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  1. Bottom glass cleaned and lit lamp positions with bulbs layered on. Test 50% opacity black mask over the glass. Although lit bulb scanning gives the correct positioning significant colour/brightness/contrast corrections need to be made to compensate. This will be done once the top glass has the same treatment to ensure colours and light levels match. To give a rough idea how the correction comes out here is the £1.00 graphic which goes from: to Personally I love the effect of being able to see the original bulbs and although this takes 10 times longer than normal layout lamping it is an effort that is definitely worth the end result. The colours once corrected are much more realistic and as you can see in this Reelfruits YouTube video screenshot match a lot better. The eagle eyed amongst you will also note that I am working from original £3.00 / £6.00 glass. This was later updated to £4.00 / JACKPOT. I am not sure if that was decal changeable or not or possibly a scratch away job as the original £3.00 / £6.00 is printed on the glass.
  2. So bit on an update on this. In recent times I have found myself with a bit more time as you can imagine. Since the scanning session above there were a few issues to overcome. First, the packages I used to use (under Windows XP!) no longer function. My main tool of choice was always Jasc Paint Shop Pro (v7/v8) but one of the things it couldn't do is lamping from behind the image (directional lamping was fine across the image) so I used to duck into Photoshop for that. In order to progress I have had to furnish myself with a Windows 10 based system with an up to date version and went for Corel Paint Shop Pro 2020. I don't have the 4k monitor as yet, I am still torn on choice but I would like something that can be pivoted to portrait mode. If you have any recommendations I would be happy to hear them, I am thinking something like this: https://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-27UK670# As with anything new it's been a learning curve, some of the tools work differently or are hidden from where I would have expected them to be. However it has to be said the improvements in some of the tools has been quite incredible. Another big plus is it's 64bit now which means more memory/workspace available so I am able to work on images much larger than before which is great for end quality and ideal for 4k. At the moment I am working on the bottom glass. For an example of some of the work going on, let's look at the damage on the bottom left for example: The tools available now I could only dream of in the past. Whereas before this would have been at best a select and gradient fill to repair the damage I am now able to use smart cloning to preserve much of the original gradients and shadings. It's not perfect and the keen eyed amongst you will still see some imperfections but I will take the right hand image over the left any day! Plenty of progress in cleaning up and I hope to have more to show you in the coming days.
  3. I believe there were a few machines that the sound got screwed on from the same era. As well as OFAH I remember seeing a few Doctor Who machines where the samples were playing all wrong. Seemed pretty consistent so most likely a program rom issue, maybe someone put the table in back to front!
  4. For info Windows 8.1 support ends 10/01/2023, so a little while yet.
  5. Also how is the response time of touch screens compared with physical buttons? I always thought touch screens were very slow by comparison - perhaps a benchmark against non-cheating skills like Cash Explosion > Skill Cash feature! (not that I can hit it these days even with buttons!)
  6. Of course physical buttons add to the experience but would have to be generic which particularly on Maygay is not ideal as from Vision cabinets onwards they were all individually designed. A touch panel is probably the only way around that unless there are literally tiny square screens available. I have some vague recollection about a machine or two that used LCD screens inside buttons but buttons need decent backlighting. The top screen can also then be an issue because how could something like the Epoch "The Simpsons" or Impact "Club Casino Crazy" be done so that the player can click one of the four corner buttons unless the whole thing is touchable? I could live with graphical buttons for sure but would have to be looking for a 4k panel for a vertical build. I also like RHM's build above (looks like a SWP cabinet), looks good horizontal. Going forward I want to produce 4k layouts by default so would obviously want something decent to display them on. Does anyone here have a handle on production costs for cabinets? For example the one Reg used above obviously has an initial design and build cost. I assume it could be prohibitive in small volume but if enough people were willing to commit to buying one is it feasible to produce for say under £2k a cabinet? I assume that is probably the top end of what people would be willing to pay for one? I am talking fully commercial build custom setup designed specifically for MFME so the right sizes. What's the production cost to SG for a Barcrest Triple 7 for example?
