, does anyone remember these types of machines - and what they were called/if there are emulators? Che
    great quiz game. Haven't managed to get very far yet but I will come back to this one
    Thank you - what a fantastic game, jumped straight into my all time favourites!
  4. Had a search but couldn't see anything on this, apologies if it is already somewhere. Just wanted to clear up the name convention I see in a lot of downloaded files for example Hot_Stuff_(Barcrest)_[C01_25jp] Hot_Stuff_(Barcrest)_[Dx01_25jp] Hot_Stuff_(Barcrest)_[Dx02_25jp] I get the different jackpots noted and sometimes the stake options are noted, but what is the C01, Dx01 etc. Or anything else that is commonly used Is there also a way to determine from the filename which machines have the "proper" machine graphics as opposed to the the basic imita
  5. Thanks - I think every time I got them all I already had super game active so it didn't do anything. That'd be why!
  6. Hi, enjoying playing this, thanks vectra. Can someone let me know what the gargoyles are for? I have seen machines with similar but not figured out their purpose. Cheers.
  7. Amazing, thanks. I hadn't looked under legacy for some reason, yep i am a donator so happy days.
  8. Cheers for the info, I will try a few of the ones you mention to see if i can get in the swing of things. But I think the sub £100 machines are gonna be my domain for the foreseeable.
  9. Cheers Vectra - happy to grab the machine off you, much appreciated. I would like to know if I am doing something wrong though as if there is a better way to find machines I am happy to do the leg work myself rather than keep hitting people up to send me a copy. With the example of Vamp it up, which is a Barcrest machine. I go to downloads > Layouts > Barcrest... then scroll through the 4 pages but Vamp it Up isn't there. When I search 'Vamp' and select 'search files', it doesn't return it either. Am I missing a trick?
  10. Hi All, Not played club machines very often, a few random small sessions down the snooker hall but that's about it. What I don't really grasp is the strategy. When I play pub machines, I generally exchange to the board as soon as possible and try to work my way up to the top feature, sometimes collecting mid level wins but mainly going for JP / (the highest) Win Series, DOND type feature etc. When playing club machines, both real and emulator, I never seem to get anywhere remotely close to a big win before being killed off on the board. maybe a max of £20 cash offer or a feature f
  11. Cheers wearecity. I can see Vamp IT Up in the gallery, but when I click it i just get a image, not a download, then when I go to downloads and filter to barcrest it doesn't seem to be there. Am I doing something wrong? "Vamp it up" and "Vamp_It_Up" file searches also don't return anything. Definitely agree on machines you could work into a jackpot, such a good feeling. That's why I really didn't like when 'cash or bust' options were added to machines as it just meant that anybody could hit it and walk away with a jackpot, pretty much taking whatever element of skill or knowledge the
  12. Hi All, I have played several machines a few years ago where when you qualify for a board, the numbers ladder is on blue, then if you keep collecting numbers/boosts etc it works up to Red and all the board icons change / upgrade, but you can get booted back to Blue if you hit a '?' . The only example I can remember the name of was Barcrest Hot Stuff. I remember there being some really fun ones but I am stumped for names. Can anyone think of any others - preferably ones with an emu. NB: I am new to the forum so using the fruity terms I have always used, they may be incorrect but hop
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