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  1. I'll look for the coin arcade add on, even if it's more like an abbellishment than a real feature I had to use that soundbar since my internal monitor speaker was faulty with that slot game I made... so the idea of a custom topper is in "stand by". As for the hopper, no, I don't think the space will make that possible. I'm interested in the programming thing now, understand how digital slot machines work, looking also in the MFME editor guide.
  2. I've created and programmed my version of the original IGT "The Goonies" slot machine with Visionaire Studio. 3 weeks of work and it's 1.0 version. I've found a nice cheap soundbar which is adding a led touch as topper
  3. Here the final version 1.0 of the mini cabinet, later updates may include led stripes and a led topper, I have to find out how to build it... What kind of games do you suggest for portrait screen, apart of slots and pinball? I have singe and point blank games but they cannot be stretched and look bad. I converted a wii remote into a gun
  4. I'll try to upload a little video... I have one but I'll do another better once finished and put on youtube... stay tuned!
  5. Buttons arrived super quick from China (totally unexpected), I had already prepared the base cabinet, and today I've assembled everything! I just need to cover the mini pc power hole and I'd like to put a flashing led stripe around the machine to colour the thing a bit more... like my mini pinball, it's not a pro building but it does the work. Here some pics during the cutting and paint. Next it needs a solid base and a stool and it's finished... I was tempted to put also shooting games but I think I'll stay with fruits and reels
  6. Still waiting for the encoder and led buttons from china... meanwhile I've switched to plan B from the original project and now I got a mini pc and 24 inch monitor, I've already built the wooden cabinet base. I'll post some pics soon!
  7. Yes, check my thread. And if you want to edit the bitmap, it's just a little more complex: go edit mode, right click in the background, click properties, then right click in top left on the bitmap and save it to desktop. Then open photoshop, select an area from left to right (it's important to keep space on the right) and move the selection to the left until you are satisfied. Add new level and mask the white space on the right with a color. Save the bitmap again. Now load bitmap and overwrite the original, you see the lamps are misplaced now. Right click in one of the lamps and choose group all and move to the left until they fit. Now click file, exit game and save layout. Done
  8. If you use touch play theh are closed automatically.
  9. I’ve been able to implement (touch play) also IGT software, it’s nice because the game stores your last slot and you can simply assign 5 buttons to control list, bet and start. Like in PinballX you could add pinball arcade and pinballFX. No need for touch screen. Since it’s going to be a slot dedicated cabinet I tought it was a good extra option
  10. Hello, I'm opening this thread to share the building of what will be a mini cabinet dedicated to MFME emulation. A cheap build, using an Acer laptop. I've managed to find led buttons with joystick that will control touch play and some extra buttons. I've changed the layout keys for my needs, from 1 to 6 for the main front panel buttons and space bar, I think it's more logical since you can find different button layouts in each slot, this way keeps a progressive sequence. The led buttons will not arrive till mid July so it will be lot of waiting before cutting the panel holes... Considering also to attach some extra led lights around the cabinet and maybe a little topper, but this at late stage... :)
  11. Trying to create a logic buttons scheme: Some machines have cancel/collect in the same button for example, it's necessary to separate these buttons or can I use just 1 button? I would reassign in each machine maybe with "C". In Touch Play frontend letter "S" take a screen grab so maybe for "Stack/Exchange" I would use "F". So, in the front panel I put 7 buttons, the stack/exhange and coin "0" button will go on the sides. I'm forced to use 12 buttons cause of the USB encoder I'm using, but have extra 4 key with the joystick, when you are in emulation. To reassign keys I go in edit mode and right click on the button properties? Thanks
  12. Another little "advanced" editing I managed to do on overload bitmap, also editing the original bitmap is possible, moving the lamps in place. Not sure if this make the slot unplayable, I didn't notice problems at the moment. https://ibb.co/JrHG4Zg
  13. I made it! https://i.postimg.cc/VN3ZWSxr/crop.jpg If is useful for other newbies here the trick: - go in edit mode and right click in the background part of the slot - Adjust size and scroll X until you are happy - Exit game and save layout I've tried different things going crazy but then it's simple as that :)
  14. As soon as I test the encoder I have, I'll just buy a new set of buttons to add in the cabinet for extra things, Pacdrive I think is too advance setup for me My cabinet will be very basic, it's already a weird project I'm assembling, could be a total fail if I cannot adapt my laptop in it...
  15. If it works for you, it has to work also for me awesome The Psycho Cash Beast is too cool and perfectly designed, I have to put it in my cabinet...
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