  7. Wow not sure how I missed this but what an incredible thread. Fantastic work, both of you. It's my dream to one day build something similar with two screens inside a Maygay Vision cabinet. Don't know how, don't know when, may need lots of third party help, but one day. One stumbling block of course is finding screens the size of machine glass to use. Is there such a thing as a company that can make custom display screens of any size? I imagine the costs would be prohibitive. What screen resolutions are you running? Reg, the monitor you bought is it fine for both horizontal and vertical operation? How in gods name do I wire a coin mech and payouts to MFME? So many questions for the future. With so many manufacturers going to the wall and the old technology a lot of real machines are running now 30 years old I have often wondered how feasible it would be to replace the internal motherboards with a small PC running MFME with strobes/payouts etc controlled by plug in USB modules.
  8. Quick update on this. yes it is still being worked on! Just very time poor at the moment but "doing bits" when I can. So it was an absolute nightmare to get the old Win 98 and Black Widow scanner rig back up and running but finally managed it. Was very pleased to do so given that it had been about 12/13 years since it was last switched on. So far I have managed to take around 110 scans (yes a hundred and ten) of all the glass components both unlit and lit. It takes about 24 working hours over several days to fully capture both top and bottom glass allowing for positioning and scanning speed at a decent DPI. If it's worth doing it's worth doing right, right? Here are a couple of images of scans in progress with the lamp rig in play. The scanned lit images do not appear in the same colours as they do in real life as the scanning lamp washes the illumination. They key aim here is to get the lamp bulb positions and how each section illuminates, sometimes lamps are partially transparent and you can see the bulb shining through some sections. Now the images are all captured it is a lengthy process to get them all stitched together into a single large image for both top and bottom glasses. There is also extensive image cleanup to do to fix the imperfections of the 30 year old glass. How easily I forgot how forgiving it is resizing down to a 1280 resolution! At 4k size a little more work is needed.
  9. Excellent, thanks. You mention Paulgee, I assume he has the machine so could your second layout be a DX?
  10. Just to add to this, the major benefit of having the glass and light string next to me when working is I can directly compare how the lit graphic looks on screen with the real life one. However it is all too clear that there is just something about real incandescent bulbs that computer screens and TV's will never be able to faithfully recreate. Seeing how alive a fruit machine can look in real life is wonderful and not something I think a TV can ever do justice. Also I do need to manage your expectations a little, I haven't wielded a lasso tool in anger for over 10 years so it's back to the beginning for me! Although I was surprised how quickly I got back into classic creation with MFME 19 so hopefully when I pick up Photoshop/Paint Shop again it will all come flooding back.
  11. Would be great to see how it came out - of course the series would be somewhat limited as it would require access to fully operational all bulbs working machines without any competing light. If anyone can pull it off graphics wise it would be you
  12. One issue I foresee with this is unless the surroundings are pitch black you would always get some kind of room/person/object reflections in the glass. This is then complicated by the camera trying to compensate for parts of the image by making internal adjustments to try and give the best overall effect which can be pretty awful at low ambient lighting levels - this would likely cause some undesirable effects due to the wide range of colours being used. For example I have seen the middle of Maygay melons appear purple rather than red as the camera tries to guess the balance. However if it was a decent enough camera that you could turn off all the automatic corrections for a natural image then it could be worth a go. Not something I personally own and would need the advice of a professional photographer no doubt. Are the feathered lamp masks something new I haven't heard of yet?
  13. Scanning glass with lamps works OK, I think Wild Zone was the first one I did that way (including the targets and pinball bumpers, the depth being a reason why CIS scanners just can't cut it) but I have to reduce the voltage otherwise the combination of 12V lamp and scanner light source overcooks it.
  14. Time will tell on that one. I did my best with reel image lighting back in the day (probably EastEnders was my best effort) so will see how this comes out - it's an experiment at this stage and obviously only possible if the actual reel bands are available for the machine in real physical form.
  15. Unfortunately I cannot remember the exact status of Manhattan Skylines. I think it was quite far advanced so will look into this for you once I get my old development PC up and running.
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