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  1. You talking more of an online arcade play system, so you might play a machine that has been hammered or has hammered you, the next person finds a paying machine. Maybe now we have the online rom thing Wizard might look into adding an online play feature. Certainly would make the 50 credit challenge interesting. J
  2. I’m selling a 27” Acer 10 point touchscreen mate, let me know if you are interested. I was using it for a time but I never really got round to much with it. The screen has a crack in the corner of bezel, doesn’t affect anything as it’s nowhere near the touchscreen area. Mine is the Acer T272HL 27”. Its 1080 but in portrait mode it’s perfect. Touch response feedback had almost zero latency. J
  3. That would be amazing Chris J
  4. Handbags at dawn !! J
  5. A:E

    Nudge shuffle in a cab

    Gorgeous work on these mate J
  6. Thanks, never saw one of these. I imagine it just didn’t perform well in pubs or wherever it was sited overall, when out on test. Would love to see the original machine. J
  7. A:E

    Resource Title

    Ha ha, yeah I did think that there was some clever metaphysical reasoning behind it J
  8. A:E

    Resource Title

    I just noticed it says ‘Real Bands’ it should be ‘reel’ J
  9. That’s a sizeable download J
  10. I did create an Hyperspin theme for Spectrum but I lost it unfortunately, I'd made some love reflective art boxes, I was gutted, it took me ages to build and also a long time to source the images!! Many thanks mate J
  11. Do you use these in a emu theme? J
  12. Will grab them when I’m back home, could that link stay active for 24 hours mate? J
  13. Nice, thank you Reg
  14. Is there a specific one you drink mate? J
  15. What is your favourite tipple Chris? J
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