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  1. I remember DK's in the rear-opening tube cabinet and also the front-opening hopper cab, with red frames, with TGE in yellow. By then Maygay's games had that long searching spin, including DK, whereas IAK still used the old-style 7's and bars with normal-ish reel spin. IAK was comfortably before DK; it may even have started out on £6 tokens but that might be me and my vivid imagination. I have vague memories of seeing one that had a £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £6 award structure on the reel glass, with a £2.40 position on the tank with £6 at the top. I might be wrong though. Most IAK's I remember were £8 token jackpots and a few were converted to £10 all cash, whereas DK's were made for the £10 all cash era - I only ever saw one on £8 tokens, in Mr B's in Weston-super-Mare. I remember Queen Vic in both cabs; the Apollo version had blue frames and the artwork used to peel like fuck. Good question as to who copied who on the cash ladder on IAK, possibly Showtime Spectacular might have got there first? Not a true visual indication of an invincible board to the novice player though, unlike the red bulbs... Pot of Gold started out as a £10 all cash game hopper payout and the Crystal version in the sprayed Vogue cabinet was later still. Being the sad bastard that I am I still have a diary somewhere from my fruiting days where I used to keep records of my profit, with a few comments about the new machines that were appearing and what they were like. I will dig it out and see if I wrote anything about these games because they were in abundance back then. Certainly an interesting topic nonetheless
  2. A lot of really good replies in here already, especially from Amusements regarding the double nudge on Super Big 7/Red Bar, a really simple yet incredibly effective addition to a classic game. My suggestion would be the red water tank on Maygay's It's a Knockout, the first ever invincible feature board if memory serves. The use of different-coloured bulbs to signify something special in the gameplay was unique at the time and very well executed. Paved the way for loads of similar implementations as A:E says. I'm all about the subtle nuances in gameplay and whoever designed It's a Knockout did an excellent job and obviously cared about how games played. To a lesser extent I also remember being quite captivated by the disc-reel on Barcrest's Revolution when it first came out. Jewel in the Crown is also worth a mention because it was the first lapper-board game I saw that added stuff to trails. When years down the line nearly every game you play does something similar, it's easy to forget from where such games originated. Great thread
  3. They had one of these in one of my local arcades. Nice little game, typical JPM fare of the time. If they had decalled the top awards instead of printing them straight onto the glass then they might have done a kit for it. Instead they all got converted or scrapped Would be a miracle of one turned up on eBay but you never know...
  4. Pink Panther hi-lo gamble
  5. I used to like this old JPM game. Had a pleasant nudge tune, and I always remember some of the BAR symbols had a lower-case red 'a' on them, like this BaR and if you got three of those on the line, you entered the hidden features There was one of these on eBay probably 12 years ago and I'm pretty sure a scene regular got it but I don't remember any pictures being posted. I don't recall anything about Blue Max, apart from the Commodore 64 game of the same name.
  6. I remember at the ATEi one year they had a load of Red Dwarf cabinets on the Red Gaming stand, and then the game died a death. Maybe they had problems with the license? I seem to recall there being a bit of a backstory to this game, maybe posted on another site?
  7. I remember a few of us on the Mecca doing a group buy for this machine years and years ago, and then the ROMs wouldn't run. I can't recall who received the machine though. Probably long gone It's a cracking game though, certainly one of MDM's best Cheers for the layout andy-1
  8. Cheers Vecs, I've got the others - FLOOR IT! is indeed no lose gamble, and I'll be changing the box text in due course
  9. Got it - it's called CHANGE DOWN, and steps the number reel up to a new number. I've never landed on it before, even on the actual machine. Frankly, in the context of the game, it does absolutely nothing of any real value because the number doesn't move you around the lapper board, and therefore I wouldn't be surprised if they set it so you can never land on it. Cheers very much for your help Tommy
  10. Not that sort of game though unfortunately. I've gone through the lamps and it's called something like BONUS1, with the ones below being BONUS2, BONUS3 and so on. My thoughts are that it's something incredibly rare like INVINCIBLE, or perhaps it was something that the game's compensation had trouble handling, so they just gave it a 0% chance of ever landing on it. EDIT - good idea, I'll try that!
  11. Coming along nicely, but there's a bonus position I haven't hit yet, and I'm not sure what it can be. If anyone has any ideas then please let me know
  12. Fair play to you, this looks great! I'd love to do a redraw one day of one of my favourite games, would be a real labour of love
  13. I remember Ace Emmerdale and Zigzag having something on them. Involved 'sparking' at a certain time and you ended up with the machine in a state where you'd press start and the reels wouldn't spin but you'd get £1.60 every time. Saw one done in a pub once. Dunno about the others. I do remember on JPM Monopoly 60 you could plug it when a repeat failed, and it would boot back up and give you the repeat again. Got fixed fairly quickly and I think that was the thing that lead to the introduction of the alarm going off when you power-cycled it with money still in bank or credit on those JPM Vogue games. Barcrest Crystal Maze was similar but involved half a credit or something, I can't remember it was so long ago. I always drew the line at plugging. Never felt comfortable doing it. The only time I ever did it was on Bullseyes when I got Party Night.
  14. This is a superb addition to the site I can see layouts and games from 20 years ago that I'd completely forgotten about. It's a really quick and easy way of visualizing what's out there. Many thanks to everyone involved, in particular Geddy - it's a great idea.
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