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  1. They should be available, I made a classic of the BWB/Maygay one, I never released it as it was just for testing. These are the BWB/Maygay low stake rebuilds. J
  2. Nice one Amot, really appreciate your rom dumps. Really can be very exciting to see what they are and if they are new to us J
  3. A:E

    The Saddest Day

    The end of a most fantastic and often special journey. Thank you for everything Chris x.
  4. So sorry for your loss.  Chris/Wizard will always be a massive part of this site. 

    Sadly, I never got the chance to meet the man himself in real life, I interacted a lot with him regarding his mfme emulator over the years.  Actually a few of us were privileged to be invited to help beta test and improve his mfme software.  Will really miss those times. 

    The end of a most fantastic and often special journey.   


  5. A:E

    The Saddest Day

    Gutted. So painful to take this news onboard. So sad. J
  6. There was definitely a £15 casino version. Not sure about £25 version. I can't imagine there was though. J
  7. Nothing stopping you creating the layout as long as you don’t release it publicly on the forums as per reg’s wishes. J
  8. The rom date isn’t necessarily the release date. It’s almost certainly a rom update downloaded from the manufacturers website. You could investigate the hex readout in mfme, they usually will be a creation date stamp in there. J
  9. Yes, sounds like you trapped it in steak mode Yeah I mentioned the Jokers’ Wild emptier last year in one your threads lol . I’m always experimenting as like you it’s gives me a buzz especially when you find something new Good that it is documented for sure Did you do a vid of BWB Over the Moon emptier? J
  10. No mate, I never did any myself personally, played plenty of TT units back in the day, these had dual token tubes, think maybe 50-60 worth of tokens? I never plugged Jokers' Wild in the wild either, I only found that out in the emu by pure chance. Where I used to work I would often get plenty of mfme time inbetween jobs. It just so happened that I was trying to reset the token win on Jokers Wild to see if it stayed ready after it clocked up and then reset it and it offered the hold. Purely by chance. I played many in the wild that were totally slapped, it didn't work on the later rom
  11. Thanks for the vid by the way. J
  12. Don’t take this the wrong way fella. I’m only adding my own personal knowledge. If you reset the machine after a nudge in then the reels reset to prior that nudge in. The only way to get the win back on the win line is after a hold after nudge. This applies to all this type of plugging/clicking exploit. These were being emptied in the wild, not a major problem if the volume was low or the speaker was out. Perfect for seaside arcades, especially the busier summer months J
  13. ...or go into edit mode and set the buttons at the bottom of the layout to ‘visible’ or even set the pull handle assigned button to the fast option. By the way, Chris specifically added those 3 speeds as options, one for grannies, one for the middle aged and one for the young guns? Still can’t believe he made this happen. It works really well. J
  14. Working from home is great. I can work in my pants but even that soon loses its appeal I do have a gaming zone in the form of a MAME cab, so I can often be found here if I'm not in my work space J
  15. My biggest issue is that..... I work from home. Literally every day my 3 hour of actual work is interspersed with a quantity of tea breaks and general distractions. My productivity is directly linked to the weather outside J
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